Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm in love with Wendy.

Have you guys heard of Wendy? 

She's a famous Weight Watcher chick-a-rooni. 

Let me tell you about Wendy just in case I'm confusing the hell out of you (God knows I never do that.).

Everyone knows that on Weight Watcher's, you have a points limit that you eat towards daily. 

There's this little known secret on WW called Wendy's Plan.  You can google the exact details of the plan but I'll summarize.  Let's say your WW daily points value is 25.  Miss Wendy would say that you need to change things up and trick your body by eating 25 points for 2 days, then maybe 20 points for 1 day and then go up to 30 points the next day.  The point is to not stay at 25 every single day. 

The theory is that your body will think you are withholding food from it if you stay at the same calorie range every single day and it will hold on to the weight UNLESS all of a sudden you overfeed it just a bit.

Some people SWEAR by Wendy's plan. 

I never f*cking swear at I'm not sure about Miss Wendy.

However.....a few years ago when I did the BFL (Body For Life) plan...he sort of has the same principle. 

Let me say this.  I *never* followed the BFL eating plan.  NOT AT ALL.  I followed his workout plan to a T.  For 10 weeks, I never swayed once from the workout plan.  I had detailed workout sheets and documentation and it got me to goal weight fast.  I had never felt better. 

Again though - for me - the workouts allowed me to eat pretty much whatever I wanted.  I mean I didn't eat crap but I ate more than I should have.  I followed ONE part of his diet plan and that was to have one cheat day a week.  One day a week literally anything you wanted to eat was considered okay. 

I sure as hell did that.  I mean heck.  Sorry.  There's that damn swearing again. 

I took that cheat day and went nuts, yet I always lost weight every week. 

Hmmm....this body trickery stuff Mr. BFL and Miss Wendy have got going on may just work.

I have another point to make here. 

It is that blogging ruins everything.  It is a massive jinx for those of you who didn't know.

Case in point - do you guys remember me bragging yesterday about how I had literally stayed within my calorie range every day of this year and that Starburst were all I needed for a treat?

One of you should have yelled bullshit on that one.  I mean bull crap.

Yah.  Wanna know how many Starbursts I ate yesterday? 

I can't tell you - because I lost count.

I remember picking up my 7th one and literally out loud in my office, I said to myself, "Self - this is called a binge because you can't stop even if you wanted to."  And then I promptly ate at least a dozen more.

Gosh darn damn you brag blogging.  Gosh darn you. 

Then I felt sick.  Shocker, huh?  Then I realized I'm either a none at all or eat the whole bag of candy kind of girl.  I can't have a whole bag in my desk drawer and some day not lose all control and binge on it.

And yes, that realization sucks donkey balls.

With that said, I still managed to stay under 2000 calories somehow.  Because of the binge, I said the hell with it and didn't work out either.  And I felt sick remember?

So I overeat for the first time in 29 days by going over by 800 calories and I don't work out and today - I dropped another 1.5 pounds to my lowest of the year. 

WHAT THE F*CK?  Oh shit, I forgot I don't swear again.

This is lame-o folks.  Just lame-o. 

Who the hell do Mr. BFL and Miss Wendy think they are? 

Experts or something?

The morale of the story is:  Never brag blog.  It'll backfire on your ass.  I mean butt



Misc Mom said...

I have apparently been unknowingly following this concept too. Hmm, maybe that's why I lose even when I have an oops day. Ah well, I knew I was smart (or something) Now I just need to learn to kill the guilt about it dammit err...darnit ;D

Cat said...

I have heard of calorie zig zagging. I think it is an interesting concept and one that works well for some.

I should give it a shot. : )

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Hang in there! I do think there is something to the calorie trickorie.

Fit Mom said...

we must be linked psychically by blog or something when we both binge on the same day but I think I gained what you lost. B*tch! LOL. And I thought you loved ME!! LOL. Congrats on the loss.

jennxaz said...

I give up understanding when and why my body drops the weight when it does...but I will say if I keep at it, it does drop..and YOU are rocking it...candy crazy or not!

Connie O said...

Oh, hey, this is a great idea. I'm going to run out and get some ice cream.


Glad you are still on the downward trend despite one not-so-great day.

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

But we know the scale is evil and will get even after 5 days of great eating and working out which will make you think "WHY BOTHER??!!??"

LDswims said...

I don't know if you remember this but back when I was actively working on losing weight and not just being like I am these days, I used to call it "the weekly bank". For me, it was shooting for 8400 calories a week (avg 1200/day). I realized that it mattered more how the week turned out than it did the actual day. And funnily enough, it was usually pretty hard to get to 8400 back in those days when I worked out and simply tried to make the right decision most of the time. I still notice the weekly bank idea works even for this just being stage which is pretty much maintenance for me, nowadays. I have also noticed numerous times that the day after a binge like that, I simply don't want to eat my normal 1200.

Damnit, stop fucking swearing. It damn well makes no fucking point.

I love you.

Joanna said...

That's so weird! Yesterday, I was having a conversation with the school coach and he was asking me how I was doing with my diet. He asked me if I had a treat day each week. When I told him no, he told me I should... because of exactly what you just said.

He said if it's just a cookie or something sweet...just to shock my body for a little while.

I explained how I can't just have A cookie.. but it's something to think about.
Strange, huh?

Kyla @ Mommys Weird said...

I lost 70 lbs with Wendy.