Friday, July 5, 2013

Four Things Friday + Six...because I missed Ten Things Thursday!

1.  Summer makes life amazing.  I have done nothing the last two days except lay out, get hot, go in the pool, cool off, lay out more - rinse and repeat.  I've got some awesome bikini string tan lines to prove it.  Wanna know the only things on my schedule for the next two days?  More of the same.  It's almost as good as bathing in Skittles.  For realz.

2.  Wanna know the best part about bikinis and bikini lines and living in bikinis for 4 days straight?  Rambo can't handle it.  Drives him nutsola.  Makes me feel powerful.  I don't even bother wearing a cover up.  I'm so over cover ups.  This body of mine?  Well - I earned every single inch of it.  Even the scars and flaws....and Rambo can't seem to see those anyway.

3.  Girls night tonight with my mom and sissy.  I'm excited.  And nervous.  Not about them but about someone else...and what he's doing tonight.  Some things never change and it doesn't get easier.  I can't lean on Rambo for support either because he's working a double at the prison.  *sigh

4.  I bought two books on Wednesday.  I stayed up until 2am on Thursday night and finished one and yesterday I read the whole other one.  Stupid, predictable, sappy romance novels that take me about 3 hours to finish.  I wish that I read slower so they lasted longer.  Nothing better than a good smut book about true love.

5.  It feels good to blog again.

6.  The only two things I ate yesterday were taco Doritoes and Mountain Dew.  Food of the champions.  Yes?  I can't remember the last time I cooked anything.  Another reason summer is divine.

7.  All of my lilies are starting to bloom.  I have close to 50 different kinds and they all bloom at once and they are HUGE.  Sometimes I just sit outside and stare at them....and pretend there's no world beyond my front yard.  I pretend a lot about a lot of things.  Don't judge.

8.  I miss Rambo.  I know that sounds dumb but I do.  He was off work for so long and just available.  Like if I wanted to talk to him and hear his voice instead of just emailing him all day - I could.  If we had errands to run - he did it.  If a kid had a dentist appt - he took her.  If I forgot to pack lunch - he'd drive in and get me whatever I wanted.  He'd get up with me and chat with me while I got ready for work and we'd sit outside and swing every night until dark and watch our girls swim.  I miss his presence.  Nearly 20+ days of being around each other constantly and it wasn't enough.  We both just want more.  He just emailed me saying he wishes he was home and misses us...and it breaks my heart.  Corny - but truth.

9.  Rambo's Uncle is coming over to hang out tomorrow.  He's from Louisiana...and is in town on business.  I can't wait to just listen to him talk.  I'll never stop loving true Southern accents.

10.  Gnats and mosquitoes suck donkey balls.  Big ass hairy donkey balls.  There's nothing else to really say about that.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Kelly said...

You just had to mention Doritos, didn't you? My trigger food, humph! Glad to hear you're enjoying your summer, babe. :-)

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I wish I still had a pool!

RockBand Barbie said...

I live in swimsuits in the summer too :) I love, love, love summer!!!!!!

Joanna said...

Sounds amazing!! And so glad you are back with us. ;)

Cat said...

I just spent the day with Robyn and Lightning at their pool. In my suit with no cover up. Well, it's not a bikini, but still, this was big for me. I would totally do that every day if I had a pool. Don't blame you at all! Love that you and Rambo never tire of one another...that's how G and I are too. Thanks for sharing what summer is like for you. I am so happy reading how content you are. /hearts

Joia said...

I just love your outlook on life - it really is incredible! The vulnerability with which you write is sooo refreshing!

speck said...

Something tells me you are rocking those bikinis in confidence. You go girl.

I love summer. Unfortunately, it has rained more this summer than any other summer that I can remember. I don't like it. It's messing up on beach time.

Sounds like you had a great relaxing week.

Rachel said...

Sounds wonderful... glad you're enjoying your summer!

FitBy40 said...

my hubby was home for a week while I recovered from surgery, and I'm pretty sure we were BOTH glad he went back today!
I wish we were like you and Rambo, but that isn't us!