Monday, February 4, 2013

When there's nothing to say...use pictures.

My brain is shot because I was actually required to work this weekend doing an internal audit. 

I spent 8 hours in a room with two complete strangers who grilled me about my every effing move over the last year.  Two days later - I still have hives.

No one with social anxiety the level that I have should ever have to endure such a thing. 

I thought I might die. 

This also meant I was one nap shy of the usual two I get every weekend. 

Oh the humanity, right? 

It also means I have nothing to write about that is noteworthy (which is so different than any other day, I know) I've got pictures. 

And you guys thought I was kidding about that Care Bear Land shit.

Yes.  I act like a 12 year old little girl and wear jewelry like one too!

Honestly.  If I have to work what seems like every waking hour of every day (slight exaggeration) then at least I'm going to use cute-ass pens and paper. 

I bow down to anyone who works full shifts on weekends. 

If you ask me - it should be outlawed.

It feels like torture.  Like lunch with Casey Anthony.  That lasts 8 hours.

And now look.  I'm blog posting about FOOD with even a little bit of a recipe. 

I swore I'd never do such a thing but remember - I have no brain today. 

I get a free pass.  

You are all required to pretend you love this whole post.  I hope you know that. 

How do you like my fine china up there?  We only use the best paper plates around here.

And OMG - I'm going to post more food pictures.

I hate myself.

I have exquisite taste buds.  Rice, chicken, broccoli, gravy.  Every day since January 1st.

I like to step outside my comfort zone a lot, wouldn't you say?

Lastly - I leave you with the shitpile that was my closet. 

Remember when I told you that I cleaned it? 

I wasn't kidding and here's the proof.

I forgot what color the carpet was in there because I hadn't seen it in so long. 

How refreshing to not crawl over a mountain of shoes each morning. 

And thanks to Watermelon's prodding - I got rid of an entire garbage bag of what she labeled *Granny shoes* she's some kind of fashion guru or something.

Okay, that's all I can muster up.

I'm too pissed at the world to fart gumdrops or poop rainbows right now.

I do however, believe tomorrow the sun will shine. 

Tomorrow is my weigh in day and I am still kicking ass. 

It could be that being locked in a room with two strangers and feeling like I was on trial made me not want to eat or drink or even freaking blink but who cares, right?

Stay tuned.

And remember to pretend you liked this and tell me your life is changed completely due to this post.

Thank you and you're welcome.

I do my best.


Angelwithatwist said...

I do not envy you your audit, I hate numbers period and would have been forced to slash someone after that long of being interrogated. My closet is much similar to your and I keep saying I am going to get it cleaned out then well life happens. Those pizza bites look good and something my kids would burn up..

Fit Mom said...

You're so cute. Good job rationing out your food. I eat just about the same thing every day too so who cares? And I love your pajama pants. My mom made me Sunshine Bear when I was little so I like to be in Care Bear Land too. The earrings are way super cute!!

jennxaz said...

yuck..working that much on the weekend should be outlawed! love the closet cleanup!

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Jealous of that closet! You need to fart your gumdrops of organization skills in mine!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Looks a bit like an episode of Hoarders in the before closet pic!

FitBy40 said...

I need to go shopping in your closet! That would be so much fun, and you could get rid of some stuff!
I don't have a pizza maker but I bet that would work in the oven...definitely need to try that. I bet the kids would love it. They get a kick out of anything small and individual sized.

Kelly said...

I for one know my life will never be the same again after having read this post.

RockBand Barbie said...

Reading this post has made my life complete :)

I think I would love those little potato pizza bites. I am right there with ya on only eating one kinda vegaetable...but mine isn't broccoli. You couldn't get me to touch a green vegetable if ya paid to do it. I will, however, eat corn every single day of the week :)

Connie O said...

I don't have to pretend I liked it. I love entries with lots of photos, even though I rarely manage to do them myself.

I wish I had a real closet. In my 120-year-old house, they made exactly two closets by walling off corners of the bedrooms. This means a lot of my stuff is stored in bins or just kind of scattered around. And the stuff in the closet has to hang at funny angles because it's a triangle.

Lynda said...

This post *has* completely changed my life! I don't yet know how, but I know it's been changed. ;)

Robyn's Nest said...
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Robyn's Nest said...

Okay- my life is changed forever :-)
You are right, if you have to work every waking hour- you need Care Bear!

Barbara said...

I loved this post. It put a big smile on my face.

Marc said...

Broccoli is my all time favorite vegetable too. My wife has learned to hate how often I have broccoli steamed, boiled, stir fried, raw, added to cauliflower, or soup. If broccoli were a woman her name would be Sofia Vergara:)

Joanna said...

I cleaned out my closet the week before last...and Hubby is so grateful. LOL He can now get in there and find stuff without having to climb over and search through my stuff.

I have an obsession with office supplies...not necessarily cute ones, but I do like colorful. The kids think I'm keeping some kind of treasure chest in my desk drawer because of all the pens and pencils I keep in there... I don't have the heart to tell them that the stuff isn't for them. HA!