Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Massive randompants is going to commence.  None of this will probably make sense but let's all remember that I never claimed to have any "real" brains, mkay?  Fashion sense?  Maybe. 

Real brains?  Well that remains to be seen.

* I've been watching reruns of Frasier lately.  Seriously.  I forgot how funny that show is.  Roz is the

* I'm the biggest, most paranoid chicken shit of a person there is yet tonight I didn't get off the treadmill for 70 minutes because I was engrossed in a murder mystery show about a young woman attacked in her home.  And I wonder why I have nightmares?  Jesus.

* I promised you a long time ago that I'd show you pictures of the Valentine's basket that Rambo got me.  Here it is. 

Oh and he also got me a fabulous new ring that I'm obsessed with. 
Never, ever say I don't put pictures in my posts.  lol

* Life is batshit crazy lately.  Oddly enough I seem to be fine through it all.  I'm a bit surprised my head hasn't popped off yet.  There are so many things that I simply cannot control in all of our combined 7 jobs and that drives me crazy.  I am a control FREAK.  I'd plan when I could pee and blink if I thought I could get away with it.  BUT...for some reason lately the not being able to control just making me pensive.  God.  What a stupid word.  Pensive.  I just mean I find myself stepping back and thinking about all the shit we are dealing with in a calm way.  I seriously have no idea what I just said.

* My kids played in the bathtub the other night for like - an hour.  They were giggling so loud that I could hear them two rooms away so I didn't have the heart to make them get out.  Then the next day the secretary of the school called and shockingly, I picked up the phone.  She said, "Everything is fine here.  Just wanted to let you know that Banana has red cheeks, right under her eyes, like a little rash."  I replied, "Oh, she was in the bath for over an hour the other night playing with bubbles so I bet her skin is reacting to that."  There was silence on the phone.  I know she had to be thinking - Nice parenting.  You leave your kids in the bath for hours.  Jesus balls woman.  Not my best parenting moment.

* That was the same morning when my kid threw a large fit because her favorite shirt hadn't been washed and it had a spot on it.  Being the lovely enabler of a mother that I am - I took the shirt and proceeded to wash out the tiny spot so she could wear the shirt for the second time this week and so the tantrum would stop.  While rubbing the spot, the lovely 7 year old then says to me, "Come on Mom, put your back into it!"  Then I smothered her with the shirt.  I'm kidding. 


Fit Mom said...

Ok...dont feel bad about the tub thing. My kids will shower for like 30 minutes and then fill the tub for a bath after that. Seriously. They look like prunes afterwards.

And OMG I died with the "put your back into it" comment. I would have thought about smothering too.

Your ring is GORGEOUS! Im jealous! I'm still waiting for an anniversary band for my wedding ring (but I know it needs to be custom made to fit).

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Sounds like a baby Drazil in the making! HA!

Angelwithatwist said...

Hey at least your kids get a bath and are allowed some fun time. I can bet you that secretary has spent an hour in a tub before. I know I have lol.. LOve the basket and the ring. Breathe woman you are making me tired.

jennxaz said...

love the ring and valentines gift...had to tell you I bought myself some hello kitty pj's and I thought of you...but not in a weird sick twisted way.....seriously!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

We're still watching King Of Queens here.

LDswims said...

I love the basket. That is awesome! And that is a beautiful ring.

I use the word stoic for things like you're describing. Sometimes I am just stoic about things. I just put my head down and get through it and remain calm and to people around me it almost seems like ambivalence. I actually like when I can get into a stoic mode because a lot of office politics stop bugging me.

I think that's awesome you let your girls play in the bathtub for an hour. Baths are awesome and childhood is short. Who says bathtime has to be solely utilitarian and quick? I am teaching the boys to have fun splashing and making a mess and ENJOYING bathtime and water in general. We already do 30 minute baths, most bath nights. My only worry is as simple as keeping the water warm enough. The boys love bathtime. Childhood is short...why rush these fun things?

lol...yeah, put your back into it. I woulda been handing her the shirt at that point and telling HER to get her back into it. But then I'm the kid that fought my mom for the right to do my own laundry...when I was 4. Seriously. What was wrong with me? We fought that fight for about 2 years and finally at 6, I was on my own. And, oddly, I actually did like doing my own laundry as a kid. Nowadays? Still do - but can't someone fold and put away all that crap? I'd move my closet into our utility room if I could...


FitBy40 said...

OK, for some reason the font you used for the basket contents made me read "Vagina spray" instead of vanilla spray. And, knowing Rambo(through your blog), that sort of made sense to me! I know how he loves all things vagina :-)
Enjoy that little tidbit for the day.

FitBy40 said...

OK, for some reason the font you used for the basket contents made me read "Vagina spray" instead of vanilla spray. And, knowing Rambo(through your blog), that sort of made sense to me! I know how he loves all things vagina :-)
Enjoy that little tidbit for the day.

Jewlz280 said...

Yeah... I totally let me kids sit in the bath until they ask to get out! They are boys -- I figure the longer they marinate in smelly goody bath stuff, the better! BOYS SMELL. So yeah, I don't think that is weird AT ALL.

Your ring! *sigh* GORGEOUS!

Cat said...

LOVE that ring girlfriend.

Mmm G's birthstone is April. Yep, diamonds. May have to hint around for my birthday. /grin

RockBand Barbie said...

Don't feel bad about the bath thing...when my kids were younger I may or may not have left them in there so long I had to rewarm the water :-)

Connie O said...

Love the ring, and also the basket. Did you unwrap it yet?

I just watched a Law and Order: CI with Peri Gilpin in a serious role (as the murderer). She was much more fun as Roz.

Didi said...

Come on mom, put your back into it... laughing laughing laughing.