Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tantrum Tuesday.

Let’s call today Tantrum Tuesday because if I weren’t a full grown woman with a reputation to uphold – I’d throw a tantrum that would rival any 2 year old.  Oh fine – I have no reputation to uphold.  That just sounded good and professional-ish so I'm going with it.
But really - there are a bunch of things that have been driving me cray cray lately and instead of doing the ugly cry, wailing, peeing my pants and kicking and screaming – I shall share them with you in an effort to let go of them.  Here’s hoping it works.
1-Some women are evil, sadistic whores.  You think that’s harsh?  Well you won’t after I tell you this story.  My neighbor friend, M, who has trust/marriage/self-esteem issues to begin with was at work one day.  Her boss came in with a new employee and told M to train this new girl.  M said no problem.  The new girl sat down.  Looked at the pics on M’s desk and saw one of M and her husband and said, “Is that your brother?”  Yes – you f*cking idiot.  Me and my brother on my desk right next to the wedding picture of me and the same guy.  M said no…that’s me and my husband.  The new girl then giggled and said, “Oh.  Well I f*cked him two years ago.”
Yah – that’s right.  Those words came out of the new girl’s mouth.  Literal seconds after she met M for the first time ever…at her JOB.  M and her husband had been married almost 3 years so if the crotch new girl is telling the truth – then M’s husband cheated on her.

This is NOT what their marriage needs.
Anyway – it was a lie.  The husband knows her but there was no affair or sex or anything.  The new girl is the definition of trash.  Who in their right mind says stuff like that on YOUR FIRST DAY to the person who is training you? 

Who raises people like this?  Casey Anthony and Satan?
2-You know the pool party I am hosting next week for 30 or so people?  It was my Mom’s idea.  Do you know that she said to me, “You can grill all the meat and we’ll bring chips and stuff.”  Um – hell to the no.  I am not buying enough brats, burgers, and chicken to feed 30 people.  This ain’t my party and it wasn’t my idea. 
Do you know how expensive that would be?  I don’t even like most of these people.  How about I bring the chips?  Oh wait.  How about I bring the pool and the house?  Jesus balls.  I nearly shanked her right then and there.  Who does that?  Hey – can we use your house and pool and can you buy all the food?  Sure.  Why don’t I just pay you to come over as well?

3-I’m getting a new tat this week or next.  It’s actually a cover up and the thing I’m covering up will be redone as well in another spot.  I’m excited except that I’m cheating on my artist.  I’m switching artists and have to keep the tat a secret from my previous artist to avoid any hard feelings.  Ugh.  So hard.   Makes me kinda sick to my stomach.
4-I haven’t visited my in-laws in quite some time.  I’ve talked to them and they’ve come to my house but I haven’t been to their house in a while.  My mother-in-law keeps track of this shit.  Last time I saw her she said, “Try to stop out some time, will you?”  I replied with, “I don’t really go anywhere or see anyone.”  She snottingly replied back, “You leave the house to go to work every day.”  I nearly shanked her and screamed, “EXCUSE ME FOR LEAVING MY HOUSE TO GO TO WORK EVERY DAY.  When I’m not at my full time job you can bet your ass that my ass is in my house working my other 2 jobs.  I’m sorry that my 3 jobs take up so much of my time that I don’t come out to visit.  F*cking sue me.  Thank you so much for your understanding.”  I can’t handle shit like that from people with NO jobs.  I just cannot do it.

5-Another thing making me cranky lately is demotions.  It’s hard to see people go through them even when it’s for the best.  The one good thing about them?  You really and truly see a person’s character when you watch them go through a demotion.  All the men I’ve seen go through it lately have done it with grace and dignity instead of anger and bitterness.  They have embraced the change and even more amazing – embraced their replacements.  Now they may go home and be bitter and mad as hell – but not here.  Not in the professional world.  And it speaks volumes to their inner courage and integrity and I’m proud to know every single one of them.
6-The prison makes me want to throw a tantrum lately too.   It’s like 902 degrees here every day and it bugs me that Rambo has to sit in that heat and the stench of hundreds of men who don’t shower while some of the inmates get air conditioning. 
It also bugs me that even though some of these men are the Spawn of Satan that they still get treated like humans.  A new inmate that just got sent to Rambo’s prison set his house on fire – with his 3 young children and pregnant wife inside…to get the insurance money.  The little girl ran out at one point during the fire and he THREW HER BACK INTO THE FIRE.  Just sit with that for a minute. 

His wife did get out but she lost the baby inside her and then the 3 kids did die.  Come to find out – they had let their insurance lapse so there wasn’t any money to be had.  He killed them all for nothing. 

Rambo has him now and this man has a caretaker 24/7…because he is legally blind and has no teeth so he can’t chew his food.  My tax money pays for someone to help him eat while 4 babies are dead by his hand…and his wife is burned and scarred forever.  Yup – men like this are the reason why even though I’m a God-fearing woman – I believe in the death penalty.  I’d give the injection to him myself if they’d let me.

The end.  That’s enough tantrums for this Tuesday, don’t you think?  How about you?  Anything make you want to throw a tantrum lately??  Do tell – so I’m not alone in my fit.  It's way less embarrassing if someone has a tantrum with you, you know?


Rachel said...

Let it allll out!

Terrie said...

Wow, just wow.

I hope you feel better.

MandaPanda said...

I'd be throwing a tantrum about all of that! Ugh!

Cat said...

#1 - I seriously would shank her...you know if I knew her and didn't care about it being illegal and stuff. : )

#2 - Seriously as you said, you're providing the venue. Did they have to rent a picnic area with a pool nearby no. Totally justified in your feelings. /nod

#4 - I adore my mother in law, but I completely understand (with others, not her) the keeping score stuff. Hate that.

#6 - OMG. /shank
Poor Rambo having to deal with that and those conditions.

BandedIceGirl said...

wow I would be having a major major tantrum as well from #1, 2, 4. #6 is just plain sick and disgusting, your husband having to help him is awful. But he has you to make up for that so he´s lucky.

I almost had a tantrum at my sons soccer tournament the other day due to one mother that behaved like the evil biatch that she is. She yelled constantly at my kid (in goal) and then had the nerve to say to us grown ups that heard some not all of it but some, that it was "word against word and well I'm the grown up" like what the hell! I really wanted to shank her but I'm a coward and hate the sight of blood

mdlapband said...

I am so with you on the prisoners!!! You know what else REALLY chaps my ass?!? When that son of a bitch gets out of prison he'll have Medicaid and be on SS disability. Worthless p.o.s.!!!! There are people in this country who have worked their whole lives and have never had so much as a speeding ticket that fall ill or get hurt and they have to fight For disability with a lawyer for years for it. It is seriously hard to swallow!!

mdlapband said...

I'm with you on the rest of the stuff too! Haha I just got fired up about that last one!!! You should buy 5 packs of the cheapest hot dogs you can find and say ok!! Got the meat!!!

Fit Mom said...

I hope that helped you.

And you better send me before and afters of your new tattoo. LOL

FitBy40 said...

I think M should have marched right into the boss' office and told him exactly what she said! She has no class at all, and doesn't deserve that job.
Holy crap on the fire situation. There's a special place in hell for people like that.

Joanna said...

They all sound to be very justified tantrums... you have at it, girl!!

My parents are bad about the "hey, we're going to come over to swim and for dinner... what are you making?" routine. There's 10 of them in their house!! I'm not about to cook for them anytime they want to come over. I'll gladly fire up the grill if they want to bring some hotdogs or hamburgers.. but that's about it. Feeding 15 people when 10 of them don't belong to me is a bit much.

And thanks for letting me say that! :)