Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!!

1 Did I ever tell you that on Christmas morning, my mother used to give us each a “wall” and we’d wake up and go downstairs and there’d be our stuff from “Santa” – displayed and set out – but never wrapped. Just covered with a big blanket on our designated walls. She always said, “Santa does not wrap presents. He’s too busy for that.” What she meant was she hated wrapping presents and she didn’t have time and it would take her years. LOL We just ripped off the blanket and stood and stared. Plus – no cleanup!

2 Rambo works almost every holiday and it takes a full 6 years before it comes around that he has Cmas Eve or Cmas off. This year he has Cmas day off. Then it’ll be another 6 years before that happens again. It’s kind of not fun. I always wrap and set out the gifts myself because he’s gone and I always get pissed at the world for it. LOL Not this year though. He’ll do the cookies and milk thing and set out the gifts with me and wake up in the morning with us and it’ll be amazeballs. I simply cannot wait.

3 Watermelon’s birthday party is tomorrow night. She picked a zebra + cheetah + pink theme. Um – can you say “hurts my eyes to look at?” 7 little 12 year olds for hours on end. They all want Cmas nails done so my sister and I will be doing artwork on tiny little nails all night. I’ll try to take pictures… I’ll also try not to go insane while I also try not to watch the clock.

4 Do any of you have a Christmas Village with the houses and people and stuff? I do…have for a while now. Some years I put it out – some years I don’t. I did this year. It covers the whole fireplace and takes a bit of time but it’s pretty and Rambo bought me each piece. The problem with this is that just last night we went looking around in the Cmas section and Rambo and I discovered that they make Christmas Villages of WHOVILLE. Like as in the Grinch and the Who’s and CindyLouWho and the dog with one horn and the houses are pink and orange. To. Die. For. Dammit.

5 Banana was the Star of the Week in first grade this week. That meant we had to make her a poster and Rambo and I had to write her letters that the teacher read to her in class. And on Thursday she got to pick anyone in her life to come into school and have lunch with her. Guess who she picked? Watermelon. And Watermelon got a pass to get out of school to do it when she could have said no. I cannot imagine ever ever ever having my parents write me “love” letters at that age to be read in public much less asking a sibling to eat with me and them accepting. Things are so different for my girls. Thank God in heaven for that.

6 I’m so late with Cmas cards this year but they are done, done, done. I make my own by doing a summary of each month of the year for our family and putting in pictures where I can. It takes a lot of time but it’s so fun to do and it’s a little mini scrapbook I’ll always have to look back on. Do you send cards?

7 Last night Rambo wanted to go on our Amazon account and buy some music. I told him to stay off our Amazon account until after Cmas so he didn’t see his presents I got for him. Oopsie. He stood up and said, “Little Miss let’s not buy any presents for each other girl. You lied to me. What else have you lied about? See this hand here on my hip – that’s for you. That’s how disgusted I am.” Ah – yah – oops. I can’t help it. If I don’t tell him to not buy me anything he goes cray-cray. Like he’d go buy me two of those VS outfits and we’d lose our home to pay for them. No lie. He’s nutso about gifts.

8 Wanna know the 80 millionth reason why I love this month? It’s BONUS month. And then it’s the month before raises kick in. I mean really….what other month can you say that about?

9 Are any of you obsessed with wearing your husband’s clothes like I am? I mean they’re not even nice clothes. Like for the last two nights I have lived in Rambo’s ugly ass camo huge sweat pants. He just looks at me and smiles and I have to something smart like, “I just love getting in your pants” but the thing is – there’s some sort of weird comfort in it. Some odd connection if I’m wearing something that is his. How weird is that?

10 Tonight I finish wrapping. Just me and some Hello Kitty wrapping paper – some ice cold Pepsi in my Hello Kitty mug and whatever trashy TV that I have DVR’d and our two Cmas trees to light the room. In Rambo’s pants. With leftover Chinese. Freaking bliss, people. B. L. I. S. S.


MandaPanda said...

It all sounds so nice! I haven't done Cmas cards in years. I always say I will and then I don't. I suck that way. :)

Anna said...

OMG on the Whoville Village. I. am. DYING! :-)

*~D~* said...

So glad Rambo will be home for Christmas! And I wear hubbys tshirts when he's not home.

angel shrout said...

Yes I do Christmas Cards, in between Christmas candy and cookie making.. I have worn Gene's clothes and it is a comfort thing, especially if they are gone and we just want to feel them somehow..

RockBand Barbie said...

Santa never wrapped presents here either. So happy that Rambo will be home this year!!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I never could fit into my husband's clothes until now!

Linda said...

It's great to hear that the whole family will be home on Christmas day this year. I hope you enjoy every minute of it. Enjoy your bonus too - not many people get them any more.

Sunshine's Heart said...

Sounds like a good start on the holidays. I enjoy reading your post very much. It cheers me up. :)

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

So happy you will have Rambo for Christmas Eve/Day!!!

FitBy40 said...

Even though I weigh less than my husband, his butt is super tiny. He has no hips. I can't fit into his stuff. Men!
I can't get over that you guys still buy gifts for each other and they're secret. We basically pick out something we want and have the other one wrap it with the kids, and then act all surprised when we open it. Darn we're old already!

Fit Mom said...

tonight is my night to wrap, wrap, wrap.

Chris said...

I love your TTT posts :)

Glad that Rambo is home for Christmas this year - and your girls are amazeballs. You're a good momma.

My cards are turning into "Happy new year" cards - at least that's what I'm telling myself. It would help if I actually went out and bought cards, though, wouldn't it?!?