Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Operation Kick Sheniqua's Ass Update and a little something new I learned in last week's lesson!

Dudes. It was 85 here yesterday.
Do you know what the temperature of 85 screams at everyone when it finally arrives?

It screams:

No problem, Mr. 85 Degrees. No problem.

I weighed in yesterday and lost my little ½ lb. gain from last week so I’m back to a total of 15 lbs. lost. At this point, according to my more-anal-than-ever-over-the-top-OCD spreadsheet – I should be down 17 lbs. by now.

Oh well. I mean - sure – 17 and on track with my schedule would be great but here’s the thing. It’s just a number on a sheet. The fact is that I’m eating like a freaking rock star. I’m not kidding. I don’t know how to be disappointed or mad at myself about that.

I’m following the program that my work is sponsoring that drills into your head that you can eat whatever the heck you want (except tons of sugar) as long as your hunger level is between a 2 and a 3. And the program states that most humans only reach that level 2 to 3 times a day. For me – it’s right on.

I am never hungry in the mornings. Not enough to warrant a full-on breakfast….but I sure as hell always ate one because that’s what everyone says you should do.

I start to get hungry at 11-ish but don’t reach a hunger level between 2 or 3 until sometimes even 1 or 2pm. And then I eat. Whatever the hell I want. Italian, Mexican, Chinese, pizza, burgers, fries, chips, veggies, chicken,dessert  – whatever my little heart desires! Slowly – for 10 minutes. Then I take a 5 minute break and I can eat for another 10 minutes – IF I’m still hungry. I usually never am.

It’s pretty freaking odd if you ask me. The amount of food that I am actually hungry for. It isn’t much.

Why eat 1200 calories IF I’M NOT HUNGRY? It just doesn’t make sense. Cavemen didn’t eat just because a book told them to or because food was available. They ate when they WERE HUNGRY.
And only then.

Yes – the plan allows for snacks if your hunger level is between a 1 and 3 and you can’t really eat a meal or don’t want to yet at that point. It’s just weird. The whole thing.
Crazy that it’s nothing hard or special – just simple.

I don’t even do sweets much anymore. SHOCKER. I take the supplement they suggest that is an amino acid that they say stops your cravings. That is also some WEIRD shit which could totally be in my head/placebo effect but who cares? I mean yours truly can pack away the sweets. Sometimes all day – all I would eat was sugar. We have drawers stocked with candy bars and tootsie rolls for FREE at work all day – and I haven’t gotten any…….and I used to go in there all day.

Just weird.

Anyway – I know what I’m doing is good for me and it feels natural and not diet-y. I know I am not over-eating and don’t even want to. I am working out outside or on the treadmill. I am lighter and leaner so who gives a rat’s ass if I’m not on my “schedule”. I will get there.

Last week’s video lesson on this plan was about Vital Needs. In a nutshell – she says that every human is born with seven vital needs – and they never change. If those 7 vital needs are met – you will not feel the need to fill yourself up with food – ever. You won’t feel empty and think food can fix it – because every vital need that is unique to you is met. Food becomes only sustenance – as it should be.

What’s a vital need? Things like personal time (time to do your own thing), recognition for achievement, movement, need to give or do for others, sleep, territory, being with people, anticipation, competition, listening to music, touch, learning something new, order and closure, approval and acceptance , having a project, unstructured time, structured time, etc etc.

This week I plan to figure out my seven. Last week it was too much to take in and realize. But she’s right – if I’m missing something like touch or time alone which have always been WAY HIGH on my vital need list…you’ll find me stuffing my face or eating like shit a lot more. Interesting, huh?

If every single of MY seven needs are met – would I ever feel the need to reach for food other than when I was at a level 3 hunger stage? I bet not.

Okay - enough diet/food/workout info for the day. I would like to add that last night I got my hair highlighted RED. Yes red, my Skittles. First time ever.

Rambo is a dark-hair liking guy. In a line-up of hot blondes and brunettes – he’d pick the brunette every time and twice on Tuesday. So I went with red highlights instead of blonde and he loves it. Dare I say I love it too? I feel pretty sassy these days. It helps that I’m wearing a teal leopard tunic with black skinny jeans and black high heeled wedges today.

Ugh – but I cannot forget that the fact that I have to get naked twice today for doctors.
More on that tomorrow. Bring on the hives baby!

Stats to date:

I have worked out 67 days out of a possible 120
3325 minutes or 55.4 hours
Burned 20016.5 calories
Completed 170.4 miles with 229.6 to go to reach 400 mile yearly goal


Sarah Kopf said...

Oh my gosh, we match! I have brunette hair with blonde and red streaks in it! Sassy, hot stinker! We CAN be sistas, fo sho!

Also, that's kind of a kick ass way of looking at food. I eat like six times a day even if I'm not hungry- to keep my metabolism burning or whatever the dumb book says. But I want to do it YOUR way! I wouldn't eat until 3 pm. I'm serious. I'm never hungry until the afternoon. Weird.



MandaPanda said...

Love that you're feeling sassy! :)

Sounds like a simple plan and easy to stick to. And it really has you thinking. Great job!

Rachel said...


Cheri said...

Really enjoyed reading this. I know for me eating is associated with filling other unmet needs, and when those needs are filled, it is much easier to intuitively eat what I should. I always lose weight on vacation for instance - even when we did a 10 day cruise, I lost weight.

So if I could just live on vacation, no problem. ;-D

Glad you are enjoying/having so much success with this program. :-)

Kelliann said...


FitBy40 said...

OMG, I wake up hungry and have to force myself to hold off until 7am. to make my protein shake!
I wish I wasn't hungry all the time.

Didi Paul said...

I'm glad you got the opportunity to participate in such a cool program through your work. It sounds amazing! There's so much hokey diet information out there that our brains are stuffed with it, which is unfortunate because most of it is rubbish anyway.
I also like to eat sometime between eleven and two o'clock, and I only care to eat twice a day. I'm not a snacker either. Everybody is different!

Laura Runs a Latte said...

That program really does sound interesting. You'll have to do a little summary when it's all over with. Can't wait to hear what your vital needs are!

Fit Mom said...

Great job. You are really sticking with it and the progress is showing. The program sounds really interesting.

And the red highlights sound really pretty.