Thursday, February 14, 2013

My God, I love Valentine’s Day.

Now yah, I know all about the Negative Nancys that say it’s commercialized and it’s just a day for Hallmark and Russell Stover to make money but I say who cares? It’s good for the economy, right?

AND? It’s about LOVE. There is way too much hate in the world if you ask me so anything that encourages love and happiness and thoughts about others – well then – I say bring it on.

Although did you know there’s a company out there that will send dried up, rotten roses or a ripped up teddy bear to your ex if you want? Just throwing that out there.

Back to love.

So last night Rambo and I put out the huge teddy bears and little gifts we got each of our girls and then made them close their eyes as we each took a hand and led them into the kitchen. We counted to 3 and had them open their eyes and they screamed! My kids LOVE stuffed animals. And these were pretty big and fluffy and said “I Love You” on them.

I can almost guarantee they’ll have both of those stuffed animals for life. I have mine from 23 years ago from Rambo. It’s one of my most prized – and now ugly – possessions. I sleep with it every night.

They were sooo happy and huggy and just overly nice to each other. The “spirit” of love is so fun to watch.

Rambo had me close my eyes and turn around while he went downstairs to get my present. The girls were freaking giddy. He came around the corner and both girls just started screaming and yelling OH MY GOD DAD. You’d have thought he bought me Paris or something.

They were going crazy. He told me to open my eyes and there was a huge basket he had someone make for me filled with things I love. A stuffed puppy, champagne, bath soaps and lotions and pretty towels to go with it, chocolates and roses and who knows what else. I can’t bear to open it because it’s so pretty.

I took pictures so I’ll show you those soon. He told me that the girl makes a ton of them but none of them were right for me so he asked her to take parts of each one and told her what I liked and she made one just for him.

Watermelon said, “Awww Mom. He had it custom made just for you.”

He also got me a 3 stone antique looking ring with 3 yellow stones in it…his birthstone. It has a pretty high profile and I love it. I’ll take a picture of that for you too. It is gorgeous and it makes me think of him every time I see the yellow. I normally hate his birthstone but this is a light-ish yellow and it’s perfect!

I ended up getting Rambo a goofy card and I found the cologne he used to wear when we dated through high school and college. OMG – he smelled and looked so damn good back then (and still does if you ask me!)…and having this smell brings back sooo many good memories. I got him some turkey membership thingy he wanted and some trees he’s planting out where he hunts. Not very romantic but he was happy.

I have my migraine appt recheck today and I’m getting them nearly 4 days a week now so I’m really hoping she’ll prescribe Botox. Then I pick up the Tahoe and surprise our girls with it.

Tonight we have plans to have a goofy Valentine’s supper. We’re going to whip out the romantic candles and have a heart shaped pizza and I’m going to be an idiot and make all of us tell each other what we love about the other. The girls will laugh their butts off I’m sure. Then we’ll watch a movie together (after we work out, of course).

THIS is why I love Valentine’s. Because love is literally in the air. You look at each other differently and realize what you have and how lucky you are. You make an extra point to say it and show it and live it.

It matters. The day has always mattered to Rambo and I and I hope that never changes. Every day matters and the truth is that to me, it feels like Valentine’s every day BUT this one day it feels like love on sterroids.

You know, like your normal every day bubble bath.
Except the Skittles are all red, pink and purple today.

How can you not love that?


jennxaz said...

I love it...rambo did awesome...I knew he had something planned! And I couldn't agree a mom I am making us all say what we love about each other as we eat heart shaped pizza!!!! Happy Valentines day sweetie pie!

Robyn's Nest said...

Now that sounds like a great day in Care Bear Land!

FitBy40 said...

He had me at the new car. He could have stopped there! Love that man.
We had gifts for the girls this am. too and they loved it all. My husband (the grump!) says I do too much and make it look like Christmas, but I don't care, I'm making memories!
Hubs gave me roses, but we don't exchange gifts for each other. Although, you're making us look like total slackers so we may have to make some changes for next year!
Happy day to you :-)

Fit Mom said...

I love that! Rambo was so thoughtful. And I love that the girls loved their stuffed animals. My boys are getting Ninja Turtle action figures. LOL.

Aaron comes home today so we will have some time to ourselves (after I work out of course) :)

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Awesome message, my friend!

LDswims said...

ILUM. And I love your whole family. It's a family that's getting it right! I can't stand when parents leave their kids out of Valentine's Day. Like this day can "only" be about romantic love. It's just love. Lots of it. On steroids. And I love it, too!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I hope to God Charlie didn't get me anything because we've been hemorrhaging money! Aww... blood is red. How romantic.

Misc Mom said...

You have no idea how much I envy your beautiful life. Not because I actually want it but because with the husband/daddy component missing from mine it feels off. Your family dynamic is endearing and so wonderful to read, especially when you are feeling down about today being V-day. TY for such a beautiful and personal post. :D

Cat said...

This post made me cry. Truly. (happy tears, don't worry!)

I adore you. Thank you for sharing your Care Bear Valentines Day with us. I love your girls, I love that you and your hubby are so in love with each other. I just LOVE everything about this lovely post.

/heart u honey

Angelwithatwist said...

OOHHH Rambo did good.. My man got me Starbucks Frappucino. cause he knows I have an affinity for them..

Joanna said...

Sounds like such a wonderful day!! I'm "lucky" enough to be engaged to one of those Debbie Downers that thinks Valentine's day is the devil built off of commercialism. BLAH!

Thankfully, I have a class full of kiddos that disagree and made my Valentine's day WONDERFUL!!

Connie O said...

I loved reading about your Valentine's Day. Even though my husband and I don't typically celebrate it (he has a hard enough time with Xmas, and my birthday is 2 weeks after V day), I enjoy the concept. And I like the idea of making it a big family celebration of LOVE.

Barbara said...

That's true love in my book. Hugs. Glad you all had a wonderful day!!!

Sarah said...

Oh Drazzie, I LOVE how you and Rambo made Valentine's day so exciting for each other and your girls. I want to make heart shaped pizza now though.

Laura Belle said...

So, I'm just catching up on like 2 weeks of all your posts....finally! Jeesh. Anyways, I'm so proud of you for kicking ass at the weight loss thang!! SO PROUD!! You keep up that fantastic attitude, because it's rubbing off on me a little!

And congrats on the new Tahoe!!! You'll love auto start. Freaking amazing. Seriously. Best invention ever.

And your V-Day is the coolest ever. That's so awesome how you and your girls and hubby are so loving. And!!!! Woop Woop! SCORE! I need pics!!

Love you long time Sunflower!!!