Monday, November 18, 2013

No penises needed here.

It has come to both mine and Rambo’s attention that old men facing life in a super max prison make better prisoners than young men facing a few years in a minimum/medium prison. 

Old men in a prison system have usually lost all their family and all their hope and they just live and follow the rules and accept their fate.  Young guys – like the ones Rambo guards now – suck. 

They think they have something to prove.  They are cocky and arrogant and they think they are all innocent and have been done wrong by the system.  Their crimes may not be as heinous but their attitudes are far worse.

This weekend I helped my sister move into her own apartment.  We went Craigs-listing all over town and bought a trailer and truck full of “stuff”.  We took our mace with us every time and even after we had to stop for the FIFTH time in 10 miles to re-tie down our tarps because of the pouring rain – we laughed. 
We were soaked to the bone, dripping wet, exhausted, on the side of road and at one point we looked at each other and said, “Who the hell needs men anway??  No penises needed here!”  We think we’re so funny. 

However, I will admit that when we realized that we’d have to take the legs off the table for it to fit in the door, I was praying for a big, strong man to happen along….but no luck.  We got out our pretty purple wrench set and went to work.  When your tool set is purple – everything in life is better.  I swear.
I cleaned the toilet this weekend.  Yes.  That’s right.  That is worth writing about.  My God – I loathe toilets.

In an effort to not go mad missing Rambo, I went through my closet and sold shitloads of stuff online on a local sale site.  About $300.00 in 3 hours time….not too bad, I suppose.
I went to my daughter’s basketball games without Rambo on Saturday.  This week I’ll go to our youngest daughter’s church-thingy ceremony without Rambo.  I’ll attend Thanksgiving at my family and at his family’s house without him.  All things I probably haven’t done alone since I’ve known him.  Can you feel the hives coming on?  Explosive diarrhea anyone? <

Last night Rambo got home at the usual time of 11pm when the house is dark and we are all sleeping.  He walked into the house and into his room (he has his own dressing room/weight room/ hunting room/etc. in the basement).  About 2 minutes later – down the steps came a little 8 year old girl – all sleepy-eyed and carrying her blanket.  Rambo told me this morning that he said to her, “Honey – what are you doing awake?  It’s late and you have school in the morning.”  She said, “I waited up to see you Daddy so I could hug you goodnight.”
Breaks my freaking heart.  I had no idea she did that until he told me.  Sigh.  Both my girls miss him so much….but January will be here soon.  And we are blessed.
Note to my readers – if you’re already sick of hearing about how much we miss Rambo and how much his new shift sucks donkey balls…um….you should stop reading until January, mkay?

I warned you.


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

When Charlie worked nights, I did a lot alone. I feel your pain!!

Laura Belle said...

Guess what?

Chicken butt.

And I heart you.


Cat said...

I never ever get tired of hearing the love that pours from your blog. I only have a single evening without G each week and I hate it. I cannot imagine what you're dealing with right now especially with your two girls. I'm just glad it's only until January. Of course January probably feels 100 years away right now. /heart u honey

FitBy40 said...

Aww, I hadn't logged on in a while and missed this post.
I totally feel your pain! My girls love their daddy and I don't know how I would handle your situation.
You are a rock, and you're doing a great job!

Tara Cartledge said...

Nothing can tear me away from this blog and the laughs you give me!!
I HATE HATE HATE toilets too! Now that I make Mac clean his own, his aim has gotten so much better.. Plus he aged some.. LOL...
We will make it to January!!
Happy Thanksgiving blogger friend!!!