Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Operation Kick Sheniqua's Ass Update and a serious question for you.

Hello me lovelies.

My weigh in day is Tuesday so it’s time for a Kick Sheniqua’s Ass Update!

I’m down another ½ pound today!

Oh my holy chicken turds, right?

That’d be down 11 pounds total for the year. My goal was to lose one pound a week and this is Week 10 for me so I’m ahead of schedule by one pound. If I can keep this pace up, I will be at my goal weight in the first week of August. Bikini season watch out!

Here are some of my stats up to today:

I have worked out a total of 45 days this year for a total of 35.5 hours. I’ve burned 13,550 calories. I have logged 113.8 miles so I have 286.2 left to go to meet my 400 mile goal for the year.

I have exactly 20 pounds left to lose since my overall goal was 31 to lose.

I have continued to track my food EVERY day. I stay at or below 1200 calories a day.

I have continued to work out and am working on running more and more each time I work out. If I’m not running, I’m doing incline work or tabata drills.

For me, 10 pounds lost has always been one pant size gone and that still remains true. My pants are saggy as hell and while that sounds fun – it doesn’t “look” fun. It looks reedick. My rings are suddenly spinning like crazy – which drives me nuts. Like I care if I have fat or skinny fingers. Jesus balls.

My big assed Sheniqua is dying a slow and painful death and my God it feels good to piss her off.

On another completely random note – I still love my Michael Kors purse. Moving on.

Rambo is still kicking ass and taking names. He’s closing in on being down 20 pounds and he remains my biggest cheerleader. Eeesh – I love that man.

Okay – serious fitness question. I know that the new trend in hair is not to wash it for days at a time. It’s all the craze to see how long you can go without washing and still have your hair look fabulous. Like chicks are having real ass competitions on this subject. To that I say: “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.” Or me – in general. I don’t have time to enter non-hair-washing-competitions. I’m just sayin’.

It’s good for your hair up to a point though – especially when your hair is fine or thin. Washing it every day does more damage than good sometimes.

I’ve always been an every other day kind of girl or two days max.

My question is this: How does this not washing every day thing work when you’re a worker-outer who sweats buckets? Seriously – when I work out I push myself. If I don’t sweat – I haven’t worked hard enough. When I’m done my hair is dripping like I’m just out of the shower on the bottom half anyway.

Disgusting yes? With the invention of dry shampoo I’m just wondering about all the ladies who go 5 and 6 days without washing. Do you use the crap out of products that refreshen and buy stock in dry shampoo or do you break all the rules and wash every day if you work out every day?

I’m just wondering. I thought about trying to not wash last night after my workout but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. But I don’t want to wash every day you know? UGH.

Quite the pickle, isn’t it? Tell me your hair routine if you’re a sweaty worker-outer.

Pretty please.

And spank you very much.


FitBy40 said...

I shower and wash my hair every day, with few exceptions. I can't imagine doing a sweaty work out and not washing my hair. However, my hair tends to be on the oily side to begin with. I've never had dry hair, but I guess if I did, I'd have to consider going every other day.
In that case I'd say get in the shower and wet it down, and rub it like you were shampooing, but without the shampoo? Not sure if that would help.

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Sheniqua is on her way OUT! Good for you! On the hair...I have fine and oily hair, so I was never in the camp that could even skip one shampoo. I do use dry shampoo to plump up my roots from time to time cuz clean=flat. I have to make sure it doesn't have glycerin in it though, because glycerin=oily. If I were you, I would just rinse my hair after a workout if you don't get all oily. Then blow and go...oh wait, that's a different channel.

Didi said...

Congrats on making your goals and sticking to tracking and working out!

Ok, I recently was pondering about the hair washing issue myself. I've always been an every other day kind of a girl, because every day dries my hair out. I have really nice hair, and I put a bit of coconut oil in it a couple of times a week to keep it extra shiny and soft. Seriously, though- science will never unlock all the secrets of my luxuriously thick and full hair. When I was doing yoga and pilates, my original routines were fine because I wasn't sweating buckets. I could use product and style my hair, and not wash for a few days and it would be totally fine. When I had short hair I could go a little longer.
But now my hair is long, and I'm committed to burning at least 400 calories a day, which means most days I am now doing 35 to 50 minutes of intense cardio. I have long hair. I pull it back, but I still sweat like a whore in church. To not wash it out IMMEDIATELY after my workout would be damn nasty. I can't imagine going three days in a row. My hair would look stringy and stink and be gross, and I'd look slightly homeless. No thanks.
So here's what I am doing from now on: before my workouts I work some coconut oil into my hair. I work out, and sweat profusely like a hog in the heat of August. Then I wash all the stench away. The oil prevents my hair from drying out. Win win. I use coconut oil as lotion (the best ever!!) as well- you can get a big thing of Nutiva Coconut oil off of Amazon, and it will last you a long time.
Olive oil or sesame oil would also work, but coconut smells the best.
If I still had short hair, I'd probably just dip it under the sink and rinse the sweat away, but my hair is just too long for that shit. And this response is wayyy too long, but I hope it helps.

jennxaz said...

I shower usually twice a day because as you say..when you are done working out you got to clean up! So I wash my hair everyday. You are kicking butt girl! Nice job!

Fit Mom said...

Ok here is what I do...I dont wash my hair every day and you KNOW that I workout. Usually I wash up if I workout in the morning and leave my hair and go on to wash in the evening or the next morning. You can shower but still not WASH your hair. It gets the sweat out without causing damage from the soap. Then get out and just blowdry and go. I think the most important thing is your hair. Does it look nasty greasy after just one workout?

And way to go with the weightloss for you AND Rambo!!

Are you treating yourself with something when you reach goal?

Cheri said...

You are doing awesome!!

And fwiw, I don't know how someone can do a hard workout, and not wash their hair, lol. That must be a trend for people who don't work out. :-)

Sarah Kopf said...

The non washing of the hair grosses me the hell out. Truth. Seriously, take a bath, stinky! :)

And you are ROCKING it! Bring some of that mojo up north and yonder, der hey! ;) Hook a neighbor up!

And also... my rings are spinning. IT MAKES ME NUTS!!!!! (I thought I was alone. Turns out you're totally OCD and bananas also. I've diagnosed you. You're welcome.)


MrsFatass said...

I teach at minumum 2 fitness classes a day but I can't wash my hair every day or it would be a strawlike, icky mess.

So first I grew it out. And had the lovely lady give me layers. So I can disguise dirty hair with pony tails and hair clips.

And I don't use hair product aside from my WEN stuff.

I avoid hot water on my hair at all costs, and really I only shampoo it every other time. In between, I just do a good thorough rinse in cool water.

So. Maybe my hair stinks all the time I don't know but I figure smelly hair is better than zero hair.

And congratulations on your weight loss and your loving that man! xoxo

Chris - Banded Strong said...

I wash my hair every day. I just can't bring myself to skip days with all the swimming and the sweating. My hair is very fine and normal.

Great job on your goals! Keep up the great work!

Sunshine's Heart said...

If I shower, I wash my hair. Done deal. If I'm going out, I shower. If I'm not and no one is coming here I might shower and I might not. No hubby here any longer paying attention. I can't see drying out my hair and skin for no good reason. I try to be clean though when I leave the house.

Connie O said...

I wash my hair anytime I work out because I too sweat a ton. But since my hair is also dry, I wouldn't mind trying some other things. I have been thinking of the baking soda wash/vinegar rinse routine some people swear by (if you Google it, you'll find tons of how-tos).

You are doing great at the ass-kicking!

Jewlz280 said...

Ooh... your friends are NOT going to like what I say! I wash my hair like once every 2 weeks. And yup, I workout. Does my hair smell? Nope. And I have LONG hair (pretty much to the bra band). I wear it down for 3 or 4 days (on my light workout days) and it never gets oily. Once the oil shows, I do my heavier workouts because well, it doesn't matter. You can rinse it out in the shower and let it air dry, but I just don't wash it. And you know what? People tell me ALL THE TIME how healthy and gorgeous my hair is. Now, in the beginning, your scalp is use to being stripped of its oils and so it fights back by... PRODUCING MORE OIL! But after you 're-train' it, it doesn't produce it as much. If you get sweaty, you just rinse it out. You can rinse with some vinegar or something if you must, but it isn't necessary. I DO use a spray in dry shampoo after several days, but its mostly to give it some lift. But at that point, I wear buns, braids, or pony's anyways so it's no big deal. I think if you work out hard EVERY DAY or even every other day, it would be your call. But a few days of non-washing is really really good for your hair. :) Although, I must admit I've never heard of competitions. LOL

OH! Congrats on the loss! But if you are working out so much, have you considered upping your cals? 1200 seems really low for someone working out so much. That would make your deficit below 900 which seems to be the brink when most people's metabolism slows down. I'm not judging or saying, just curious. I've read a lot lately about it and was wondering how many people apply it.

Katy said...

When I was running several times a week, I always washed my hair after every work out. I was way too sweaty not too! I'm also a wash your hair every day kind of girl. I just feel like my hair is too greasy otherwise. I'm not really sold on this whole not washing your hair idea...