Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!

1-The election is over. Thank God. I’m a big ‘ol wad of stress on a regular day and when you add in all the political shit that comes with an election…well…let’s just say that my anxiety level is higher than Willie Nelson’s brain on a normal day.

Rambo is still the Mayor and that means I’m still the First Lady of Podunk. Seriously people – we had over a 50% turnout – which is huge…but do you want to know how many people that actually was? 109. 109 people voted and that was over 50% of our town. Sweet grasshopper dicks, right? You probably thought I was exaggerating when I said Podunk was small but I wasn’t.

Some of it was fun. We watched the polls and waited for results and our phones rang off the hook and texts were coming in left and right with congratulations. I’m proud of Rambo. And I get to keep having sex with the Mayor. That never gets old.

2-Rambo weighed today and he’s down 21 lbs. Kinda fun, huh?

3-It’s supposed to be close to 60 degrees today. I am DYING to run outside just so I can carry my cute pink bottle of mace. Also because I’m dying to find a reason to buy arm warmers. Have you seen how cute some of the arm warmers are out there? Sooo cute. I mean why put on a long sleeve shirt when you can buy cute arm warmers – with thumbholes? Thumbholes are the best thing evah.

4-Rambo is dying for summer to get here too. He is researching parks and hiking trails like a mad man. He wants to go hiking or biking all summer on his days off with me and the girls. Maybe even camp. Calm down all you little divas out there. Have no fear – we will be camping in a “camper”. No tents for this girl. I mean really. Tents don’t have air conditioning. Duh.

5-Yesterday I took off work early and Rambo got out of the semi early so we could pick up our girls from school as a surprise. On the way home, Watermelon asked, “Why are you both off of work so early?” I said, “Cuz. We wanted to pick you both up so we could dance in the car all the way home.” And then I started dancing my ass off in the front seat and Rambo started head-banging. I thought it was hilarious. My girls rolled their eyes and they tried not to laugh.

They about shit their pants when we took them to the local gas station and ate ice cream treats with them. THOSE are the days I want them to remember instead of the ones like the night before when the election took our entire souls. Sigh.

6-A teacher in Watermelon’s class showed that video of that basketball guy’s leg breaking and a boy in her class passed out. Why a teacher felt the need to show that is beyond me.

7-I’m into week 3 of the work weight loss program. This week focused on a “stop eating cue”. The woman says every person has one or needs one. It can be pushing your plate back a few inches. Drinking a cup of coffee. Chewing a piece of gum. Loosening your belt. Or putting your napkin over your plate. You may not even know you do it but when you do – it’s your cue that you are done…and you stop eating.

Our assignment this week was to find one for ourselves. I’m having a little trouble with this one because I don’t sit down to eat a normal meal like most people do. I don’t take a lunch break because I eat through it at my desk. I have a salad or my chicken/brocc/rice but they are always in a container and I finish them because there isn’t a lot to begin with. Supper? Like last night I waited until I was hungry and that was about 7:30 and I got up and stuck 4 pcs of ham between two pieces of bread and sat on the couch and ate it. No plate. I don’t know – when I eat these days – it’s portioned out to be eaten fully…so I don’t need a stop eating cue. Do you have one?

8-The other thing I’m having trouble with is her “order of eating”. She says that you have to eat every single food separate and you eat your favorite thing first. Like if you have a plate with chicken, broccoli and potatoes on it….and chicken is your favorite. Eat how much chicken you want – slowly – and when you move on to the next thing – you CANNOT go back to the chicken. Then let’s say you eat some potatoes. Slowly. You do this for 10 minutes. You break for 5. Then you eat another minimum of 10 minutes but you cannot go back to the chicken or potatoes. You finished those. Get it?

The purpose is so that each food is actually tasted and registered in your brain. If you mix them and eat them fast – it’s a fact they all taste the same and your brain can’t register that you just ate 3 foods because it only tasted like one.

You have to literally, tediously taste each food and decide when to move on….and you can’t go back.

For me – again – I don’t lay my food on a plate. And I don’t have a lot of food that can be separated. I eat eggs for breakfast. That’s it. I eat Lean Cuisine pizzas for supper a lot …which can’t be separated. Hmmm. I use the principles when I can….the people here are loving it and losing weight and keeping it off so I’m trying to keep an open mind.

9-I think I should stop now. 7 & 8 were pretty winded. Shocker, I know.

10-We have NO plans for the weekend and I’m so excited about that that I could pee my pants. Rambo and I may even have a few hours minus the kiddos and if I didn’t hate poop so much I’d be so excited about that that I’d consider pooping my pants.

Later, Skittles.


Sarah Kopf said...

I find it hysterical that you're looking forward to you can carry your mace! LOL! Love it! You ARE a ninja! I'm sure of it!

And they SHOWED THAT VIDEO!?!? I want to power punch somebody. That is AWFUL! I had a hard time stomaching it... Stupid. Teach them something VALUABLE already....


jennxaz said...

I love that he got re-elected...and you got the people to get out and vote! Picking the kids up for ice cream--rocks!

Rachel said...

Parenting... you guys are doing it right!

Laura Runs a Latte said...

I think it's so cool that you live in a town that small, and congrats to Rambo on retaining the Mayorship! Woohoo! I also can't wait to start running outside again. I don't have any mace (I lol'd at that one), but I hear you on those cute arm sleeves (and have you seen some of the adorbs socks?!). I know there was something else I wanted to say but I forgot ;) Have a great day!

Chris P said...

Congrats to Rambo!! You two rock!!

Connie O said...

Congrats to Rambo and you! I didn't have any doubt he'd win. I'd vote for him if I lived in Podunk.

I felt ill just listening to some coworkers talk about that video Monday--and I never even saw it.

Jewlz280 said...

Hmmm... I never thought of it before, but I guess I do have a cue. I usually push my plate away and put my silverware on it. Then I drink my drink. I don't drink much while I'm eating! LOL But I never thought of it like that. I even do it at home even though like you, I don't tend to do a lot of big portions. I just do small portions and eat what is there. Although if I get full, I stop.

I gotta say, the one thing I think is stupid is the eating things one at a time. My brain is not so simple that it can't figure out that it has eaten 3, 4 or even 6 things at a time! I usually eat my fruit or veggie first, then my protein. Whatever carbs I have are last and I do that so that if I get full, I've not wasted space on carbs! No reason why, it's just always how I've eaten... Not that I don't eat them mixed up, but I usually finish the veggies/fruit first. Maybe they are secretly my fave! HA!

Congrats to your hubby on his Mayoral win AND his weight loss!

Barbara said...

Congrats again on the VICTORY.. also.. I can not eat foods in an order.. I have too much ADD.. that would drive me nuts!! Love your ice cream moment!!

RockBand Barbie said...

Yay for Rambo!!!! Why, oh why would a teacher think that it was relevant or even ok to show that video????? As a teacher, I would have NEVER even considered showing that to my kids...I don't even want to see it myself.

Sunshine's Heart said...

I have a cue. I push my plate further away from me. If we are eating out and using napkins I also put it over my plate. I'm thinking though that so many times I push the plate away after I'm already over-full. I need a stomach cue to warn me that I am about to take one bite too many. Right after my surgery, I had that cue but I've lost it now.

Robyn's Nest said...

Congrats you Rambo and you for winning the election!!!!!

FitBy40 said...

I love surprising our girls with little things like that too. I'm a firm believer that it's the simple things in life that are important. Great job mama!

Didi said...

Congrats to Rambo and your family. I had no idea that you were Queen of Podunk... I'm talking to a celebrity! ;)

Why oh why would a teacher show that video? How could it possibly relate to anything being taught that day? That's just plain foolish stupidity right there.

The eating your favorite thing and then never returning to it is silly. What if I have a large salad for dinner? Do I pick out the croutons? Ok, I can handle that, cause they really are the best part. Afterwards I move on to mushrooms, and then tomatoes? We often have one dish veggie and bean based meals served over rice, so it would be tough to do that. I don't really think our brain can't figure out that we are eating different things either.
If I am eating a meal with multiple sides, I always eat the salad and veggies first. I'm with Jewlz- fill up on veggies, and eat less calorie dense items.
Different stuff works for different people.

Cheri said...

WOOT to sleeping with the MAYOR! :-D

I move my plate - I set it aside at home if I'm alone, I push it away a bit at a restaurant. But eat one food at a time - won't do that rule. ;-P

Cheri said...

Sorry...second thought...the "unbuckle your belt" seemed a bit rude to me, ya know? LOL Who unbuckles their belt when they have had enough! EXCUSE ME! What is next? Unzip your pants?? I think you may have passed the "enough point"...but that is just me....

Fit Mom said...

So glad you are still the First Lady of Podunk.

Have you gotten to run outside yet?

Miss you lots. Been super crazy for me but I still am floating out in cyberland so stay in touch would ya??