Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The well being of Sheniqua's ass....

I haven’t updated you recently on the size or reduction of Sheniqua’s ass, have I?  Are you afraid that said ass fell off the health wagon and into a huge vat of Skittles? 
Well – do not be afraid.
My ass is still on the correct wagon.  I took a teensy weensy detour and instead of losing, I maintained for a couple weeks.  I suppose that is better than gaining – however – it messes with my anal OCD spreadsheet of where my weight loss should be.
I had a span of about 3 weeks where I got at least 4 migraines a week.  New meds, possible botox or acupuncture are all on the agenda at this point.  All I know is that it’s hard to live any kind of life in that much pain 4 days a week…and I’m so over it.
This week I have renewed enthusiasm and vigor.  << My God – that’s a stupid-ass word.  Vigor?  I mean who uses that word?  Whatever.
Last night I got my ass on the treadmill and I nearly drowned in my own sweat. 
 I was duh-eye-ing. 
I did some HIIT intervals and ran my short, stubby little legs at 6mph sprints just to see if I could define self-inflicted torture.  I was soaked.  Thank your lucky stars I didn’t take a picture by the way. 
However, I felt amazeballs when I was done.  Why do I forget how much I seriously love how good working out feels?
Anywhoozle….do not worry your pretty little heads about Sheniqua’s ass.  It is still shrinking.  I recently had to buy a dress for the upcoming wedding shower I have to attend and I’m pretty sure that’s where the renewed “vigor” is coming from.  The summer events I want to look hot at are coming FAST. 
There’s no time to waste.  My ass needs to be running every night. 
Oh and I did get my two custom made chevron items from Etsy and neither of them fit.  I accidentally didn’t give her the right measurements of my bahoobies and I can get them on but I have a uniboob.  It pisses me off BAD because one is mint green chevron and one is grey chevron and they are adorbs!  I want to shank my own boobs….so they’ll deflate so that I can wear the outfits. 
I plan to sell the shirt and dress on Ebay unless someone here is interested.  The tag says large and I told her to make them a size 10 but my boobs apparently needed to be factored in.  Oopsie.
Here are my latest stats:
I’ve worked out 76 days this year for a total of 3,845 minutes and 23105.5 calories. 
I have logged 196.4 miles towards my yearly goal of 400.
I didn’t weigh today (running late for work) so I’m not sure of my total loss BUT I think I’m still at 15 lost or more.  We’ll see next week!
How are your summer weight loss goals coming along?


Robyn's Nest said...

Sorry about the dresses- that sucks. I can assure you my boobs will not squeeze into a size 10 ANYTHING.

Glad to here your ass is shrinking- that is always the goal!!

Love ya.

Connie O said...

Won't your boobs deflate at least a little when you finish shrinking Sheniqua's ass? Maybe you should hang onto those things.

Congratulations on your continued ass-kicking progress!

Joanna said...

My big summer weight loss plans are going straight down the drain due to the fact that I'm DYING from my allergies. Just sitting outside for 10 minutes and I'm on the verge of an asthma attack. I should be out walking, swimming, and jogging.. but NO, I'm hiding in my house. BOO!!

Glad to hear that stuff is going well with you, though!

Tara Cartledge said...

Well I thought I was maintaining--but something happened to that idea on the scale this morning.. So change is a comin!! Plus, I'm never going to find a decent man, with all his teeth, while in this body!! So, recommited!!

Congrats to you though!!! Work it!!

Kelly said...

My ladies have shrunk a LOT in the last year. I'm in mourning a little bit....

Sarah Kopf said...

Way to get on the dreadmill and kill it! As for the boobies, I'd like to go from my D to a B. For reals. I'm over the girls....


FitBy40 said...

I have the exact opposite problem! I find cute dresses that all need to be taken in or pinned up in the boobage area, and it drives me nuts. I'm not even an A cup anymore.

Great job on the work outs. I've been slacking a bit myself.
I just signed up for a 5K and haven't run at all to prepare for it! Uggghhh.

Alicia Ryan-Wynn said...

Love, love, love your blog! Can you post a link to the chevron items you want to sell? Thanks!

Didi Paul said...

Etsy shop owners want their customers to be happy, couldn't she make them for you again in the proper measurements? Perhaps if you sent them back she could even fix the boob issue without starting from scratch.

I'd check before ditching them entirely. Worth a shot, right?