Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!

1-My heart is heavy today….along with about 999 other people in Podunk.  Last night a couple that is very well known in our community was killed in a cycle accident.  They have 5 kids and oodles of grandkids.  When you live in a small town like this – everyone knows everyone and everyone hurts when a tragedy occurs.  These people were known by everyone and they were amazing.  The town is in shock and our hearts are broken.  Life just doesn’t make sense sometimes.
2-Today is Day 13 with no migraines.  If I wasn’t so sad about what I typed in number 1 – I might fart gumdrops in neon colors.  I feel human again.  Not only do I not have migraines but I’m off all other meds which knocked my ass out every day and made me gain weight. 

3-Because I feel like a person again, I have worked out every day this week and am eating at or near 1200 calories.  I feel pretty amazing.  It’s almost too good to be true.
4-Rambo and I have been presented with a unique business opportunity that is pretty exciting and pretty freaking scary.  Remember me?  I’m the girl who has never been on a ferris wheel or a rollercoaster.  Never flown.  Never been down a water slide.  And the list goes on and on.  I’m a big ‘ol paranoid scared freak who never takes risks.  This is a risk – a good one with amazing potential but it’s life-changing…and that just isn’t in my vocabulary.  I’m boring…and changing my solid foundation makes me do the ugly cry and have seizures. 
5-Someone I love very, very much is coming home this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited.  After the tragedy that happened last night – the only thing I want to do is be around family.

6-I ran laps with my daughter last night even though it was 95 degrees out and it felt AMAZEBALLS.  Everything in me wants to be a runner again…but it wasn’t possible with so many migraines a month.  Dare I hope it might be possible now?
7-There is a stray kitty outside on our deck.  She is SKUH-INNY.  I felt bad for her so I put out some leftover Chinese we had.  She inhaled it.  Rambo was not a fan of my shenanigans and just shook his head at me and told me I was crazy and that under no circumstances was the stray to be in the house. 
Um – then I figured out that she has three baby kitties.  No wonder she’s so skinny.  And it’s 100 degrees outside.  The next thing I know when I go outside the next night is that there are 5 hot dogs on the ground for her to eat.  Hmmm.  Funny how that happens, isn’t it?  Rambo is a freaking squishy, goo-ey teddy bear on the inside.  When I asked him how those hot dogs got out there he just said, “She’s got babies.  She needs meat.”  Yah – so she does softie.  Guess what he’s doing today after work?  Yup.  Buying cat food.  Shocker.  lol

8-I have at least 7 pairs of skinny jeans in all kinds of colors – coral, pink, lemon yellow, mint green, black, white, etc. etc…..but this week I finally caved and bought a pair of floral skinnies.  They are black mostly with muted flowers in gray and rust colors.  I wore them with an off-white hi-low shirt that is all plain except for faux leather on the shoulders and 5 inch heels.  What I’m trying to say is that I feel very hooker-ish today.  Put on my mirrored sunglasses with crystals around the rims and I’m pretty much an uglier version of Julia Roberts minus the wig. 
9-A girl at work wore Eternity perfume by Calvin Klein this week and now I am obsessed with the fragrance.  By the end of the week – I shall own my own bottle.  It cannot be avoided.

10-I spent the entire day at work yesterday making my planner pages for 2014.  Highlighting birthdays and putting holiday stickers on each month and marking meetings and such seriously make me feel like I’m high on meth (well – I assume that’s what it feels like).  Yes, I know it’s slightly totally anal that I have my planner and budget all the way out to the end of 2014 but it’s the Accountant in me.  Just deal with it, mkay?


Steph said...

Don't feel bad about the planning...i did my bundget last night through 2017.

Sorry to hear about the couple killed in the accident. So sad to hear. :(

Sandy Lee said...

So sorry about the tragedy in your town. How sad for everyone.

And give those kitties a home. Well at least one of them. I miss my cat so much-she's with my daughter who won't give her back! Although they are a pain when you travel finding someone to take care of. But they are living breathing things and we can't just abandon them. You can always bring them to the SPCA to see if they can be adopted. Otherwise, some skunk or raccoon will find them and eat them for dinner.

FitBy40 said...

I was just looking at my planner and realized it only goes until December (duh!) and was sort of pissed that I have to get a new one. I love my planner and will probably never find the exact one again. Uh, the problems we have!
So sorry about the motorcycle accident. I'm on pins and needles this week with all the Harleys in town for the festivities. I know it's inevitable that there will be accidents, but it's so sad. I just pray. It's all we can do.

Vanessa said...

Sorry to hear about your loss - life doesn't make sense sometimes. Super happy to hear that you are working out and eating well - I need some mojo! As for the exciting opportunity - sometimes you have to jump off that ledge - as long as 1+1= 2 go for it!

Cat said...

So sorry to hear about the tragedy. Life can be so unfair to the best of people while you've still got the idjits in Rambo's prison complaining about their lot. : (

I love that you are all planned up. It makes me smile like all is right with the world. :)

Joanna said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the's hard when something like that happens to anyone, but even more so when you know them.

I'm starting to get more anal about planning... but not a year out, only a few months at a time. LOL

And I'm also happy to hear about the exercising.. I know it's something that the migraines has really been interfering with, so I'm happy that they seem to be staying away so that you can enjoy doing what you do!!