Monday, July 8, 2013

I report that I have nothing to report.

Coming back to work after a long holiday weekend sucks donkey balls, doesn’t it?  Staying in bed this morning was really the only thing I wanted to do.  There happened to be a thunderstorm last night so the entire family of 4 was in our bed….all snuggled up and warm.  Then Rambo had to go and be responsible and get up and go to work.  The heifer.

Sooo over the weekend we hosted a pool party and cookout for about 20 people.  You guys would have been so proud of me.  Rambo couldn’t help because he was at work so I had to get everything ready all by myself.  And while my stomach was in knots and I did get a migraine – I also survived the damn party. 
Wanna hear something even more unbelievable?  I’m hosting another one in a week for about 30 people.  Holy crap on a stick covered in cheese, right?  Apparently I hide my massive social anxiety well or people would never keep asking me to host parties.  Jesus balls.
One of the worst parts about hosting parties is that I have to clean my house.  People seem to like and even expect clean toilets and clean floors.  I myself, think they are over-rated.  I got better things to worry about – like naps and laying out and such.  *sigh*

Switching gears completely – wanna know what I just did 15 minutes ago in the office?  There’s a girl here who has a new shirt on and I f*cking love it.  So much that I asked where she got it and then I went online to get one.  I asked her what size she thought I should get so she said, “Well – just come in my office and try mine on.”  Okay – fine.  So us two business professionals went in her office and switched shirts and had a little fashion show.  Ah – funny.  The power of fashion.  You can’t fight it.  It’s too bad that while I meant to only order that one shirt – that I ended up ordering 3 more.  Shitballs.
It’s been a little bit of a shopping day because before that I ordered a sideways cross necklace (have you seen those?) and a Saint pendant for the Saint that I am named after.  I wear a ton of Saint charms on my charm bracelet that all belonged to my Grandma but I didn’t have the one that I am named after…until now.  And I may or may not have accidentally put a purse in my checkout basket and the cutest little thumb ring ever.  It’s a bow made of pink crystals.  Free shipping – couldn’t resist.

Anywhoozle – beyond that I have nothing interesting to report.  Rambo has been working shit-tons of overtime and that just plain blows.  The girls and I miss him.  I’m all about quality time with my girls but I have no problem admitting that this much one on one time with them is a bit problematic….in that – I get annoyed.  I have children who ask too many damn questions like:
Mom – are you going in the pool?  Are you getting out of the pool?  Are you going outside?  Are you going to eat?  What are you going to eat?  Why are you taking a bath now?  Why are you eating Doritoes in the bathtub?  Why are you wearing that swimsuit?  Because you are going in the pool?  What are you watching?  Etc. Etc.

To which I responded WHY DOES IT MATTER?  OMG – it’s like a constant interrogation or like they are gathering data for a novel.  They are lucky I went back to work today because I was thinking about selling them.  They’re kinda cute and really snuggly during thunderstorms so I think I could charge a shitload for them.
Calm down all of you out there looking up the number to CPS.  I’m joking.  I can’t sell them.  Who would do the dishes then?


Robyn's Nest said...

I just told my 26 year old yesterday that I was considering putting him up for sale...... He is really cute; I might be able to actually get something for him.

No one warns you about how parenthood NEVER stops before you have kids and find out the hard way.

That's why that are made so damn cute- so we keep them!

Connie O said...

Shopping is always worth reporting!

One of my coworkers was commenting the other day about how her two teen daughters constantly watch and interrogate her ("Who are you texting?" "What are you going to wear?" etc.). She said she doesn't get this AT ALL because when she was their age, she couldn't have been less interested in her parents!

Cat said...

Have to agree with Connie - shopping is always worth reporting!

I love that the four of you snuggled during the storm. That makes me happy!

As for switching shirts, Robyn let me try on this super cute pair of sandals she had on last week. Normally I'm weirded out about other people's shoes, but they were new so it was cool. : )

MandaPanda said...

I totally hear you on the incessant questioning by little girls. I love my girls to death but am SO ready for school to start again.