Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits!

The first graders in our school are having a mock election. Banana told me that a little boy told her that Romney will let us keep our guns and Obama won’t so he’s voting for Romney. She asked if that’s why I was voting for Romney or was it because he was just nicer than Obama and he helps people? I told her they are both nice and they both help people. I have other reasons she wouldn’t understand. But God. Wouldn’t it be great to vote like that? Based on one fact like guns or personal character? Like it’s that simple. I suppose it should be. We all make it too complex in the long run. I’ve made it known I’m passionate about politics. I have a brother who works for the R campaign. However – today – I really don’t care who anyone votes for. I just don’t. I just want people to vote. To have an opinion. To care. No matter who wins – we’ll still be amazing Americans. That’ll never change.

I’m not a fan of blood and guts – however – I could watch the men in Expendables every night and day. It’s on Netflix so watching them 24/7 is entirely possible. I could even watch it muted. There’s something about those old guys like Sylvester and Chuck that just makes me happy. And the tough-guy-good-guy-love-their-women-with-all-their-soul- characters that they play? Make me swoon. Every. Damn. Time.

If I had to describe the way I feel lately in one word – it would be OVERWHELMED. My assistant at the FT job left to go to a job with more hours. I’m not replacing her…I’m just going to pick up her workload. I’ve been assigned some new additional work for the PT job and there’s so much emotional business behind that work that I don’t even want to think about it. Watermelon started basketball and has practice or a game every night. I just can’t stop my head from spinning. Yes – I made these choices. I know. Whining about them makes them easier. Sue me.

Rambo shaves his head bald. He’s done it for years and I’m pretty sure I’ve got a thing for clean shaven bald heads now. Which could be why I have an emotional crush on Dr. Phil. He’s 50 shades of cray cray but damn if the man doesn’t hit me where it hurts sometimes. The other day he said to a woman who was controlling everything in her life with white knuckles….”What do you know about yourself – that we don’t – that you think will make us run away from you and stop loving you?” Shitballs. Answering that question is too hard to even think about but I can’t stop asking myself it. Damn you Texas doctor. Damn you.

I’m wearing a neon orange shirt today. Plain as shit but dudes – it’s neon orange. I feel like I’m back in the 80s and honestly? What could be better than re-living the 80s?

Banana got her first manicure this weekend. She got Hello Kitty painted on her middle finger. It’d be super cute…if people didn’t think she was flipping them off every time she showed someone. I could NOT talk her into doing a different finger. I got my ring finger nails polka-dotted! So cute!

Guess how many boxes of Girl Scout cookies Rambo bought? TWENTY-FOUR! He’s such a sucker. I’m giving them away to anyone I can for Cmas. Gah!

My friend and I have plans to work out from 4:30am to 5:30am every day starting Monday. Yah…you read that right. I said A.M. as in the morning as in before it’s even light out. I’ve lost my ever loving mind. Or maybe I need to work off 24 boxes of cookies. Either way – the whole thing sucks donkey balls. Thank God for massive amounts of trashy reality TV that I have DVR’d to get me through the hour of pain.

That's it for my Tuesday Tidbits!  You got any to share?


angel shrout said...

430 is an unGodly hour period. Without caffeine I would be no one anyone wanted to do anything with. I like bald men as well something about that dome is just sexy on some men.

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

What's that saying about the road to hell?

tz said...

I really liked how you handled your daughter's questions. It's amazing the trash I've been seeing on FB and other areas, I always tell my kids that both candidates are men of character, and whoever our leader and chief will be we will treat him with respect. I tell them, and I agree, you vote the issues and agree or disagree with the issues but you don't make it personal, because then it gets mean and you lose sight of what's important. I agree, we live in the greatest country around and we all have the right to vote and we should all exercise that right. I'd rather people vote for the person who I don't vote for than not vote at all. Apathy does not have a place in this country and this is our way to 'speak up'. Mostly, I can't wait until it's over...being from a swing state and my husband is registered Independent we are INUNDATED with ads, mail, calls....it needs to stop!

Jen said...

Girl, good luck on the 4:30 am wake ups!!

Hope your Overwelmed-ness ends soon, but doesn't sound like it will since you are taking on more work. just remember to take care of yourself too, ok??

Girl Scout cookies already?? lordy be, how time flies when you are trying to avoid the Samoas!! :)

LDswims said...

I wish it could be that simple. More than anything, right now, I just wish it were over - for two reasons. I am so ready to know the outcome. And I'm so sick of hearing about it. Lets move on, get back to work, and get back to a functioning economy, please.

Dangit. I knew you'd have to feel that whelmed word somehow someday...but not now, not with the holidays coming. I don't know how I'm going to do it when my boys get older. You're in that phase where there's no peace, I think, and it's going to last for a few more years...just have fun with it where you can. K?

Yes, well, what. What is it that you know that we don't? Try thinking about yourself as we do. Perspective is everything.

Too funny. I love it. That sounds like something I would do - the middle finger thing. I woulda pretended innocence but really meant to be doing it for just that reason. Probably why my mom never took me to get manicures until I was finally old enough to care about what that said about "me".

Guess how many boxes of GS cookies I have left from last year? 4. And the year before? 2. I can't buy any this year for the simple fact that our spot in the pantry for GS cookies is already full. I love them. Just don't seem to eat them much... How many did we buy last year? 6. Year before? 3. I think it's sad that they last this long - like, you know, food shouldn't be able to "hold up" for years...doesn't make me want to eat them....

4:30? Yeah...right. I don't see it happening. Prove me wrong, please. I can't do 4:30. That hour doesn't exist in our house. or 5:30. We skip that one, too. We are slightly aware of 6:30 but tend to ignore it fairly well...ugh. I so couldn't even pretend to be even remotely quasi-interested in 4:30.
Would. Not. Happen.

Hijack over. Love you.

The Dandy Bandy said...

Here here! I LOVE the fact that we all have different opinions and are for different candidates, that's what makes America great! I may not have the same political beliefs as you but it doesn't make me heart you any less! :)

I TOTALLY feel you on the old sexy men... Expendables 2 was HOTT! Jason Stathom is one sexy man...I wish he would just lay beside me and talk me to sleep... I LOVE his voice! :)

Connie O said...

I love neon orange. And apparently it is hunting season, so you will be much safer in that.

Laura Belle said...

I'm sorry. i'm still confused about the last one. You meant 4:30 PM, right?! RIGHT?!?! Girl. You 50 shades of cray cray on that shenanigans.

I'm eating pumpkin seeds and they're freaking addicting. That's my tidbit.

Oh and I love you. That's my other tidbit. ;-)

RockBand Barbie said...

My bff totally wants to shank Robyn so she can marry Dr. Phil. I laugh every time she talks about it.

I thought Girl Scout cookies didn't come out until after Christams??? I am not yet emotionally prepared to deal those Girl Scouts stalking me every where I go!

Carla Birnberg said...

Im joining you & yer friend...virtually!!

FitBy40 said...

Just think, every day at 5:30 your work out will be DONE for the day, and how great is that?!
OK, it's still gonna' suck when the alarm goes off, but you'll feel better, I swear!

Cheri said...

LOL re: Hello Kitty finger!! :) I Gotta Get Me One!! :D. ("want to see my Hello Kitty finger?" blink blink??) :D

MandaPanda said...

I'm late but had to comment on the Dr. Phil (50 shades of cray cray)...cracked me up!

You are so busy...please remember to breathe...