Friday, March 29, 2013


Five little questions we answer to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break!  Come join us and ENJOY!

1. What’s your first reaction when you get really angry?

I’m asking this because I was and still am VERY angry about something (I’ll blog about it later). I remember actually sitting in my car and thinking to myself, “Wow – am I going to cry?” Nope. Too angry to cry. The first thing I did was disprove every accusation and swear like a truck driver. Everything was F this and F that. Then I think of ways and body parts I’d like to shank. In all honesty – usually I over-react. It’s part of my personality. I’ve learned to take a step back before I decide what I’m going to do because my first inclination to shank them in the nutsack isn’t really the best option. It might be the most fun option but it’s not really smart. Or legal.

2. When is the last time you cried in sadness or in joy?

Is it wrong to say that I cried when I got my Michael Kors purse? I’m kidding. Sort of.

Hmmm – honest to God – I have no idea the last time I cried in honest sadness or joy. I do remember that on Valentine’s day I shocked myself and got a little teary-eyed because Banana gave me a card and she wrote in it and it said, “I love you Mom. You are the beast.” She meant best but spelled it beast and for some reason – it struck me.

In sadness? It’s probably been well over a year…unless you count sappy TV shows where my favorite people die.

3. If the stars aligned and everything was perfect from your partner to your job and income and everything – how many kids would you choose to have?

This is a hard question. For the first 4 years of our marriage, Rambo and I had no desire to have kids and then one day we just decided we changed our mind. For 5 years after that – no matter how many times every single human on Earth asked us when we’d have another – we were adamant that we didn’t want any more. One was it for us. It was more me than anyone actually. I think Rambo would have kids all day long and twice on Tuesday “if the stars aligned”.

Then one day – I changed my mind and Banana was born. We sometimes discuss adoption and sometimes I want to be pregnant again literally based on how Rambo treated me during that time. But even if everything was perfect – I’d still only have one or two. I’m too selfish to have any more than that. Duh.

4. If you won the lottery – what is the first purchase you’d make?

If Rambo didn’t know we’d won and only I knew – I’d run my ass down to the local gun store and buy Rambo an M3 (or something like that). I *think* it’s some kind of assault rifle that is big enough to shoot elephants because you know – we have tons of those little stinkers in our backyard we need to get rid of. He’s wanted it forever and last I heard was that the base price was $1600. Reedick.

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.

In blogland, I’ve started following some new blogs and that’s always fun.

In real life – dudes – I’m just trying to keep breathing. The mayoral election is Tuesday and it cannot come soon enough. A shitstorm of drama ensued last night of epic proportions…and I don’t think it’s over. Two Easters to go to this weekend even though Rambo works….and I’m praying I can PUT DOWN THE DAMN CHOCOLATE BUNNIES!

Happy Easter everyone!


jennxaz said...

Oh I bet you catch crap for the! but I understand!

Laura Runs a Latte said...

I used to cry when I got really angry, but now I either go for a run or just kick things. I do still cry at sappy movies and TV shows though!

Cheri said...

You are the beast!!! :-D Love!

Angelwithatwist said...

Go on with your bad self! I am playing along with ya here

Laura Belle said...

OMG. i was just thinking the other day that i missed your BYOCs!!! YEAH!

I think, if funds were unlimited, that I'd want like 6 kids. And be a stay at home mom.
But I think Ryan would literally shit an elephant if he heard that!

And did I ever send you the video of Ryan shooting out of the helicopter for the pig thing??? Because Rambo needs to see that. He ended up spending about $1600 on that damn M16 or whatever it's called to shoot those hogs. ya. that's a lot of shoes.

OHHHHH. Baby Girl already has 3 pairs of shoes and she's not even born!!! lol

Anna said...

Something is wonky (must be on my end) because this post didn't show up in my feed! Ack! :(

RockBand Barbie said...

I hope all goes well with the mayoral election!!! I don't have any Easter clebrations to go to and I am kinda glad. This will be the first time in my boys' life that I have not made them a basket...I feel kinda sad about that. Maybe I will go to Walmart tomorrow and try to throw a little something together.

Anna said...'s in my feed now. Woo! :)

speck said...

Great questions? And I enjoyed reading your answers.

I haven't blogged in so long but you got me wanting to participate so I'm going to blog BYOC tonight!

Mon said...

New follower--banded 2 weeks ago. I've been lurking around for a bit and I LOVE your BYOCs. I guess everyone loves to talk about themselves, huh?

Sunshine's Heart said...

I cry when I get really angry. I have cried almost everyday since Dail left me. Sadness, Anger. I've been through all emotions. I'm feeling very lonely and teary today. The kids are all busy with holiday things. My girls are probably both moving away soon. It is hard not to be sad. Anyway, I'm a crier no matter what the circumstances.