Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What’s the only thing worse than not getting a raise when you ask for it?

Getting the raise and being told by every single board member and the plant manager that had I asked for literally double – they’d have given it to me.  That’s just f*cking cruel. 

This is how it goes down.  I give the guys a handout showing the amount I’m asking for.  When it comes time for that part of the meeting – I leave.  I do NOT want to be there when they discuss it in case they want to say something that they wouldn’t if I were there.  Besides - if I stayed - I'd be covered in hives and let's face it - that'd just be embarrassing.
Then I wait.  Until Rambo gets home and tells me what happened.

He came home literally only 10 minutes after me.  He said it took seconds and they made a motion to approve.  They said it was a “no-brainer”.  My plant manager gave a reference from a very respected engineer for me.  Blah blah blah.
Motion approved.  Rambo abstains from voting.  I always wonder how it makes him feel to sit in a room and have a bunch of men talk about his wife and her pay.  Ha!  At least it’s been good talk so far.

Then the phone calls from the guys come.
“Why didn’t you ask for more?”

“We would have given you double without even blinking.”
And on and on.  I grabbed a fork and shanked myself.  I told Rambo that all the fun of getting a raise is gone knowing that I could have gotten double.  Ha!

I’ll get over it.  Next time though – I’m soooo aiming higher even when my brain keeps telling me that I’m already asking for a shitload.  I have to get over asking for what I’m worth.  I need to see my work for what it’s worth like the others do.  I need to stop being afraid of appearing greedy.
To me, I love the job and it’s super easy and fun so asking for a big raise seems wrong somehow.  To be told that I should have asked for an even bigger one….well…that makes me want to shank myself like I said before.  Twice actually.  In the eyes.

Live and learn right?  Live and learn.
Now excuse me.  I have some purse and shoe shopping to do.

I mean come on - what do you think I asked for a raise for anyway?


Robyn's Nest said...

What a nice compliment. Enjoy the shopping.

Rachel said...

Welp! It is so tough for me to ask for what I'm worth too... hopefully it's something we can improve on!

Barbara said...

Super congrats!! Celebrate.

Justawallflower said...

Good for you! On the raise and for knowing your worth. I'm just going to try to resist the urge to not ask for less money! ;)

TracyZ said...

Fantastic for you to have had the courage to ask for the raise. It doesn't matter how much you asked for - it takes a lot to be able to do what you did. It is proven that women have a more difficult time asking for additional compensation and that it is one of the biggest reason for the disparity in pay for men and women in the same position. Now that you know you can get through it - next time, aim high. The worst that will happen is they will say no or give you less than you've asked for.

Congrats on the raise!! :)

Connie O said...

It's great that they value you so highly! I would like to start with getting a raise and then see if I could handle being told I could ask for more. ;) I haven't had a real raise in oh so many years, just paltry cost-of-living increases.

FitBy40 said...

Even before I read those last 2 sentences I thought to myself "well, she can go and buy some more shoes now!". YOu crack me up.

Cat said...

Well, you learned two things...one, you are valued. Two, figure out what you want to ask for next time and then double it. Worst they may do is say we can only do "this much" which will likely be more than your original number anyway. Enjoy shopping!

Fit Mom said...

Congrats! A great compliment from the guys.