Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!!

1-It’s trick-or-treat time tonight and Rambo has to work.  Cue the sad face.  Two nights this week I’ve slept without him and the memories of doing that for more than 10 years came rushing back.  I stay up as long as I can so I don’t have to go to that huge bed by myself.  It’s poo-poo-ey.  And yes – I’m aware that I’m whining.  Just go with it.
2-Rambo’s birthday month starts tomorrow.  He never ever wants a gift a day but he’ll get one anyway.  Since I’ll only see him for less than 10 minutes a day most days, it seems more important than ever that I do this. 

3-One weekend to go before I have a 3 day weekend with my sister and my mom.  The only thing on the agenda is SHOP.  And eat.  I mean eating is almost more important than the shopping if you ask me.  I’m so excited.  We laugh our asses off when we’re together and we talk.  Deep, meaningful talks.  About the past and future and everything in between.  It renews my soul.
4-My “no-poo” experiment is going well.  I haven’t caved and used shampoo on my head since October 15th.  I have to say I think I am out of the nasty transition stage.  My hair is shiny.  And smooth.   YES – even without a single drop of conditioner!  It dries fluffier and it’s not even oily by the 4th day.  I haven’t even felt the need to do any more plain water rinses (I’ve done one).  Maybe it’s all in my head…not sure.  I’ll keep you posted.

5.-My sister got me a white NorthFace jacket for my birthday and I love it.  I never caught on to the Northface trend but now I see why people love the brand.
6-Our whole family went to a sectional volleyball game last weekend and we all screamed so hard we lost our voices.  So fun.  Friday night is a sectional football game and we’ll do the same thing.  Gotta love high school sports, right?  My life is so exciting.  Try not to be jealous.

7-We are going out for supper with close friends of ours Saturday night and other than that – my only goal this weekend is to sell shitloads of my Harley clothing that I don’t wear anymore on Ebay.  Somehow I have got to get my closet to a manageable level.  I can’t just keep buying more hangers every week.
8-Me and my two girls and my sister worked all day at the annual church festival last Sunday.  My little girls worked right beside me and broke a sweat right along with me.  It was good.  For all of us.  To give.  And get nothing but satisfaction in return.  See?  I don’t always suck at this parenting thing.

9-I finally got good at doing shellac on my nails.  I can get one painting to last two full weeks without a single chip and sometimes even longer.  My newest obsession color?  Black.  I never did the goth thing because I was never a rebellious teenager so maybe I’m doing that now.  Or maybe it’s that black speaks to my dark side.  The side that’s all Harley and tattoos and f-words and not giving a damn what others think of me.  Or maybe I’m just immature.  It could totally be that.
10-Lastly, here’s a shocker for you.  I went to a family wedding this weekend.  The girl did not let her mother walk her down the aisle with her father because the mother didn’t lose as much weight as the daughter wanted her to.  By no means is the mother morbidly obese or anything.  She could probably lose 50 pounds (um, who couldn’t?  ME!).  Can you believe that?  I mean it’s just jaw dropping evil at the core.  And even though I’m evil for saying it – I hope some day she wakes up and regrets the choice she made and the reason why and I hope she tells her Mom that she’s sorry. 
And means it.


Jewlz280 said...

#10... Or, better yet, the Karma bug bites her on the ass and makes it swell up. :/ I would NEVER do that. Honestly, it ticks me off!

andthencameforty... said...

Wha?? #10 is just bizarre.

Angelwithatwist said...

Ohnumber 10 made me seethe. One day her mom won't be here and she will forever be aware that her own insecurities made her mother feel less than.

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Maybe secretly she did her mother a favor not to have to walk down the aisle with a shallow, selfish bitch. How do kids get this way?!? Unbelievable.

Marc said...

Wow! That is one of the best examples of selfish conditional love I have ever read about!

Cat said...

I love #2. Other's have already expressed my thoughts on #10 so I'll comment on your girls volunteering time with you. Love that!!

Joanna said...

That's quite an array of awesome you got going on there... except #10... how horrible!!

I so want to try the no poo thing, but after a couple of days my head is just itchy and oily and it drives me nuts...and I give in. What did you do the first couple of days to get through that stage??

Laura Belle said...

wow. #10. talk about shallow. now looking back I wish my real dad hadn't walked me down the aisle just because he's a jerk.

i'm two shampoos left from the no poo!