Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!

1 – I still have no clue what to get Rambo for Valentine’s Day and I swear if he gets that stupid smirk on his face and conjures up that wussy sing-songy voice and says, “I got your Valentine’s present already” one more time – I’m going to shank him. Hard. In the left testicle.

2 – Speaking of Rambo – he caught an inmate giving property illegally to another inmate and because of that he told the inmate he couldn’t go outside for that day. The inmate was pissed and called Rambo a crackhead. Rambo said, “What did you just call me?” …and the inmate was dumb enough to say it again. Rambo stood up and to quote him – he said, “I had to use my big boy voice” and then an officer stepped in because they know when Rambo gets up AND uses that voice – shit is not going to end well.

Weird. Crackhead? I mean he’s been called way, way, way worse and doesn’t react. Apparently though crackhead is a no no. Men are weird ducks. Often.

3 – We decided to go car shopping this weekend because the SUV I have now needs more than just tires. Annoying. I think I’m getting a black or white Tahoe. Anyone have one? Love or hate it? They come standard with DVD systems in the back and that’s really all I care about. No one will be begging me to turn the station or turn it up every 5 seconds. Oh and remote start usually. I’m thinking I’ll love that for when it’s negative 40. You think?

4 – Last night after the argument between Rambo and Watermelon, we sat her down for a chat. I told her that she needs to find a way to put words to her emotions instead of just bursting into tears. We can’t fix what we don’t know and I told her that because Rambo doesn’t like to see her cry he just gets frustrated and then they both escalate and say things they don’t mean and everyone has a bad night.

I told her it’s fine to feel what she is feeling but she has to push through it come out stronger in the end and that her Dad and I will always be there for her. And that sometimes, the things we ask her to do will just suck and she’ll have to get through them but she should trust that we have her best interests at heart and we’d never hurt her. Rambo sat with me the whole time but I did most of the talking. Let’s face it – he’s a man – so words like that come hard for him though he’s a softie. When it was over, Watermelon was going to walk away and he said to her, “come here”….and he hugged her for quite a while. That’s how he “talks”.

5 – Did you know that you can eat 53 pretzel sticks for only 100 calories? Seriously – that’s a shitload of sticks people. Random? Yes. Just go with it. Even more random? I had tuna last night with 53 pretzel sticks. I pretended they were tiny chopsticks. I looked like a complete fool the whole time but it was sort of fun trying to pick up tuna with a tiny pretzel stick.

6 – I think we’re getting a sectional couch this weekend of some kind. Our old couch is shot-ola. Thank God for tax returns, right?

7 – Rambo weighed in today. He’s down 12 pounds. He’s bummed because at one point he was down 14 pounds. (Jesus – I should have called this Ten Things Rambo. Sickening, isn’t it?)

8 – Anyone ever heard of a weight loss program called “Naturally Slimming”? My work is offering it for free again and lots of people here lost a bunch of weight on it and even kept it off. I think it’s expensive usually. I think you watch videos online and you get workbooks and homework. People here really liked it and like I said, kept weight off. I should probably give a shot. Can’t hurt. I just don’t want to mess with the program I’m doing now.

9 – It’s Pizza Hut day at work and we’re having nachos and cheese this afternoon. Does anyone wonder why Sheniqua stays on my ass all year? Geez.

10 – I think I should be done writing. I doubt anyone is still reading.


LDswims said...

I'm still reading. Damnit, I ran out of stuff to read. Shit.

Tears to my eyes thinking of Rambo hugging Watermelon. Love. Love it. Love y'all.

As for the Tahoe...NOOOOO don't do it! Sheesh girl, buy a Ford! Seriously. I will lose respect if you sponsor GM/Chevy. Sad. But true. I will still love you dearly. But I will forever give you shit about buying one of "those".

Content cut to send in an email.

Love you.

Jennifer Kay said...

Maybe they called him a crack head because he's losing weight and people say that crack makes you lose weight so...maybe it was a compliment? :)

Fit Mom said...

so why the LEFT testicle?

And I havent heard of that diet plan. Sounds complicated with books and crap. My thought? You are doing it on your own and if it aint broke, dont fix it! BUUUTTTT that is just me :)I have faith in ya. I know you can do it!

BandedIceGirl said...

Still reading like always :)

Anna said...

Um...pretzel chop sticks?! Best. Idea. EVER.

Cat said...

Yep, still reading - always read to the end of your posts. I love them long time. :)

I love 10 Things Rambo. I also truly teared up on #4 and read it outloud to G. I think it's because I grew up without a Dad that his closeness with your girls means so much to me and I freaking adore hearing about it. :)

/heart u

Joanna said...

I always love your Ten Things! Never heard of Naturally Slimming - but the minute you said "workbooks and homework" I was over looking in to it... hehe. It's hard enough for my lazy butt to just write down what I ate in one day, let alone answering questions and stuff. LOL

EmDub @ Faster In Water said...

#5 = Awesome! I don't like pretzels normally, but I can totally see myself doing that!