Monday, May 13, 2013

High maintenance my ass.

Sometimes I could totally live in the Brady Bunch house. 
The house of perfection – minus the live in cook and nanny named Alice.  I ain’t that lucky.
I mean, yes, there are days when my immediate and extended family act like, look like and talk like the spawn of Satan.  I can spend every waking moment dreaming of different ways to shank or sell all of them.  I live on the edge of full blown insanity a whole hell of a lot on most days.
However – sometimes – if I just allow my heart to be open and not filled with toxic shit from the past and unrealistic dreams of the future….the present moment is the definition of perfect. 
Like the Brady Bunch house you know?
I spent all of Friday and Saturday with my mom and sister and my two girls at our garage sale.  I laughed a lot.  I didn’t cringe inside or feel hurt or want to run away frantically even once.  I just made memories in the moment. 
On Mother’s Day, Rambo surprised me by taking the day off.  And though I’ve been called high maintenance by some people in my life – there’s a whole other side to me that requires very little except things that really matter. 
I woke up to my girl’s giving me cards that Rambo had helped them pick out with their little handwriting inside each one.  Banana said that “I’m the beats mom ever” which was precious. 
Then Rambo and I took about 20 minutes to text nearly every single Mom that we had in our contact list.
Watermelon cleaned the house for me and by 10am her friend, M had called to say that her mom was wasted already and was screaming at her and could she come over?   I said sure.
I’ve had a list of things to do outside in the yard and landscaping that is a mile long and it’s been weighing on my mind.  My gift from Rambo was to demolish that list.  We shoveled rocks, raked, dug up plants and replanted them in other spots.  We mowed.  We weed-wacked. 
 We moved mountains.
Okay – wait – no mountain moving.  But it felt like it.  Every few minutes – with me in my lovely camo pants and landscaping gloves, Rambo would grab me and kiss me and hug me without saying a word….and I’d just stand there in my dirt covered clothes with no makeup on and my hair in a pony – and feel like the sexiest woman on Earth – because of him.
Later we visited his Mom to say Happy Mother’s Day.  On the way home Rambo suddenly turned left and drove up into the woods on our land we plan to some day build on and he took me mushroom hunting.  Rambo knows wild mushrooms rank right up there with purses and shoes for me.  Banana walked with us while Watermelon and M stayed in the truck. 
We walked.  The three of us.  Banana in the middle holding our hands and the sun shining down on us.  Nature as thick as thieves.  Beauty everywhere you looked.  And then a little scream – “Mom – Dad – I found one!  I found a mushroom!!”  Jesus – you’d think she found a solid gold nugget.
We found enough to eat and we walked for a whole hour.  When I thought the day couldn’t get better – Rambo said that all the way down the forest road, he thought we’d pick up rocks.  Yes – I realize that sounds dumb to most of you BUT I’m a landscaper.  A big one. 
I have hundreds of hostas and just as many lilies and other gardens.  Rocks, wood chips and tire mulch.  Different sections with different breeds.  Plants bought for their names or planted because of their history.  Plants I painstakingly dug up one by one from my flooded childhood home and transplanted to my home because I refused to let nature take everything from me.  Gnomes and ceramic mushrooms and solar lights scattered everywhere.
And rocks.  Big, unique rocks.  Thoughtfully placed between the huge pieces of driftwood that Rambo has dug out of the river himself and surprised me with over the years.  Rocks that tractors and skidloaders and huge trailers to haul.
I love big rocks.  The bigger the better.  Just like the driftwood.
On the forest road there are tons of rocks.  Literally some as big as Rambo’s truck.  Rambo let me have my pick of the ones that he and I could lift together.  I picked about 15 of them and we loaded them in the truck while the girls watched.
My mom taught me landscaping and probably taught me to love rocks so I knew that I’d give her some of them.
We took them home and I called Mom and told her to come take her pick.  She was in HEAVEN. 
High maintenance my ass.  Rocks and mushrooms were free.  FREE. 
And I couldn’t have been happier.
Later my mom and I walked to my Grandma’s grave behind my house and put flowers on her grave with Banana.
Me and Rambo walked to my friend/neighbor’s house and gave her a huge bag of stuff for her baby son that I had found at the garage sale and we wished her a Happy 1st Mother’s Day.
My phone buzzed most of the day with amazing “Happy Mother’s Day” texts from bloggers, friends and family….and each one made my heart swell.
I took a big fat Skittle bath and Rambo made spaghetti and cheese bread for us.  Followed up by an episode of Jerseylicious and “dessert” with my man.  During my show – I sat with my planner and literally crossed off just about everything that had been undone on my list just this same morning.  I felt my stress level drop.  Pure f*cking bliss.
The night ended with me going to bed before it was even dark because Rambo said he’d put the girls to bed and close up shop so to speak.
I laid there – in my bedroom with darkness coming – and listened to the sounds of my house.  Banana’s footsteps.  Watermelon taking a shower.  Banana yelling “Daddy!” every five seconds for something else she needed.  Rambo saying “time for bed” and tucking the girls in.  Rambo shutting and locking doors. 
Sounds that I made a point to notice as I drifted off until I felt the bed dip from Rambo getting in.  Big arms wrapping around me and kisses on my neck in my half comatose state. 
 I remember saying thank you – for the best Mother’s Day ever. 
 And he said, “You’re welcome baby doll.  Now go to sleep.”
No problem husband.  No problem.


Rachel said...

Sounds like you had a great day!

jennxaz said...

what an awesome day...for an awesome family! So happy for you!

Laura Runs a Latte said...

What a great day! And you totally deserved it :)

Kelliann said...

Amazing, incredible and very very well deserved.

Chris P said...

What a great day! So glad you was awesome!

Katherine said...

What a beautiful day you described. It brought tears to my eyes :)

Connie O said...

Loved reading this. It made me wish for a day like that--not exactly like that, but one that would FEEL like that. I like mushroom hunting too. Next time you're in Alaska in August, stop by and I'll take you. ;)

Mari said...

Literally crying - how beautiful and you so deserve every little bit of that love x

Sarah Kopf said...

That sounds perfect. Absolutely PERFECT! And you deserve that love...


Angelwithatwist said...

I am so glad you had a day like that for Mother's Day. I would love to go rock hunting like that, the mushrooms umm not so much I would probably pick the wrong one..

Fit Mom said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! And can you come to our new house and help me with my gardening? I am great at designing houses, construction and interior design, but gardening is where I lack. And I LOVE rocks too!!

Wild mushrooms sound awesome but I wouldnt know which ones I could eat and which ones I couldnt.

Happy Mothers Day to you!!

Robyn's Nest said...

Oh Honey- just reading this made me smile. You deserve days like this!

Didi Paul said...

Awesome post! It's so cool that you guys go mushroom hunting. I go hunting for miatakes in the fall (got over fifty pounds from two giant mushrooms last year), but have never looked for morels or the spring mushrooms. We'd like to do a lot more foraging of other wild edibles since there are just so many, but I want to get a few books on it first.

Oooh, I am a big rock and driftwood person too. Free things = a happy girl. My dad collects rocks of all sizes from all over the country. He's always bringing me rocks from different places.

It sounds like you had the best day ever!