Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Update and massive randompants.

Sheniqua’s chubby little ass is still being kicked to the curb over here in Care Bear Land in case you were wondering. Even egg-shaped Reeses and chocolate bunnies couldn’t stop me! I still managed to lose ½ pound which brings my total lost to 14 lbs now. 17 lbs to go to hit goal.

My workouts have slowed down this week in comparison to my other weeks. It’s batshit crazy around here lately because of board meetings and classes and the election. Then there’s that thing called parenting and wife-ing and house-owner-ing. Sometimes I can’t find time to breathe – much less work out….so I’ve stayed vigilant with my food choices and it still worked.

For the record:
54 workouts out of 90 days for the year
43.2 hours in time for the year
17086.5 calories burned for the year
140.4 miles gone for the year (259.6 to goal of 400)

Remember last week when I was pissed off? To make a long story short, the really, really old and ill gentleman that is running against Rambo for the Mayor position decided to go door to door and hand out a 1.5 page letter that pretty much just slams me and Rambo and others on the Board.

I was pissed first and then it became laughable once I realized I could easily disprove every line the man wrote. And as more and more people called us and told us their reactions or asked us questions – it was clear that this man did more damage than good to his campaign.

Rambo and I decided to do nothing. Absolutely nothing. We want no part of a smear campaign and this man tainted the election enough. The chips will fall where they may. I’m not pissed anymore but all the explaining and phone calls and staying strong and all of it – is exhausting. Sometimes it’s just hard to keep doing what you believe in.

The election is today. Here’s hoping….

Oh and in case you were wondering, my kids didn’t wake up sobbing this morning. Which is good for them because if they did, I had made plans to sell them. Cheap.

I want about 5 days off – with the guarantee that no work will pile up here at any of the jobs while I’m gone – to do “things”. Things like filing. Or springing up the landscaping after the winter. Or finishing designing my jeans (I cut up and drew on a pair of Silvers I have because it seemed like fun at the time). Or do more puzzles (I do jigsaw puzzles a ton. About 2 nights per 1000 piece puzzle. Very relaxing and keeps my mind off other things.) Or clean. Novel idea – cleaning. Jesus.

The only other exciting thing that happened this week was that my 12 year old brought home the sex paperwork. Yup. The whole – we are going to be learning about puberty and sex soon so can your child participate – paperwork.

This morning I said to Watermelon, “So – do you want to learn about sex or what?”

Rambo looked up and said, “God. Can you not just blurt it out like that to my 12 year old baby?”

Suck it up buttercup – itsahappenin.

Then he said, “Sure – send her. Then we don’t have to do it.”…as he laughed.
He knows I’ve already done it.

There you go – more randompants shit than you can shake a stick at.

You’re welcome.


jennxaz said...

I couldn't wait to send my little boy to school today...yesterday was enough to drive me bat crazy! Good luck in the election!

Rachel said...

Best of luck! If you find a way to take 5 days off without work piling up, lemme know!

Barbara said...

Love you bunches.. good luck..good lord why do you want to go into politics!!!!! and yeah baby, kick ass with the lbs loss!!! nice!!

Laura Belle said...

I'm so proud of you!! Just truckin' along in getting that beeeeatch off your hips!!! I'm talking about your weight btw. hehe.

Everything will work out.

On My Way to Size 8! said...

You are doing awesome! Woo hoo! Also, fingers crossed that the best man (Rambo) wins!

Mari said...

Awesome weight loss lovely, and you absolutely did the right thing not getting involved in the smear campaign. Good luck to you and Rambo today x

Angelwithatwist said...

Hey I lost 9 lbs when I went to the doctor. Of course I went because I have been dog sick but other things like motherhood and wife and grandma duties keep me from getting in to see one at the beginning before I get that sick.. ya know. The sex ed here is a joke. Seriously. Although my oldest learned about some STD's that I had never heard of in high school Just an FYI DON'T google Blue Waffle.. just don't..

RockBand Barbie said...

Good for you and Rambo for not stooping to his level :) I am soooo proud of you for your hard work at losing weight....you are so badass :)

Chris P said...

Glad to hear the kids were civil this morning! Good for Rambo for doing nothing!! I admire that ability! Great loss! Congrats! Good Luck Rambo!

Cheri said...

First - I am wishing you all the best for the election!!! I am so glad you will find out tomorrow. Smear campaigns suck. I'm so glad you don't go there, and it seems this one was a FAIL.

Second - I gave my 9(almost 10) year old a very detailed, age appropriate book almost a year ago. I also talk to him all the time, about any topic he wants. Still, the most CRAY CRAY stuff comes out of his mouth ALL THE TIME!!! And I am HOMESCHOOLING HIM NOW so it will be up to me to SORT THAT MESS OUT!!! Yesterday he said some nonsense about how he knows he shouldn't laugh at girls because they pee out of their butts like dogs??!!??!!!! Oh I can't believe I posted that on the web...at least it's "just" in a comment section. *sigh* I LONG for him to get SEX ED AT SCHOOL PUHLEASE!!

Joanna said...

I remember the sex paperwork. Except my kids were only in 5th grade! It was a little scary, but I figure I already knew what sex was by 5th grade..so I might as well enlighten them. HA!

Oh, and please tell Sheniqua that just because you are evicting her quickly..she is not allowed to move in with me! ;)

Robyn's Nest said...

Best of luck in the election.
I do smile everyday as I read your blog.

Sarah Kopf said...

Cole missed ALL the sex talk. Yay! So I avoided the ackwardness. Know what our "sex talk" consisted of? "Hey kiddo... That snake in your shorts stays in it's cage. Forever. Mmmkay? Or until you move out, get a job, and pay a mortgage. Mommy loves you."


Didi said...

Excellent job on all your hard work this year. You are so close to your weight loss goals! Awesomeness!

Also, good job on maintaining integrity and staying out of the slam fest. I don't think it is necessary to knock others down just to win. It's shameful behavior. Obviously it worked, because your honey won, and not the old sacky bag wandering around slandering you guys.