Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Operation "Kick Sheniqua's Ass" Update....

Well it’s weigh-in day in Care Bear Land and the results are in.

I lost another 1.5 pounds.

Let’s recap for the year, shall we?

1/8 - loss of 2

1/15 - loss of 2

1/22 – loss of 1.5

For a total loss of 5.5 for the year! I was down 6 yesterday but yesterday isn’t my official weigh-in day (dammit). No worries though – I’ll get it next week.

The good:

I have continued to track my food every single day. I have stayed at or under 1400 calories a day.

I have worked out a total of 17 days of 21 and have logged over 36 miles so far. (I have decided to make my mile goal for the YEAR > 400 miles. I can so do it!)

I have cut soda from my diet as my drink of choice and made it an occasional treat instead. I drink craploads of water when I used to drink NONE.

I am eating fruits and veggies every day when I used to eat NONE.

The bad:

I have had a migraine 6 out of the last 8 days…which sucks major donkey balls. I am eating better than ever and working out almost daily and still they come. They are stress induced. January is rough at the part time jobs by themselves but when you add in that Rambo’s 2 PT jobs co-incide with mine and we sit on the same boards and serve the same villages – well – it’s a double whammy where stress is concerned. So much passion, politics, elections, audits, taxes and time - are too much for my brain sometimes. Beyond that, if Rambo isn’t doing Village work or at the prison – he’s in the semi. We love our jobs and we signed up for all of them but sometimes it’s tough….but worth it.

New things I’m doing lately:

- Eating cottage cheese…good source of protein and low cal

- Eating grapefruit by cutting it in half and digging it out with a spoon. It takes forever so I feel like I’m eating for a long time (mind games are acceptable during weight loss)

- Every time I’m done eating I feel like I want something sweet but if I go to chocolate – I’m going to want more and more and overeat it and probably binge. Soooo this week I’m eating Starburst. One chew has 20 calories and one or two is enough to stop the sweet craving after I eat thing I go through.

- Tanning – yes, I know it’s terrible for me but mentally – it’s good for me. It helps my mood and I swear to God it makes my fat look “less” and it’s free (well, except for the electricity)…and it makes me warm in this Godforsaken winter.

Things I am proud of:

Yesterday the maintenance man came in my office and dropped two Milky Way candy bars on my desk. He keeps an entire drawer full of candy in his office and he said, “You haven’t been by lately for candy.” I said, “Um duh – I have 25 pounds to lose! Stop bringing me candy – you food pusher!”

He replied with, “Shut up and eat the Milky Ways” as he walked away.

I ate one and the other one is still sitting in my desk drawer – along with a large, full bag of Starburst.

I’m not sure I have ever, ever done such a thing. If I have candy – no matter how big a bag of it – I eat it. ALL.


Me and the fam ate at Pizza Hut this weekend again and all 4 of us ordered WATER. Then we only ordered 5 breadsticks instead of a family order. Then me and Watermelon ordered THIN crust and I only ate 1.5 pieces. Rambo ordered his own little personal pan and that was it. SCORE. Major.



I went to the gas station to buy my kids each a treat. Normally Rambo is a sucker and buys them king size but I bought regular size for them AND I did not buy myself anything. Holy shitballs, right?


Despite having lots of migraines – I worked out anyway. I refuse to let them be an excuse to not get healthier.


I made an appointment for a recheck with my doctor regarding my general health and meds. Rambo is going to go with me since going to any doc causes such anxiety for me. I used to be on 5 medications to prevent migraines and I have since gone off of all of them (I had the same amount of migraines on them as I do now). My doc needs to know that and know why and help me figure out what’s best for the future.


My neighbor friend hasn’t been able to work out with me all week – but I did it anyway!!


To say I want this and that I’m on a roll is an understatement.

It’s a fact.

Rambo’s weigh-in is Thursday and he’s closing in on an 8 lb loss. Stay tuned!


Suzy said...

Great job! Also, I used to have migraines all the time and was on meds daily to help (which it did, but I hated taking them). Because of other issues, I quit eating gluten and surprisingly, my migraines have mostly disappeared. Giving up soda and the caffeine may be causing your migraines too - once your body gets used to not having that, I hope yours lessen as well.

Anna said...

You rock! I know how horrible migraines are, and I don't think I could EVER work out through one. You're a-freaking-mazing!

Kelliann said...

You SOOOO ROCK! You are doing an AMAZING job!!!

Katy said...

Yay for you! Keep up the good work!!

Cat said...

Rock-freakin-star babe!! Seriously I'm so proud of you and I love that Starburst idea and gonna steal it me thinks!!

Oh - I did the wedding song CD thing for G - he didn't even hear it, as the CD was spinning up he changed it to the radio before he heard the song. Boo. : (

Connie O said...

You are definitely kicking some serious Sheniqua. You've got momentum!

JRD said...

Girl, you are ROCKING OUT!!! Keep up your AWESOME progress...so proud of you!!

Fit Mom said...

You go girl! Kick her ass! And I am so touched you thought of me even if it was because of Broccoli! LOL.

The migraines could be because you are cutting out the soda and therefore a caffeine withdrawal. Not sure though.

You are doing great. I am SO proud of you and the family!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I don't know how you do a couple of migraines a month let alone day after day. They are the worse! I hope eating cleaner will help them.

RockBand Barbie said...

You are kickin' ass!! I totally believe in tanning for mental health...my fat always looks better brown :)

twenty kilos to go said...

Wowzers! You are doing super well! Just a question, when you exercise with a migraine does it stop while you are exercising or get worse? The starburst idea is a good one!

Lori said...

You write a damn good blog, even if I don't wanna eat good and all that, getting down to the real stuff is very cool, and comforting for us us real folk out there. I have read your blogs for a while now, I believe you are out Eastish, I am in calif which brings its own set of problems especially politics, you make it a nice change to hear others, views. I really like it, and appreciate your candor and honesty. It feels good, doesn't sound like bullshit.

Lori said...

One more thing...thanks

Joanna said...

What an awesome recap!! Sounds like everything is going great. ;)

FitBy40 said...

Looks like the new year is off to a great start for your family!
I have complete faith that with all the exercise and water, the migraines will start to go away.

Wendie Haynes said...

Congrats! Keep on truckin'!

Laura Belle said...

I am so proud of you Sunflower!!! You're kickin' ass and takin' names!!!

I don't know if you like nuts or not (get your mind outta the gutter) but there are these cocoa covered almonds that are the bomb.com. You should try them! They help with my chocolate cravings.

And maybe your body is detoxing and that's why all the migraine madness is happening. Maybe. idk. pay no attention to me, the baby's stealing my braincells.