Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

1 – I heard on the radio in the last few days or so that Cmas is 75 days away or something reedick like that. Meh – I’m fine with that. Rambo and I have the same philosophy on Cmas in that it’s way too commercialized and kids have no idea what it’s really about so we’ve never really gone nuts over it. We buy for our girls and not many others and we tell everyone we know not to get us anything either. We try to focus on traditions and memories and events more than the gifts. Anywhoozle, my point was that it’s coming soon – and therefore – this is another legitimate reason to start another colorful list. Whoop whoop!

2 – It’s been raining the last few days here and I love that. Rain is my favorite weather forecast. I don’t even care if it rains for the college football game I’m going to Saturday. I bought a new, distressed, trucker hat for that exact reason…and the bonus is that I don’t have to do my hair.

3 – I loathe with a passion any expense having to do with cars or vehicles or bikes. It drives me batty. So when Rambo told me last night that we’ll be getting 4 new tires on my SUV – I kicked him in the balls. Well – I wanted to anyway. Seriously. 4 SUV tires can cost from $500 to $1000. Does he have any idea how many shoes and purses and shit that would buy? For realz. I can’t wear tires. I told him I’d get a new SUV next year if he let me not get new tires on the one I have this year. Told him there was no point in putting new tires on a car I was going to get rid of in a few months. I think he knew I was lying. I don’t care if I ever get a new car. I’m over new cars. Had a few when I was younger and vain and gave a shit about things like that but now – I’m all about driving things until they die rather than making a car payment the size of a house payment.

4 - I’m super focused lately and it’s kind of fun in comparison to slacking off the last few months. In the 2 PT jobs, it’s budget forecasting and pay raise time and maybe even internal audit time and I’m so ahead of the game – I even shock myself. Usually I just put it off until I can’t but lately – I’m kicking ass and it feels good. It doesn’t happen often so please allow me to brag about it.

5 – Yesterday I was productive as hell and when I got home I took a huge, long bath and then went downstairs and tanned and turned down ice cream when my girls were having it. Followed that up with a little politics TV watching in bed with Rambo and slept all night. I felt like a real, alive, bonafide woman and human all day and night. Chronic migraines and an inability to sleep or de-stress keeps me wired usually but yesterday – was magic. Care Bear Land fo sho.

6 – Yesterday I bought a truck. A brand new one. Beautiful full-size, white, Dodge Ram. I wrote out the check in full and paid for it with my little signature. I mean it’s not MY truck technically because I bought it for the plant manager that I clerk for in the PT job. Still – it was damn fun to walk in and pick out a truck and then buy it and leave with it. 4 years ago when Rambo and I took over managing the plant, there wasn’t enough money to pay the electricity bill without borrowing from other villages and taking out loans – no lie. But yesterday? We bought a truck. Paid in full. I could have bought and paid for quite a few trucks…and that feels pretty damn good.

7 – I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. Cuz I love turkey. And paid days off work…even more than turkey.

8 – Watermelon is back to school today. Must have been a 24 hour bug, thank God.

9 – Banana says her teacher is “dumb” because “she always “corrects my papers and circles what I do wrong”. Um yah – it’s pretty clear that Banana doesn’t understand what teachers “do”. Eeesh.

10 – I have 3 cousin weddings next year. Operation “I cannot be the fattest cousin in the room – lose 20 pounds cuz I’m a heifer” will be starting soon. Why no – it does not matter that all my cousins are size 0s no matter how much they eat and only work 1 job or none and have no kids so they can live at the gym if they want. I have every right to compare myself to them. It’s not sane by any means but itsahappenin. I’m making a plan. Have no fear. (Do not be mad at me for calling myself a heifer.  In our house, heifer is a term of endearment.  We use it alllll the time in a joking manner.)


FitBy40 said...

In my family (meaning brothers and sisters, not my kids) we call each other stupid all the time! We like to say it's our family name. I don't know how it got started.
We've also been known to say heifer, but not as much as stupid!
I'm with you on the no car payment thing. Nothing like it!

Leigh C. said...

I also love turkey...but sadly did not have any for Canadian Thanksgiving. So I will roast one for your Thanksgiving...and even take the day off, just because!

Natoria said...

"4 years ago when Rambo and I took over managing the plant, there wasn’t enough money to pay the electricity bill without borrowing from other villages and taking out loans – no lie. But yesterday? We bought a truck. Paid in full. I could have bought and paid for quite a few trucks…and that feels pretty damn good."

You should go fix the deficit! You have my vote.

LDswims said...

I hate that we start to prep for Christmas in July these days. So wrong. I also hate that Halloween is now turning into a super holiday. Seriously. What happened to home made costumes and innocent simple trick or treating. Why do we have to decorate our houses and lawns in an all blown out way like we do for Christmas? I'm not doin it. I don't need orange and black lights as well as Christmas lights in white and colors. Just ugh. Bothers me to see my neighborhood all pomped and circumstanced out for friggin Halloween.

Me loves rain, too. It's the best.

I hate vehicular expenses, too. We don't have a single car that can get away with tires under $1000. Not if we want tires that will hold up and not have to be replaced in 5k miles. Hate. Seriously hate.

I'm focused, too. On baby boys and only baby boys. I'm loving my new gig. I'll be sad Oct 29th.

Yay for magic. Oh so yay!!!

That's awesome. I love doing that. Like you, we are now running our vehicles into the ground. I love that even more. Owning, no car payments, if only we could avoid tires...

Thanksgiving is my fave of all faves. We will have it here...but it remains to be seen if anyone is joining us this year. I think it would be kinda nice if it's just the four of us for this first one that the boys will actually be a bit aware of - meaning, 'they'll eat'.



Ugh.'s the trick. I just lost 20 pounds in a month. I did it by eating kit kats (not the ucky white chocolate ones, but the real ones) and twixes. Oh. And chasing babies. Amazing. I'm at my lowest post-pregnancy weight right now. And I swear I'm doing everything wrong - but the only right thing I'm doing is I don't give a rats ass. I'm just living. Who knew...

Love you.

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

How the f*ck do you do it? 3 days of work and I'm ready to retire- I can, right?

jennxaz said...

mmmmm turkey...cranberries...stuffing...I am so hungry.

I hate buying stuff for our vehicles...just bought 4 tires for my hubby $700---what the hell...a girl here needs new clothes!

I agree new cars are just not my thing anymore..would rather spend the money elsewhere! Have a great weekend sweetie!

EmDub @ Faster In Water said...

We use heifer like that too. Okay sometimes we don't mean it nicely but yes heifer is just a cousin of "sweet pea". Oh, and "hooves" is used in the places of "feet". :)