Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Operation Kick Sheniqua's Ass Update!

Wazzz up chickens?

I can tell you that one thing around these here parts of Podunk that is NOT up is my weight!

It’s time for an update on Operation Kick Sheniqua’s Ass!

I’m down another pound from last week making my total loss to date 12 pounds.
(*Side note – last week Rambo hit 19.5 lbs lost!)

I’ve worked out 49 days this year for a total of 125.8 miles. I have 274.2 miles to go to reach my yearly goal of 400 miles. I’ve burned 15128.5 calories and worked out for 39 hours total.

Still journaling. Still working out almost daily. Still staying at or under 1200 calories.

I had a shit-ton of migraines over the weekend into yesterday and still I worked out hard. I refuse to give up or let migraines win. When my triptan pill kicks in even a little – I take that chance to work out and always feel better afterwards.

Yesterday I started the health program that my work is sponsoring. The point of this plan is LIFELONG weight loss. It’s supposed to be different than any other plan – ever. I’d have to say that it is. Each week you watch a one hour video and there’s a book to follow along and take notes in. There are 2 quick quizzes and you of course, track your weight and measurements.

It’s VERY interesting. VERY. I’ve tried shitloads of diets over the years and this is different. And I have to say that I know MANY co-workers who’ve gone through the program and love it and have totally slimmed down and have KEPT IT OFF.

For me – it’s tough because I’m doing what I’m doing and it’s working and this program kind of asks you to throw everything you know out the window and do this. How do I do both? Or do I stop doing what I’m doing and go gung ho into this program??

I don’t know!

All I know is that one way or another – I’m going to rock a bikini this year and love every second of it.

How are your New Year’s goals coming along?


Sarah Kopf said...

I've decided that you will be "Bad Ass Barbie" from here on out! Truth!

Migraines: Bastards. I've been having them the last 48 hours. What gives? This weather, that's what! We live in Hell. Only it's frozen....

Also, weight loss: You are a ROCK STAR. (Rambo too, but I am all about stroking YOUR ego! Cuz women are awesome.) Anywho, I am SO DAMN PROUD OF YOU! I heart you. Want to kiss you on the nose and give you a fist bump!

xoxo Have a great day cupcake! xoxo


Mari said...

The numbers don't lie - you are doing so so well, very inspired!! xxx

Jewlz280 said...

WOOT! Good job on another loss!

I don't know if I would change things up right now... I mean, what you're doing is working and all that and I think you posted on my blog or another's about eating back cals so I would think you are being pretty darn balanced. So... I don't know. Maybe continue to read on it and research and go from there. Or save it for if you have a stall. But right now, you seem to be doing great!

Sorry about the migraines. :/ My hubby gets them, too. Where we live is hell like that and he suffers a lot. We know eventually that we will have to move for him to get relief. The only thing that sorta helps is Sudafed and allergy meds. I've heard that nose spray (like Flonase)really helps but he hasn't been using it since he hasn't been to the Doc in a few years. :O I hope you are able to get some relief soon and not feel so yucky.

Anna said...

Keep on rockin' it, woman! You're an inspiration.

Chris P said...

Great loss congrats! I am a firm believer of stick with what works for you!
So sorry about your migraines....I know they are no fun.

On My Way to Size 8! said...

Woo hoo! You are awesome!

Fit Mom said...

Way to go girl. Proud of you!

Didi said...

Excellent job on sticking with your goals and doing so well. It's great that you are working out each day! Seriously, getting to that point is a huge achievement. I'm at a point where I work out nearly every day now too- makes me feel all proud and strong.
This program through your work sounds pretty interesting. What kind of stuff are they suggesting? I'd say go with your gut- incorporate pieces of their program into yours. If their program is against calorie counting and dieting, you may have an adjustment period, but it'll work out. You are obviously committed, and in it to win it and make lifelong changes. I think it's all about attitude.