Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stupid family suppers.

‘ello lollipops!  How are ya?

I am surviving the chaos that is multiple jobs and multiple children in multiple sports in multiple batshit cray cray land.  I haven’t been to Care Bear Land since school started.
Good God – sometimes I wake up and turn around and it’s bed time again.  There is absolutely no doubt that the chaos and events and board meetings and all that stuff are self-inflicted so yes – I enjoy 99% of that chaos….however, I don’t think I handled it well before. 

Let’s face it though – “before” I was drugged every damn day for my migraines on a Triptan and a preventive med that made blinking seem like mountain climbing.  I was just going through the motions.
Not anymore (thank you Botox!).  I am back to being an organizing, list-making, OCD whore.  It’s effing bliss. 

A couple weeks ago I decided to clear off our kitchen table for about the first time in 12 years so we could use it as a “supper” table each night.  My kids were confused but they decided to just go with it.  I planned out a week’s worth of meals and grocery plans and blah blah.  Rambo and I cooked.  The girls set the table and clean up. 
And I’m not going to lie.  The first few days it was awkward.  None of us knew what to do without the TV in the background.  It was dead silent.

Now though?  We can’t get the girls to shut up.  We have to tell them to stop and take turns talking.  They set the table on their own.  They clean up.  They do their homework while Rambo and I cook.  It’s just what we do.  No matter what.
We all do it – even if we don’t step foot in our house until 6 or 7 pm that night from when the first one of us left at 4am that morning.  We do it anyway.  It’s become the favorite part of our day.  Planning it for me is just a bonus.  I got a new folder and color coded the days and lists and crap.  You should see it.  For an hour a day we look and feel and act and talk like a real family out of Leave It To Beaver….minus the apron.  And we’re in color.

I’m seriously proud of us. 
The conversations have once or twice become slightly dicey though.  Last night the 7 year old said, “I have a secret to tell and I don’t think Daddy will want to hear it.”

Oh Jesus.  Sooo many bad, bad things went through my head at that moment.
We said, “Families don’t have secrets – so you can say it.”

What a dumb thing to say.  I should have given her ice cream so she couldn’t talk.
She says, “You know Pete in my class?”

Yes – we all answer.  I already know where this is going.
Except I don’t.

She says, “Well he says that Mommy went out with his Daddy and Mommy still wanted his Daddy but he broke up with Mommy and me and Pete are brother and sister.”

Stupid mother-effing history rears its ugly head.
Listen here – I dated Pete’s father when I was THIRTEEN.  I was in 6th grade!  *I* broke up with his ass. 

Ask him – he smashed a mirror and cried for the first time in his life.  << I kept that part to myself.
You and Pete are NOT brother and sister.

Dating at 13 does not a baby boy and girl make.  Well I guess it could sometimes but not this time.  Not with us. 
If I would have been thinking I would have told her that they are indeed brother and sister – therefore – they can NEVER date each other. 

I know Pete’s Dad….because of course he still lives in Podunk.  I see him often.  Talk to him often.  Just like every other single guy I dated when I was in school before Rambo.  It’s weird with some, not weird with others. 
It’s a good thing Pete’s Dad is an amazing and kind man that I totally respect or you’d have bet I’d have been on the phone yelling “Dude – you so know I broke up with you.  Come on!”…just so the record was clear.

Oh the benefits of Podunk and family sharing suppers.  You grow up and your kids date the kids of everyone you dated.  It’s f*cking fantastic. 


Loving Life by Leesa said...

haha, I can relate. I grew up in a town of about 1,300, graduated with 40, youngest of 6 kids so I knew all my friends, all my siblings friends, etc. Podunk describes it well.

Great for y'all having family dinners and the things you learn, lol.

Once when my oldest was in 2nd grade, she told us "you know Sally on the bus?" to which we replied "yeah" (had no idea who Sally on the bus was) "well she and Bobby told us they were going to have sexes on the bus" All mid green bean casserole. (Note to self, call school transportation office in morning.)

But really, family dinners are an awesome way to connect. Keep at it! Your girls will be teens, in college and grown before you know it.


Ms. M said...

I could totally see my nieces coming up with something like that at supper. The side effects of living in a podunk small town. Lol

Joanna said...

Oh yes, the joys of living or growing up in Podunk. My Peanut is now dating a boy who's mother I went to school with..and his best friend is the child of a woman I absolutely HATED in school. It was very awkward a couple of weeks ago when we were all in the E.R. together, because Boyfriend had been injured at his football game.

Thankfully, most of the guys I dated when I lived there don't live there any more. I don't live there anymore. But my family does, and I get to run in to people all the time from my childhood.

I definitely know how the cray cray of life is...and I'm so jealous that you all get to do the dinner thing. For the past couple of weeks, we've only been home three times at a reasonable time to eat dinner. The rest of the times, Hubby has been in bed or already at work...and we're grabbing something quick to shove down our pie holes before we all pass out.

Fun, I tell ya!! Although, I really wouldn't trade it, because the crazy means that my kids are getting to play sports, I'm getting to watch them, and we're all happy.

Connie O said...

Hilarious story. I'd want to set the record straight on that one too! I don't live in my own Podunk anymore, but I spend summers there, and last summer I ran into two former objects of my schoolgirl crushes in the same room on the same day. It felt a little weird.

Justawallflower said...

Totally my favorite story....ever!!!

LDswims said...


I'm making a super effort to come back. Will have to make my laptop behave and not just rely on my tablet anymore...can never seem to get your blog to load on my tablet that seems to do everything else better while my laptop sits in the background sniveling away that I don't use it anymore. But if being connected to you is the reward for paying attention to the laptop, then the laptop will get used. did we! haha. I was noticing that my tv was on WAY too much. And the boys are more interactive than ever. So I only listen to music on the tv now. The boys want to help me with everything and I am finding more and more energy since I am no longer sitting on the couch watching that darned thing. All through the day - no tv. LHF comes home and we eat dinner with the music in the background. It's been nice. It feels so family like! Cray cray to know we did this at the same time...ILUM.

Too funny about your dating history and learning you have a son you didn't know about after all this time! I love it!


jennxaz said...

that is classic!

Ivy said...

Having never lived in a small town, I wonder what it's going to be like when we leave NYC. I grew up in Detroit, then lived in New Orleans, Dallas, then San Francisco, before settling in NYC for the last 20 years. I can hardly remember daily life in a lesser city than this even. Not that Minneapolis is going to be small by any means, but smaller than here!