Monday, August 19, 2013

Keep calm and take a Skittle bath.

Eeesh.  My life is boring.
I’ve been sitting here racking my brain trying to figure out what to say and? 
I got nuthin’.
So if you dare - read on while I dig reeeaaalllly deep to find something to put here in this space.  And may I just apologize in advance, please? 
Let’s see.  Well I got 31 Botox injections in my head on Wednesday and I was told that the Botox wouldn’t even kick in for 5 to 7 days.  Turns out they weren’t lying.  I had a migraine Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Got Botox on that Wednesday and had a migraine on Thursday and Friday.  Trucking brilliant.  I was 5 for 5.  Congrats to me.  I have not had another one since Friday though and I’m hoping beyond hope that the Botox is kicking in.  Please – get on your knees and pray with me, mkay?
Board meeting tonight….the one where I ask for a substantial raise.  I’m not nervous.  Nope.
Also – if you believe that – then there are some rivers in my backyard I’d like to sell you as well.
I stopped working out and eating right for the most part when my migraines kicked my ass nearly 20 days a month.  IF I worked out – it caused a migraine.  It’s hard to do anything when you’re on enough meds to knock out a cow.  Functioning takes everything I have and working out and caring what I eat get put on the backburner.  Right or wrong – it’s the truth. 
 In the hopes that this week the migraines will be gone due to the Botox, I have pre-made all my healthy pre-portioned meals again.  I have a plan to work out.  I have a plan to give a damn about myself again now that I am off all meds except for the Botox.  I’m super motivated and have plans to shank the doctor if Botox doesn’t work.
Oh and it turns out that summer isn’t really over like we all thought.  It’s going to be in the upper 90s this week!  The kids and I actually got in the pool again this weekend after not going in it for weeks!  Score!!  I get to keep pretending that my kids aren’t going back to school soon.
Um – okay – that’s all I got, folks.  Seriously.  Buh-O-Ring.  I told you.
I shall leave you with this.  A picture of my new Smartphone case!  Holy donkey diamonds!!!  Can you say bling!???  OMG – don’t you love this?  Seriously.  To.  Die.  For.
The end.
Carry on. 
Keep calm and take a Skittle bath.  Mkay?


Fit Mom said...

OK your phone case is ah-dorable! Where did you get it? Had to cost a pretty penny but oh so cute! Good for you to be getting back on track. Hopefully the botox will work for you!!

Angelwithatwist said...

I have had one migraine in my life. I would not wish them on anyone, least of all for 20 days straight. You so deserve the raise and about time you realize your value to them.. think they need to as well.

Marc said...

I have a step daughter with really bad migraines. I don't think she has tried botox injections. I know she has been the ER and received an injection in the head, though I am uncertain what that was. One question: Do the botox injections remove any and all wrinkles in the forehead? Just curious:)

Justawallflower said...

No migraine here, but I've had a pretty serious headache everyday for a month now! So, not near as bad as what your going through, but I can relate.

Joanna said...

I usually get a migraine each month a couple of days after my visit from Aunt Flo. It's happened for year. I should have had one about the middle of last week... but didn't get one. I'm wondering if my new pill has something to do with it? It does get my heart pumping like caffeine should.. but because I'm so addicted to caffeine, it has little affect on me. Maybe the pill is going to help keep my monthly migraine at bay?? Would be nice!!

I'm a hoping and praying for your raise. You really do deserve it with as much as you do. And I don't even know the half of it, I'm sure. ;)

Rachel said...

I really hope that botox helps with your migraines!

Beth Ann said...

Crossing my fingers that the migraines go away!