Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

1 – Today is day 4 of no tears for my Banana going to school. You better believe I’m farting gumdrops nonstop as a result of this. As a reward, we have promised to get her a Hello Kitty alarm clock. She’s young enough to think an alarm clock is a fun thing so I’m anxiously waiting the day when she realizes that in reality, they are a lot like extended families. You hate them but you need them at the same time and slamming your fist into them feels really good. Multiple times.

2 – For the first time in my life yesterday, I tried talking someone out of a tattoo. It’s kind of hard to do or hard for the other person to take me seriously when I’m almost covered in the damn things. But she’s 18 and she’s getting a matching tattoo with her best friend. She hates needles and is getting it right above her crotch line which is a realllly painful spot and I don’t trust the artist she picked. Like I said, she’s 18 so she didn’t listen to a word I said. She’s getting the tat.

3 – This week is homecoming in Podunk. Our entire town AND the school is toilet-papered. Gotta love community spirit. Now it will rain. Toilet-papering the town is like 90 medicine men doing the rain dance for 6 days. It’s just asking for rain. Karma can’t resist.

4 – Rambo and I and another couple are going to see a live musical of the Cmas movie Scrooge next month at a beautiful theatre that serves dinner beforehand. Years ago for my bday, Rambo told me to get dressed up and we got in the car and he didn’t tell me where we were going. When we got to where we were going, we sat down to a 7 course meal, a personalized bday cake and a Cmas musical that was tear-jerking. Rambo hates Cmas so for him to do that for me was huge. And now we’re going back – billions of years later. And there’s an outlet mall close by and a craft show. Do not worry about little Rambo – I will make it up to him. Besides, if you tortured him enough – he’d probably admit he loves that shit.

5 – Did you watch the debate? I did not. I believe it’s important but Rambo was actually home for a solid 2 hours last night so we spent time together as a family. I’ve made up my mind already. Sometimes I discuss and read too much on politics daily so for me, the debate wasn’t going to give me any new info. This morning I read about 10+ opinion columns regarding the debate from all sides – Dem, Rep and Inds. Even libs and conservatives. They seem to all be favoring Romney – some by a little, some by a lot. I think you all know by now how that makes me feel. It’s not over though. Not by a long shot. This is going to be one tight race.

6 – Forgive me but one more thing politically. Did you hear about the woman from Illinois who gave a speech that has since been put on YouTube and gone viral? To quote her - she said this: “Let me get this straight. We are going to be gifted with a health care plan that we are forced to purchase, and fined if we don’t, signed by a president who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, by a government which has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that’s broke.” Kudos to her speech writer. Brilliant run on sentence if you ask me.  That woman's resume is astounding if you get a chance to read it.

7 – I mentioned that Rambo was actually home for 2 hours last night above. While this makes me ecstatic…the reason he is home is just depressing. It’s because the crops are so bad around here due to the drought. In an entire day of 2 combines picking hundreds of acres – Rambo hauled four loads of corn. There just isn’t anything to harvest. Friends of ours that usually harvest through November are done already. The guy Rambo works for is half done already and he has thousands upon thousands of acres. He is losing $14 a head per pig hauled due to the cost of feeding them. He is almost 250,000 bushels short this year so he’s out millions. Thank God for insurance…but still…the fallout will be big.

8 – Even though I’m doing LauraBelle’s TTT, I want to point out that I am mad at her. She posted on her FB last night about how the orange Kit Kats are addicting and there’s something in the orange color that makes them taste better (I think they add meth). Remember my white Kit Kat addiction? The one where I would sometimes eat 4 regular size bars a day? THAT is how it started. By eating one tiny orange Halloween Kit Kat. When Halloween was over, I could barely function without the orange ones so I moved on to white ones. I recently kicked that addiction. Until now. All I can think about are orange Kit Kats . LB – you are a snotlicker. My ever-expanding ass is all your fault.

9 – I found an old weight loss hypnosis CD this week and started listening to it. Oh stop laughing. If it helps me to shove only 20 Doritoes in my mouth versus the whole bag, then YAY me! I have no idea if the weight loss part works but for me – hypnosis, and counting and body part visualization and the relaxing tone of voice – helps me fall asleep faster. Sleep is hard to come by for me so when I find something that works…I use it. (PS - I haven't had Doritoes since I started listening to it!)

10 – It’s October 4th and I’m seriously seconds away from putting a Cmas CD in to listen to in my office today. Eeesh.


jennxaz said...

lol---I saw Laura Belles post and almost asked if it was better than the white one..thinking of you...
Yay day four! its like the planets have is going to be a tight race!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Have you tried the candy corn M&M's? I'll stick to real chocolate!

FitBy40 said...

Halloween candy is going to kill me. They'll have to put it on my tombstone. I have no will power!
I'm so sad for the farmers too. I know how hard it was to keep my little garden going this year, and lost most of it anyway, so multiply that by a billion and that's what they're facing. It's so sad.
I'm trying to buy as much local produce this year as possible, as my TINY contribution.

Angela Pea said...

SWOON!!!! You're a woman after my own heart. I loaded Christmas Music on my iPod last night and unchecked all the little 'ignore' boxes in iTunes on my work computer this morning!

Robyn's Nest said...

Christmas!!! Good lord, I still have to work on my Halloween custome! Then Thanksgiving/The daughter's birthday celebration THEN I can think about Christmas..... It makes me shutter to think about how much money Christmas will cost me.... Hum Bug.

I "let" my daughter get a tat when she was 17 1/2 because I knew she woulf regardless even if she had to wait 6 more months and by needing my permission I was able to go along and make sure things seemed ligit. The only thing I insisted on was that it was in a spot she could hid. I was afraid that at that age she really has no idea if she wants to put something on her body that she will want seen in 20 years. I think they look nice on people but I have never found something I like enough to tatoo on my body and look at for the rest of my life....... Maybe if when I was 18 if women were getting them then, I would have; but no one in my circle ever even thought about it back then. At 40-something, why bother???

Laura Belle said...

I can not be blamed. Nope. No siree. Can't do it. At least for the 'resumed' addiction. But if you want to blame me for giggling so loud at you chewing me out on your blog that I snorted and made someone that was walking by my desk jump ten feet, which made me laugh even harder....then I am guilty as charged.

Oh and you can also blame me for loving you to pieces! Have I told you that lately?!?! Well, I do!

Psssstttttt: I just had another kit-kat.


adorkbl said...

mmmmm... orange kit kat.

o.c. bandster said...

Are you listening to Paul Mckenna? I have started listening to his CD again.....sounds like we are both counting backwards, visualizing, " making good choices..." etc. I will think of u to it when I put mine on!!!!

speck said...

My family loves musicals. The scrooge sounds wonderful. My daughter and I are going to see Beauty & The Beast at the Fox in Atlanta. You'll have to let me know how it was.

Also, I'm glad you said, "stop laughing" because I was!

I got some old Jane Fonda videos if you want to borrow them! lol(I really don't)lol

LDswims said...

Yay for 4 days! It breaks my heart that she breaks your heart on a daily basis so to have relief from that makes me happy! I hope this is the new habit!

Your Scrooge and dinner evening with friends sounds awesome. That's awesome that Rambo will do that for you! I know without a doubt that he'll get a reward for that - you both take amazing care of each other.

We watched the debate. Kinda. Once we realized it was a runaway train and Romney had it in the bag, we started watching it on fast forward (we'd DVR'ed it). We'd get tweets about something and fast forward to that point. And then we started watching all the analysis before we finished the debate. The liberals freaking out like they did last night was comical to see. Not that I wish ill on anyone, liberal, conservative or indy. But for people to finally be realizing it's O that lies relentlessly, not R - huge turning point! It sure has made LHF and I feel better about how this could turn out. R's still got a lot of work to do - but if he can keep this momentum...
Now if we could just get Gary Johnson supporters to realize what a vote for him means/does. We need to support someone who can win. It's not that we hate Gary Johnson in our house. But he can't win. And we need change. So we are supporting who can bring that change in!

Finally...I love you to pieces.

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