Monday, March 4, 2013

Catch up. Sort of like ketchup except not.

I would love, love, love to tell you that I took a week off of blogging because I solved world peace or something awesome like that but I didn’t. I took a week off unintentionally. For no reason. Because writing wouldn’t come easily and I promised myself that I’d never force myself here – like ever. (Again, thank you Taylor Swift)

While it’s not completely easy as it usually is – I want to be here today…so I am.

Let’s do a really boring not exciting at all catch up of my life over the last week.
Try not to be too jelly…it’s borderline celebrity shit.

We are getting new living room furniture this Saturday so I decided to reorganize and rearrange for the great event. I bought a new TV stand that would hold TVs up to 50 inches – knowing full well that we have a 56 inch TV. I thought – 6 inches?? Meh – no biggie. It’ll be fine. It’s not fine. $130 downzo the draino. I bought another one for a 62 inch TV the same night. FML.

I am still working out nearly every day and tracking and staying at/under 1200 calories. Weigh in is tomorrow. Rambo is still doing the same.

We’re supposed to get almost 15 inches of snow by tomorrow. Whoever said March is the beginning of Spring ate way too many lead paint chips as a child. I’m not complaining though. Any time I’m given permission to stay home in my pajamas all day and get paid for it – is fine by me.

Rambo FINALLY has a day off this coming Saturday. He will have worked 41 days straight without one off by then. To celebrate, we are going to a women’s roller derby game and supper with our best friends.

I’m on new migraine meds that fatigue me as much as when I was pregnant BUT I haven’t had a migraine in a week. I’m sure that I’ve jinxed it now. I think I’ve actually slept a few nights for a few hours even!
Holy shit on a stick right?

I put up my St. Patrick’s Day tree in my office and one at home and again – MEN – are the ones who comment on it most. Like I said – they are all gushy in the middle even though they pretend to hate holidays of any kind.

The PT jobs for Rambo and I are chaotic. It’s tax, audit and election time and it’s stressful.
Completely worth it but stressful.

I love my new Michael Kors purse…still. Even a week later. That hardly ever happens.

I came home from work the other day and found that both of my girls had new toys courtesy of their father. He is such a sucker. I was giving him crap about it until he made me close my eyes for my present. It was a tiny Hello Kitty Easter bunny! Adorbs. It’s in my new Tahoe. So immature. I can’t even help myself.

Speaking of that – I got a Hello Kitty sticker that goes on the side window of the Tahoe. It is Hello Kitty’s head like she is peeking out from under the window. Banana will love it on her side. It’s totally for her.
 I swear.

Rambo bought Banana a pink camo bow for Easter. Knowing she’ll have a weapon with arrows in it scares the bejeezus out of me.

Watermelon wants her room painted with white board paint so she can draw on every wall all the time. That shit is $19 a gallon and her room is big. And I hate painting. I might just sell her instead. I’m kidding.
Calm down.

I’m sure in the last week I shaved my legs, weighed myself 100 times and took multiple naps. I even went all crazytown and put away my own laundry. Messed up, isn’t it?

That’s it.
That’s my over-exciting, dramatic celebrity life.
Don’t hate.
Just try to love me anyway, mkay?


jennxaz said...

no hoping you lost weight from shaving...not saying I think this sometimes...but...

Fit Mom said...

Ha. I weighed myself after I got my hair cut off just to see...LOL.

Glad your migraines are going away. Lets hope you didnt jinx it!

LDswims said...

Love you much much!

Sounds like awesome normal-ness to me!

I wish we had snow days here. When I lived in Cali we used to get wind days. I wish we had those here, too. We get nothing here. Oh, cept hurricane weeks...I guess there's that...


Michelle said...

My sister just sent me a text about an article that says a large percentage of people who participated in a study about migraines and sex say that their migraine symptoms went away after they had sex.

I told her those people probably didn't have real freaking migraines.

I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little better! :)

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

When you said pink camo bow I thought HAIR bow!!!

Angelwithatwist said...

I am glad they got your migraines under control but the fatigue part sucks. With a schedule like yours you don't have time for fatigue. Have you ever thought about getting dry erase panels. That is what I put in my boy's rooms and they loved it. I alternated panels one white bead board the next white dry erase board.

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Ha! Glad you are make me laugh. Purse pics please! I love a good bag.
Yay to no more migraines!

Banded Strong said...

I found your post very exciting! I love reading your stuff. I always laugh like crazy! Great to hear from you!

FitBy40 said...

New furniture is exciting!
Why do I tell myself every day that I'm going to track my calories, and then not do it? Every day!? I totally suck. Could you please move in to my house and be my drill sergeant? Thanks.
We're expecting snow too but it looks like they just downgraded it to 3-6, which is more reasonable. Hubby is still out of town and I'm not happy about having to clear the driveway!

Cheri said...

Migraines are horrible. I don't want to talk drugs in public, lol, but if you want to reply - I'll tell you the preventative one I was put on that finally worked. I know everyone is different. I really hope this works for you. It is awful to have to try to function with a migraine.

I want walls I can draw on, too. Or velcro walls I can climb. Or throw my children against, and make them stick. Or the cats - if I put them in special velcro suits.

Joanna said...

I love that you get excited by the little things...shows how much of an awesome person you are. :)

Robyn's Nest said...

I do love you.
I have never heard of this whiteboard paint. It sounds great!! I wish they had cool stuff like that when I was a kid. ha- I am trying to imagine my parents letting me color on the walls and it is not working for me. They would have had a FIT.

Laura Belle said...

I just had a flash-forward of my life in another 13ish years when Ryan gets our daughter (if it's a girl) a pink camo bow.......

Cat said...

I love that you love Hello Kitty. So feminine and awesome.

Hmmm did you post pics of your purse? If not...please do. kkthnx.

/heart u