Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!

1-I didn’t blog on Tuesday because well – after Boston – I just couldn’t. I still weighed in and I lost another ½ pound making my total loss for the year at 15 lbs. even. 16 to go.

2-Negative people suck donkey balls. I will never understand the need to be and feel and act and say negative things constantly. I mean we all do it periodically but I’m talking about the toxically negative Nellys. I want to punch them all in the throat. The world breeds enough negativity on its own without any people helping it if you ask me.

3-It’s been raining for days here. Not just a little rain either. Torrential 3-4 inches a day rain. Rain was always my absolute favorite type of weather ever for most of my life. Until the flood came and wiped out everything physical that my parents owned in a matter of seconds. 5 years later and I’m still pissed.

Because now rain isn’t my favorite anymore. It triggers fear. Because of so much rain lately, around here on all the county roads that have bridges over the rivers – things are not looking good. By today – many bridges will be under water. For now – when you drive over them you look down and you see the brown, muddy, rushing water – inches from where your car is. I was caught off guard by my reaction to the sight of all this water.

Almost like an instant panic attack. Fear gripping at my stomach. Anger wrapped around my heart. I almost froze right there on that bridge like I was paralyzed by the memories. And I’m angry at that reaction. I’m just still angry.

4-Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday and I have a sort of cool gift for her that didn’t cost me anything. My siblings and I lost all of our parent’s and our childhood pictures in the flood and it’s something that bothers us all. The fact that I can’t sit down with my kids and show them when I was a kid – hurts. More than I’d like to admit. The other day though when I was catching up on filing I found a stack of pictures. Of my sister when she was young.

I have no idea why I had them but at some point I must have borrowed them from my mom. I’m going to give them back to my sister so she has them. I’ve often thought about asking all my aunts and uncles for any and all pictures of me or my parents as kids so I can have something to give to my own kids but the amount of work that’d take seems like too much to ask.

5-I’m currently in Week 5 of the weight loss video program that my work offers. This week was a lesson on carbs, fat and protein. She also taught us about “flirt foods” and “cravings”. Flirt foods are foods that you happen upon. Like you walk into a meeting and there are donuts there – and the donuts flirt with you. Flirt foods leave your mind after 10 or so minutes and you can stop thinking about them. Cravings are foods that you can’t stop thinking about no matter how hard you try.

6-I’m a sugarholic. I mean come on – I take baths in Skittles people. The lady on the program suggests that we take an amino acid supplement called L-Glutamin to curb carb and sugar cravings. Great. Another trick that won’t work is what went through my mind BUT I’ve been taking it and I swear to God I don’t crave sweets and if I do see some candy or something on the counter – it’s relatively easy to walk away from it. Holy run on sentence Batman. That’s monumental. I’m the kind of person who if I see the treat – I have to have it – all of it or seconds or thirds or whatever. To turn it down without feeling like I’m white-knuckling to make that decision is huge. I don’t know if it’s actually the pill or a placebo type effect.

7-Tonight the only thing on my agenda is to do a puzzle. A 1000 piece puzzle of an elk. I told Rambo I needed more puzzles and I kid you not – he went out and bought me a few and one was of an elk. WTF? Seriously? You have to hunt them, talk about them, plan trips around them and now I have to do puzzles with them in it? Great. That’s my glamorous life. A table, a puzzle, probably a Mountain Dew and me for a good 4 hours. Try not to be too jealous.

8-My oldest daughter told me she wants to go shopping for summer tank tops and shorts this weekend. I said no because we’re still running the furnace in the house. I refuse to shop for summer items wearing snow boots and a parka. The forecast for this weekend is SNOW. Motherf*ckingNature can bite my chubby ass. She is a huge douche-kabob. It’s going to be May. Cripes.

9-I have on 5 inch high stiletto hooker heels today. I have decided that every time Explosive Man walks by my office to go blow up in the bathroom I am going to throw my shoe at him and aim for his neck. It’s okay. He’ll be covered by worker’s compensation.

10-I took off work 3 hours early yesterday with the sole intention of napping and watching HGTV so I can stare at all the hot contractors. It’s good for the soul. Seriously. Try it.


october 11 said...

I live in Boston and definitely appreciate everyone's thoughts. I am always at the finish line and by some divine intervention I couldn't find a parking spot and didn't go but my friends were 10 feet from it all and it is just beyond tragic.

jennxaz said...

I so love HGTV construction men...HOT baby!!!

Cheri said...

LOVE that you found the pictures! And I love doing puzzles too. :-) I never try to at home because of the cats...and I think it would drive my neat-nick hubs nutso to see it all spread out somewhere. I last did one on a vacation at a cabin about 3 years ago - I was on my own with the kids and my dad/stepmom - I spent most of the time in my room with the puzzle at night, lol. Sometimes I do them online but it is not the same as touching the pieces. See, you have my wheels turning now! I'm thinking if I could set a table up in the garage this summer, but I think it would be too hot. Maybe when I pack up the homeschool stuff I can slip out a puzzle in its place and he won't notice?? (I mean he has tolerated BRINE SHRIMP all over the living room...)

Laura Belle said...

Don't you love it when your significant other BREATHES hunting and so thus you must breathe hunting??? Yup. Me too.

Girl, I'm so stinkin proud of you and your weight loss! You keep on truckin'!!! Oh, and I'm going to have to try that sugar craving thing. I seriously need an intervention.

Rachel said...

That is an amazing gift for your sister! You are so thoughtful!

Sarah Kopf said...

The gift for your sister is awesome! Love it!

As for the water, I get it. I don't have the anger, but fear is natural. There's a river right behind my house. We live on the edge of a kettle, for Christ's sake----and as I'm just north of you, it's raining here too. F-ing weather. It's supposed to snow tonight.

As for HGTV, I thought it was just me. Guess what I watched this morning? Exactly.



Didi said...

It won't stop raining here either. I don't mind a bit of rain, but it has been raining and raining for almost two weeks. A person needs sunny days.
Great gift for your sis. And it is absolutely not too much trouble to ask relatives for pictures of you guys to show your kids. You lost everything! Asking for pictures or copies of pictures is a totally reasonable request!
I like puzzles. It's hard keeping the wicked kitties from whacking the pieces around though.

Jewlz280 said...

I guess this is why we are all following each other on here -- we all think alike! Le SIGH! HGTV!!! I love the decorating and fun stuff, but I love the eye candy, too! Speaking of, no pic of said heels? GAH! I wanna see! Did you sell all of your Coach bags, btw? I so should've gotten that one... Anyways, that's nice for your sis. That is really thoughtful! I would for sure ask around and see who all has what and you can make copies and store it on a USB. Then you could make copies on other USB's or CD's. :)

Angelwithatwist said...

Darling I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you might want to find a replacement for Mountain Dew. It contains bromenated vegetable oil which is a known carcinogen and causes severe internal organ damage. It has been outlawed on every country but here for it's dangers.
Puzzles drive me nutso and I won't tell you we have it 80 here right now and my darn AC is shot.. grrr.

RockBand Barbie said...

Don't hate, but it has been in the 80's here...tank tops and flip flops. Now that I bragged about it we will probably have to turn the heat back on tomorrow :)

Barbara said...

Hugs.. hope the sun shines on you soon and makes you smile!!

Laura Runs a Latte said...

Sending sunshiney thoughts your way! I love puzzles too, but it's not possible to do them with a cat in the house ;) I can only do them on the computer now, which obviously, just isn't the same.

~Miss Lorie~ said...

Anything that might curb sugar cravings... I am in!

I tell myself that Spring=snow for everyone. Then I feel better about the fact that we don't actaully have a spring and instead jump from freezing balls to frying balls! We just do extremes around here!

Awesome job on the weightloss! Hardest. Thing. Ever.

Chris P said...

Negativity is hard for sure!! I am working on the positive people in my life! I am totally ready for sunshine here too!

Fit Mom said...

Negative people suck but staring at the HGTV men make up for it!

Still raining here too. I hope all is ok and no major flooding happens in your town.

Leigh Costa said...

Now I want to do a 1000 piece elk puzzle. Since we scaled back our cable, I no longer get HGTV. I miss it more than sugar and carbs:(

Jill said...

You need to go to your Aunts and Unlces and ask for those pictures. Just mention it to them. With scanners and copiers today they could give you copies even if they don't want to part with originals. One day your aunts and uncles will be gone and people will throw those pictures away because they don't know who they are. IF you let them know you want them, they don't have to stop what they are doing and dig them out now, but when they run across them, they can pass them on. My aunt gave me some old pictures of my dad and mom's wedding at Christmas. They are divorced, so they didn't want them, she didn't need them and my sister and I appreciate them very much. My grandmother was wearing a killer red suit with 4 inch spike heels!! Cool!

FitBy40 said...

We had to wear hats, coats, and gloves to the bus stop this morning! This sucks the big one for sure.
What is it with all those guys on the 'fix up a house' shows...they're all HOT! In fact, I find our own handy man to be quite a hottie, although I'm pretty sure if I saw him not in work mode, I wouldn't think he was hot. Something about a man who knows how to use power tools!

Robyn's Nest said...

I can totally see you throwing your shoes at him and hitting him in the neck. Ha Ha- LOVE IT

Cat said...

Mmmmmm Scott McGilvray. Yummmm. Two slices please.

Shell Baker said...

Sugar-a-holic. Am I ever?! Am I struggling with the early stages of trying to wean myself off it? You bet I am. Is that tiny section of your post something that rang a massive alarm in my head. Heck yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying one little thing that sent me off on an internet research to find out more and ended with me ordering some. I have hope that this might just help me get out of the mess I have let myself get into.