Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits...complete with farted gumdrops.

-I farted gumdrops this morning. And let me just say it’s been a long time since anything resembling shugah came out of this ass. Here’s why. Tuesdays are weigh in days for me and I’m down another 2 pounds. Go me, right? I might even spend the entire day lounging around in Care Bear Land…after I work out of course.

-I don’t often think about what Rambo realllly does at work at the prison so it comes out in my dreams. I had a horrible dream last night about the prison and Rambo being tortured and then they killed him in front of me. I woke up screaming. Gawd – I hate those.

-Speaking of Rambo, this morning I got in my car and our wedding song started playing. Awww. He had set the CD to start when I got in. I got to work and there was an email from him with a not so subtle, “How was your ride in to work today lover?” Yes dear…I heard it. Thank you. He’s so proud of himself.

-Rambo injured his knee hauling hogs the other day and even went to the doctor for it. However, he hasn’t missed a single workout. He is done drinking soda too when he used to drink probably at least a 6 pack a day. I’m so proud of him.

-PETA. What do you think of that organization? I no likey. In regards to hogs anyway. One of the other drivers had a pig who wouldn’t move for him so he gently grabbed its ear and moved its head about 60 degrees to the left so that he could maneuver the pig out the door of the trailer. That move – that gentle pull of the ear – got him kicked out of that plant for 1 month. He cannot haul hogs for 30 days because of that “cruelty”. Mind you – 30 seconds later – that pig was shot in the head. UGH. Because this guy can’t haul hogs for 30 days, Rambo got up at 4am to work a full shift at the prison and the minute he is out he’ll get in the semi and drive 6 hours to haul hogs. He won’t be back home until close to 11pm. Thank you, PETA. Please suck my left TITA.

-I no longer drink soda. Day 14 of the New Year and the addiction is broken. Holy shitballs, right? No – this does not mean that I don’t crave it 24/7 or still wish I had an IV drip of constant streaming Mt. Dew.

-I have worked out 13 times this year for a total of 513 minutes and 3291.5 calories. Again on Sunday night, I pre-cooked enough meals for Rambo and I for the week. 4oz of chicken, brown rice, veggies and a small dip of low cal gravy. All packed up and ready to grab each morning. We are seriously kicking ass. This weekend we went to Pizza Hut as a family. Rambo and I ordered SALADS before our pizza came! Did you fall off your chair? I mean, did you? Hence – both he and I only had 1 pc of pizza. And we ordered water. Probably never ever in all of our lives has that happened. Like ever. (Thank you Taylor Swift.)

-I wore fishnet stockings to work yesterday with a dress. The thing is that they were thigh high fishnet stockings with intricate lace at the tops. I felt like I was hiding some dirty little whore-ish secret all damn day just because my fishnets ended at the tops of my thighs instead of at my belly button. It made me laugh all day at how dumb I can be sometimes.

-I want to end by saying that no less than 5 people have stopped to tell me they love my Valentine’s tree. The “love tree" as it has been dubbed by the romantics. By the sarcastic folks – it is the “VD tree” (venereal disease you know? I work with some really mature people. LOL) So far – all the commenters of the love tree have been MEN. Yup. No lie. Men are really just all gooey and squishy in the middle. They can’t even try to hide it. I’m on to them.


Fit Mom said...

I am SO SO SO proud of you! Way to GO!!! And by farting those gumdrops you probably went down another half pound. LOL. Give it a bit and you wont be craving the soda anymore. You are doing it! Sorry for the nightmares. That would be really scary!

jennxaz said...

2lbs---you rock!

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Rambo should be proud...love it! Way to go on the 2 el bees!! You are really serious, aren't you?! Hate Hate Hate bad dreams. Glad it's over. Fart some more gumdrops!

Jordan said...

When ever I have worn thigh highs to work, I have felt the exact same way. Too funny.

Cat said...

OMG I love love love that Rambo had your wedding song on for you when you started your car. I'm doing that for G tomorrow! Yep. :)

/heart u

Wendie Haynes said...

Love great days & times. Great job on the weight loss & goals!!

Jennifer said...

Great post. My husband is a police officer and I know how it feels to avoid thinking about it yet your concerns come out in your sleep! Sometimes even HE is talking about work in his sleep. Never a dull moment..lol

Congrats on the 2 lbs!


Sam said...

Congrats on your great loss this week :o) and an ever bigger congrats on kicking the Mt Dew habit, it is the best thing you can do for yourself,

I look forward to hearing about the continual success that you and Rambo will have through out the year on your healthy eating and exercise program!!

JRD said...

Rock on girl - that is an awesome loss!!!!! And congrats on kicking the soda habit - that is a tough one. I used to be completely addicted to diet soda, and when we moved to Montreal, all of a sudden, I just lost my taste for it. Now with my band, carbonation really messes me up, so I have even less desire for it. It's one of the best things you can do for your health! Keep up your awesome - I can feel it from here!!xo

Leigh C. said...

Great loss...and I think I'll be gett'in me some thigh high fishnet stockings! I want to laugh at myself too:)

Robyn's Nest said...

I am so very proud of you- 14 days without soda.
I need to get some of your will power.