Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!!!

1 Well I did it. I caved into the fashion craze like I always do and bought skinny colored jeans (who knew you don’t really have to be skinny to purchase these things?). I kid you not – at one point – I had in my cart…a bright lime green pair, a cranberry pink pair, a dark teal pair, a light mint green pair, a coral pair and a forest green pair of the lovely skinny colored jeans. I ended up with the dark teal green pair and I still have no idea if I like them.

2 I bought a flannel shirt to wear with my new jeans. Let me just say I’m not a fan of flannel. I know it’s a new trend but every time I put it on I feel like I should go milk cows or bale hay. I can’t help it. I feel juvenile in it. But I bought the damn shirt. And yes – I realize that the shirt is forest green and the pants are teal green. Sue me. I’ll prob return the shirt and I knew that when I bought it. Here’s a pic anyway.

Oh my - for a minute there I felt like a real fashion blogger.  Except I can't match.  Oops.  Now you know why I stick to other topics.

3 I’m planning to wear the above with these boots (love the two tones of fabric). Also, I need to add that I have a SERIOUS boot addiction. Last week I bought 4 new pairs. Why do they have to make so many different colors and different heels and such? Ugh. It’s ree-dick.

4 Rambo has the weekend off! We are going out for drinks with a bunch of friends and I’m so excited. Let us all pray to the Outfit Gods that the above outfit looks semi-decent or I’ll be in the corner sobbing and throwing a tantrum.

5 I worked out last night. Rambo did the elliptical while I did the treadmill while we watched a tattoo show. Such romantic bonding time, yes? That’s day 3 of 3 for me!!! Whoop!! I plan to work out tonight too. I just found out I will be in a bikini in front of lots of people I respect this summer as we planned a long weekend getaway to our friend’s cabin on the lake. OH EM GEE. God help me and this muffin top.

6 Next weekend Rambo and I are going Cmas shopping with our friends in the big “city”. We got a hotel with a whirlpool in it and aren’t taking the kids! I cannot even tell you how excited I am about this mini-getaway. There is nothing better than shopping with Rambo, good friends, and a hot tub to end the day.

7 Even though it’s winter and I usually wear my hair darker (nearly black – Rambo loves black hair!) during this cold season, I miss my blonde highlights. Do you have hair fashion rules you follow according to season like the whole “never wear white pants after Labor Day”? I wonder how crazy it would look to put my blonde streaks back in. Can you say skunk-like?

8 Damn you Coach and your factory online sales. Just damn you. I hope that I hate every purse I ordered from you so I can return them. For realz. Sort of.

9 Look at these cutie-patootie earrings I just got (well I got mine from Target but they look just like this!). Don’t you love love love them? Super cute and feminine and sparkly, don’t you think?

10 Watermelon is having a great week. Since she is now in middle school that means that there is an honor roll now. She texted me yesterday and said, “Mom – guess what? I made the high honor roll. I just my own day!!” She also got asked to mentor elementary kids to help them adjust to middle school. She’s such a great kid. Just like her mom, yes? LOL


Fit Mom said...

Dont know how I feel about colored jeans. And even more about skinny jeans. Just dont think I could pull them off even though I LOVE the look of boots over the jeans. And I have a boot addiction too!

Have fun on your mini vacation!

jennxaz said...

I have been tossing around the idea of some skinny colored jeans now that I fit in a 12 but I am not sure what color....or what to wear with it....this one outfit could cost a fortune!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

My daughter has bright blue, neon orange and really cute plaid skinny jeans. She can pull them off. I haven't even attempted. And I love plaid and flannel, so quite a bit of my daughter's wardrobe includes both.

Jamie said...

Love the outfit! I have no courage at this time to buy colored jeans - skinnies for that matter. You should really get the same teal colored coach purse to can even have them monogram now.

Terrie said...

I love the jeans and the boots!! I bought 2 pair of boots on black friday!! I look forward to boot weather all summer long.

I am so with you on the online Coach sale! I did really good on not looking at the purses but I did buy a new lanyard for work. My old one kind of melted when I left it in the car during the summer when my dash said it was 120.

RockBand Barbie said...

I always go a darker blonde in the winter and I always end up hating it as soon as I do it. I am such a blondeorexic. My natural hair color is dark brown and I even tried going back to it some years back...but I hated it and so did everyone else. I look much better as a blonde :)

Lyndsay Leach said...
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Lyndsay Leach said...

Don't worry...I have a boot addiction too. It's hard to keep under control when you work at shoe store...yikes!!

Cat said...

Love boots too! seem so fashionable to me all the time, when I read this I was actually surprised you didn't already have the colored skinny jeans in multiple colors! :) I don't have a pair yet...yeah, I must admit, having been 270 lbs at one time anything marked skinny makes me nervous for sho!
Love coach too. I'll cross fingers that you hate them all. Oops,'s to hoping you love love love!!! :)
*heart u*

speck said...

I love the colored jeans and I love that outfit. The boots make it!

You are going to look great in it.(with your earrings and all your coach purses!!! lol jk)


Carla Birnberg said...

I swear the coooler temps making boot-wearing possible is the only good thing I can find about my impending move :-)