Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When gaining weight is a good thing.

Yes. I’m serious.

Let me tell you why.

Yesterday marked 16 weeks since I began “Operation Kick Sheniqua’s Ass”.

I haven’t been this dedicated to my health since 2006 when I lost over 70 pounds and culminated that journey with a tummy tuck to get rid of my excess stomach skin. It feels good to be in this place again. The place where I think before I overeat and I work out before I decide to watch TV for hours.

However – I still ain’t perfect.
Of the 16 weigh-ins, I have gained 3 times – each ½ pound. Yesterday was #3. I gained ½ pound.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t even pissed. I didn’t eat like shit the rest of the day because “I might as well take advantage of the gain”.

I mean it’s hard to act shocked about the gain. It’s hard to be pissed about something I knew was coming, you know? An entire bag of Cheetos really isn’t meant to be eaten in one day. Pop tarts aren’t really supposed to be breakfast – lunch AND dinner. Not making myself get on the treadmill doesn’t work as well as actually getting on it.

But 16 weeks is a long time. The healthy shit gets old – and hard.
I’m human and I start to slack off and think I can get away with it.

There is nothing like a gain this close to bikini season to re-rev my engine. Seriously – that gain was what I needed. I *detest* noting a gain in my spreadsheet. I *abhor* writing a gain on my huge posterboard in the workout room almost as much as I hate P words. I *hate* that I’m I am now 1 lb off of my goal weight for this week.

So yah, I showed a gain at 7am yesterday. The rest of the day after that was stellar. I ate when hungry. I ate under my calories. I no sooner walked in my front door before I was on the treadmill running my ½ lb. heavier ass off.

The ½ pound is gone today.

But it ain’t over. It ain’t time to rest.

I ordered a custom made mint chevron dress from Etsy this week and I have dreams of what it will look like come June when I have a family wedding shower where no one in the room weighs more than 110 lbs.

I have visions of riding on the back of Rambo’s Harley with a blinged out belt that is required because without it my skull embroidered pants will fall off.

I have plans to wear my frayed cut off denim shorts with a white tank and my ivory cowboy boots on a date with Rambo.

I have a desire to be a runner again. A five-mile-a-dayer. A sweaty mess. A hot tomale.

I have plans to not be the fat one in the family.

I have plans to not feel less than simply because of a number on a scale.

Do not worry, my little Skittles. I will get there.

This little gain was just what I needed to kick my ass back into gear.
To renew the warrior spirit that is within me.
To care more about how I look and feel than how good food tastes.

Sheniqua should be scared out of her damn mind.

Her days are numbered.

15 down. 16 to go. I soooo got this.


Stat update:

63 workouts out of 120 possible days for the year
440 minutes/50.5 hours worked out for the year
19053.5 calories burned for the year
163.3 miles done – 236.7 to go to meet 400 mile goal
16 weeks in – should be 16 lbs lost – currently 15 lost – 1 lb short of goal


Rachel said...

Sounds like you've got great motivation. Go get it!

jennxaz said...

You are doing so well! I am glad you did not let that 1/2lb derail you!

Mon said...

YES--you have inspired me to get off my computer and go for a walk :)

Also--mint chevron sounds vahnderful!!! I want!

Angelwithatwist said...

Ok first of all I have ONE BOOB that weighs more than you do currently. Secondly you have got this woman and you know it.. You are gonna rock that dress.

Sarah said...

You really are kicking Sheniqua's ass. I'm in serious awe.

Tara Cartledge said...

Girl---you motivated me!!

Karen said...

You Go Girl!

Karen said...

BTW - any chance of seeing a photo of the skull jeans? They sound amazing xo

Connie O said...

Way to spin it! Nothing like a little setback to snap you back into focus.

Tina@The BanditGirl said...

Freakin' awesome, you are!

Cheri said...

Love how positive and determined you are!

Darlin1 said...



mdlapband said...

YES!! I'm pumping my fist over here for you!!!! You inspire me :)

~Miss Lorie~ said...

Amazingballs! For real! You just keep at it!

I started doing a little more running last week and remembered how much I LOVE it!

Sarah Kopf said...

You DO got this, baby! All. Day. Long! I love your honesty so much!


Ms. M said...

I totally get it. Way to put a positive spin on things. :)

Fit Mom said...

You got this girl! Love you lots! Kick ass! And I want to see this blinged out belt and your new dress!!

Mari said...

You are a superstar, very inspired by you right now lovely x

Laura Belle said...

Lordy I'm so proud of you girl!! This just made me want to jump up and down and run with you!! But baby no likey the running right now.

But you know what. I'm going to remember this when she makes her little appearance and I'm back on the healthy train. Because everything you said is dead on 100% right! Love it!