Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Update: How does my hair-do do with no poo-poo?

For those of you who don’t read this space daily, a week or so ago, I decided to try out the whole “no-poo” method.  That term would be the dumbest name ever for any kind of anything and also denotes the process of never using shampoo on your hair – like ever again.

I’m all in awe of vegans and people who only use and eat organic stuff and all that – but that has nothing to do with why I did this.  I mean that sounds good and righteous but my favorite food groups are Doritoes and Mountain Dew so it’d be a flat out lie.  I did it because I researched the shit out of it and 99% of the things I read said the same thing over and over.
That their hair had never looked or felt better.  It dried faster.  Held curl better.  Grew longer, faster.  Saved money vs buying expensive shampoos.  Etc. Etc.

I thought I’d see for myself. 
Please note that I have colored hair.  Right now some pieces on top of it are damaged as hell after I had it bleached first to put in red highlights.  My hair is definitely fine and thin but I have enough of it so you wouldn’t really know that. 
Here is a run down of my journey so far….

First, for those of you wondering how you wash your hair, this is what I did after researching multiple methods.  I put 1 tbsp of baking powder in a bottle with 1 cup of water.  I put 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle with 1 cup of water.
Day 1 (Tuesday) – I washed my hair early in the morning using the bp mixture.  I “only” put this solution on my roots – not on my ends.  I focused on my scalp.  (I have hair a couple inches past my shoulders.).  I rinsed.  Well.  << very important. 

I then sprayed the ACV mixture ONLY on my ends…not on my scalp or roots.  (the ACV puts natural oils back in your hair and acts as your conditioner would have)  I rinsed.  (Some people leave this in and don’t rinse.  Unbelievably – the vinegar smell completely disappears by the time you’re out of the shower.)
This is the day that 2 random people commented on my hair.  What?  The first day? 
It was easy to curl and felt very clean.

Days 2-4 – (Wed,Thurs,Fri – to Saturday morning) – 4 complete full days later – I decided to wash it again using the solution and ACV.  During these days I was sooo afraid of the transition/grease phase that everyone says happens.  They say if you can just get through those days – you’ll make it.  Extra grease will happen because of the shock and other scientific reasons that I know nothing about - but after a week or two – your hair will realize you’re not putting fake crap in it anymore and it’ll straighten out and be better than you could imagine.
I did have a greasy day or two but nothing horrific.  I used a mixture of cocoa powder and cornstarch (my hair is dark) for a few spots to soak up grease.  Worked great.  I used all my hairspray and stuff the same.  Hair held.  Curl stayed.  Nothing too exciting.

Day 2, 3 and 4 (Sun-Mon-Tues)(after the 2nd washing) – did nothing; styled as usual
Day 5 (Wed) – I did a plain water wash (no baking powder) and sprayed ACV on my ends and rinsed – nothing else.  I did this because on Day 3 and 4 I had curled my hair using a 3 pronged barrel and after two days of that, I wanted a different curl so I needed to rinse out the curl.
I straightened my hair after the plain water wash.  Hair seems heavy to me.  More substantial.  Less fly-aways.  Very easy to straighten. Seemed smoother than usual.  I did use my cocoa powder/cornstarch mixture near my roots on the sides of my head to absorb a little grease.  Nothing too major though.  Bleached ends of bangs seem the same.  No worse or better.

Day 6 – tomorrow (Thurs) – I will still not wash or even do ACV tonight (Wed).  I will curl my hair using a 1” barrel since in the morning since I had it straight. 
I will say I think I’m using less hairspray and product and my styles do seem to stay better. 

Holy shit – that’s 6 whole days with no kind of wash on my hair.  I’ve probably never gone that long before.  I mean holy crap really! 
My reaction after nearly 2 weeks of doing this.  Hmmm – I’m still on the fence.  I think I’m still in transition.  I think my hair is still trying to figure out if it has to make its own oils or if I’m going to put fake ones in using shampoo. 

I’m not ready to throw in the towel and go back to shampoo yet.  I want to see if I can continue this until Thanksgiving to see after a good solid month of nothing but natural – if my hair is amazing or just the same.  Same length or did it noticeably grow?  How are my damaged spots?  Still dry or healed?  Soft?  Manageable?  Etc.
I’ll keep you posted.  So far so good.  No major negatives or positives other than I’m not buying $30 bottles of shampoos every other day in search of the “one” that turns my hair into amazing with just one wash.  For the record – haven’t found that yet and I have a cupboard full to prove it.

Stay tuned!


Sarah Kopf said...

You are braver than me cupcake! Good for you!


Jewlz280 said...

I don't know if you remember me posting before about this, but I am a rare washer. I DO still use shampoo, but only about once every 2 weeks. And it's a clarifier and then I just put conditioner on my ends. My hair has been MUCH better. I was considering going full no poo. So, I'm interested in your results! I don't hate my shampoo at all, and have been happy with it, but if I could go the more natural route and save money for other things (shoes, bags, clothes!), that would be ideal!

Laura Belle said...

I'm so doing this.

Cat said...

I'm considering doing this...So you use regular styling implements on your hair. Blow dryer, curling irons and flat irons...

I'm going to keep an eye on your progress and see how it continues for you. Please keep up with these detailed updates.