Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!

1-The show Scandal is back on and new tonight and I’m so excited that I could pee my pants (if I weren’t scared to death of getting pee on myself). Do any of you watch it? It’s actually based on a real person named Olivia Pope. I love the show twice as much as I normally would because Rambo loves it too. It’s hard to find shows we both equally love when he’s all about the action and blood and I’m all about unicorns puking rainbows you know?

2-This new weight loss for life plan that I’m doing through work is getting more interesting by the day. So simple but so many things I’ve never even thought of before. After a week in my experiment, I’ll share more deets.

3-Speaking of weight loss. I sort of created a monster. In Rambo. The boy is on a mission. Last night he worked out twice. Like as in two separate times. He went downstairs and did the elliptical and came upstairs drenched. I went downstairs and tanned and did my hour on the treadmill and when I came back upstairs Rambo said, “I’m going back down to do more.” Whatthef*ckever floats your boat dude. Have at it. Weirdo.

Saturday night before the party we went to, Rambo pulled his jeans down below his butt cheeks just to prove that he didn’t have to unbutton them because they are so loose and he walked around and pretended to be gangsta with his entire ass hanging out. How do kids walk around like that??? My girls thought it was hilarious while they called him PDaddy but he looked redonkulous.

4-Tanning. I’m having an issue with this subject. Not stop the world issue – but an issue just the same. Kinda like my “am I supposed to wash my hair every night when I sweat like a mofo” issue.

If any of you are tanners – when do you do it? Only on days you work out or the opposite? I mean like 50% of me doesn’t want to tan right before I work out because then I start out the workout already super hot then.

The other 50% of me doesn’t want to go near a tanning bed when I’m done working out because I’m dying of heat stroke already. I know I could work out, then shower and then go back downstairs to tan but after I work out it’s like I’m done going downstairs. Done with that part of the night and I never seem to make it down there. Seriously annoying.

5-I have SCS today. Saggy Crotch Syndrome. My pants are too big and so they are hanging off my butt and coochy therefore creating a wind tunnel between the crotch of my pants and my lady parts. It feels a bit breezy down there and feels like I’m hanging out in the open naked so I keep checking myself to see if I forgot to put pants on today.

6-It was officially the first day of Spring here in Podunk and it’s ass cold. I mean like negative temps snow still on the damn ground cold. It sucks massive donkey balls. Frozen, shriveled up massive donkey balls.

7-I stayed home from work on Monday with a raging migraine and when I finally plodded my pain-filled ass up out of bed and into the kitchen I saw a handwritten note that said, “I hope you feel better Mommy. I love you. Banana.” Awww – how sweet. She did that before she got on the school bus.

About an hour later I got a text from Watermelon that said, “Hi Mom. Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you and hope you feel better. I love you.” Awww – again – how sweet. I have kind of nice kids, huh? Maybe I haven’t completely ruined them. Yet.

8-9-10- I’m combining since this is a long one.

Watermelon had a class with the school counselor along with all the other girls in her class. The counselor gave them a bunch of random questions.

Questions like: how often do you change your hair, what is your favorite color, what makes you happy and then she asked what makes you sad or brings a tear to your eye?

NOT a real smart question to ask a bunch of hormonal, puberty stricken young girls.

Watermelon said that by the time they were done, nearly every girl was crying. Some a lot. Watermelon said she almost started crying but held it in.

I bet this teacher is rethinking her lesson plan about now.

I asked Watermelon why the other girls were crying. She said:

A was crying because of her parent’s divorce

L was crying because of her parent’s divorce & her Grandpa has died

J was crying because of her parent’s divorce & both her grandparents have died

J was crying because everyone else was crying & she didn’t want to feel left out

O was crying because of her parent’s divorce

M was crying because her parent’s aren’t together (they had never married)


Eeessh – tough crowd, huh? I asked Watermelon what her answer was to the question about what makes her sad.

She said, “I *almost* started crying when I thought about the answer. It makes me sad to think that some day I will lose people like you and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa.”

Ugh…yah. That makes me sad too.

What makes me sadder is all those little girl’s answers. Some of those parents divorced a LONG time ago and have since remarried so I forget they even divorced.

The kids never forget. I think it feels like yesterday to all of them.

They don’t seem to have the ability to recover from it as children. I was shocked to realize it was so many of them who had dealt with divorce in their young lives and how a simple question brought so much pain to them.

I hope some day that pain lessens or they can at least understand their parent’s decisions better.

It’s just sad. No idea why I thought of that. I have pre-weekend brain.

That’s it for my TTT! I was thinking about doing a BYOC (Bring Your Own Crazy) tomorrow again….sometimes I miss it.

Peace out Skittles!


jennxaz said...

BYOC...haven't done that in a nice problem to have(cadillac problem if you will) and those topics..made me sad

Fit Mom said...

wow. Divorce, divorce, divorce. Sad isnt it?

Um I dont tan so cant help you there...unless it is outside in the summer.

Speaking of that...where is spring? If you live in Podunk then you need to hunt down the groundhog and shoot that bastard!

And be careful Rambo doesnt burn out. I know he is a manly man, but he can still burn out.

Nice of the girls to say that to you. I hope you are feeling better now too.

And as far as the air tunnel goes...cant help ya there. Wear a belt to hike up the pants to stop the air tunnel. As far as the looseness? dunno.

not much help today am I?

Chris P said...

BYOC sounds fun! How sad about all the divorced parents....So ready for Spring to spring already!

FitBy40 said...

I can't wait to hear about the new plan.
Um, tanning is bad for your skin my dear. Cut it out!
Divorce is so hard on the kids, but I think it's even harder on girls. So sad.
Hope you have a weekend free of migraines!

Sarah Kopf said...

Divorces suck. For real.

SCS: Classic Lol Love the abbreviation.


Sunshine's Heart said...

Divorce certainly makes me cry these days and I'm a grown up. Marriages are failing everywhere and it is a crying shame.

Miss S. said...

Bear told me the other day a kid in his class is sad because his mom left & told him she couldn't take it anymore, so he never sees her. Then Bear asked me if I was going to leave him. It made me incredibly sad. Divorce sucks.