Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!!

1-Next weekend Rambo and I have a wedding to go to out of town.  We booked a hotel for 2 nights and we are NOT taking the girls.  Rambo said to me last night, “Let’s just ditch the wedding and stay in the room by ourselves the whole weekend.”  Really?  You can’t throw candy like that at an anti-social broad like myself because, dude, I will so take you up on that offer without a second thought.
2-I started one of my trashy romance novels last night at 5pm and finished it by 9pm.  It makes me so sad that they don’t last longer.  Yes – I sat my happy ass on the couch and didn’t move for 4 hours.  Sue me.  (Rambo had meetings and my kids weren’t home.)  Lest you think I’m lazy I’d like to point out that I also painted my nails during this time and watched my favorite shows so I was multi-tasking the whole time.

3-Rambo’s Grandma died last night.  She was 94.  I hate death and the emotions behind it.  Blech.
4-Last weekend Rambo went on a benefit motorcycle ride and I didn’t go.  Two girls neglected to care that he had on a wedding ring and chose to ride next to him – and pull their shirts up.  They bothered him all day.  Rambo said he’s not going on any more rides unless I go with him.  Good save, buddy.  I mean I don’t blame the girls.  Rambo in leather on the Harley is hard to resist but they’re lucky I wasn’t there.  I’m just sayin’.

5-Tomorrow night I’m going night golfing – with 4 grown-ass men.  Rambo and 3 other men that we both work with at our PT jobs.  To say that these men can put away the liquor is the understatement of the year.  They be drinkers.  I’m going to drive their drunk asses home and to laugh at them the whole time because I’ll be sober.  Rambo has to work the next day so he won’t be drunk either so it should be fun.  Golfing with balls that light up in the dark is a new one for me.  Actually – the whole golf thing is new.  I have never ever golfed.  Ever.  Should be a good time.
6-I’m angry that it is going to be August.  I hate when my kids go back to school.  I love not giving a damn when they go to bed or when they wake up or what they wear.  I kid you not – I got Banana a new pair of shorts and shirt to match this weekend and she hasn’t taken it off since.  No lie.  Today is Day 4 of wearing it in between the times when she puts her swimsuit on to go swim.  Do I care?  Nope.  Not at all.  Because it’s summer.  I wish that summer never ended but I suppose then it wouldn’t be so special.

7-Speaking of swimming and summer, I got a new hair-brained idea.  I want to have an “adult swim” night for Rambo and I.  Wait until dark and light the colored tiki torches.  Lay a blanket on the deck and eat pizza.  Swim naked.  Float while we look at the stars.  You know?  Make it a night like you see in the movies knowing that it’ll be way different than that because this is real life.  But still.  I want to plan it and do it and make it a tradition.  An end of the summer adult swim.  Whaddya think?
8-I have nothing to say for #8.

9-Or #9.
10-Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I like #7 and I'd do it, except we don't have a pool. Adult naked fire pit night might not be recommended.

Beth Ann said...

Have fun on your getaway!

FitBy40 said...

I love the adult swim idea, but we'd so get busted because one of our kids would surely wake up and want to know what we were doing!
I love that Rambo told you about the two tramps who were stalking him. He's a good man.
I'm sad it's almost August too. This summer is flying by too fast and I'm not ready to send my kids back yet. I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune when I realize I'll have 8 hours to myself every day but still, they're growing up so fast I want to keep them home!

Fit Mom said...

so sorry for Rambo's loss. It is hard. My grandma had a bedsore that went to the bone too. I was very happy when her suffering was over.

I still want a motorcycle. My own. Pink too. Guess I need to get my license for one first. And take a course. LOL

Naked time sounds great. I wish the weather here would fricken warm up. It is only supposed to be 73 here Sunday...seriously? It better stay warm until October with this crappy summer weather.

Have a great weekend.

MandaPanda said...

I'm sorry to hear about Rambo's grandma.

Adult swim sounds awesome! I like summers in the "no schedules" way. My kids didn't even get dressed yesterday but I'm ready for school to start. Having them home all day, every day is starting to drive me a little batty.

Cat said...

I love the adult swim idea too. Just make sure you keep coverups near by if the girls get up. : )

Have a lovely time at the wedding...well remember the wedding will only be a few hours, have fun at the hotel alone for 2 nights with Rambo. :)

I also am sad that it's nearly August. I have been enjoying my summer of running outside each morning and not going to the gym. I will be sad when its no longer light enough to run in the morning at home and I have to return...

/heart u

Joanna said...


Now that we have a pool, that has to be our last hurrah before the pool gets covered for the fall. I'm already making the plans. :)

Sorry to hear about Rambo's grandma.

I am also reading trashy novels.. but teen novels. I've read 3 /12 books in the last two days. Figures I'd start something like that right before having to go back to work/school.