Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!!!

1-School is out!  Whoop whoop!  I love, love, love that my kids can literally crawl out of bed minutes before we leave home because no one cares what they are wearing.  I love that they live in swimsuits and their little bodies get golden brown from the sun.  I love that there is no bed time.  I could care less if they stay up all night because they can sleep all day if they want.  I love to hear the sounds of all the neighbor kids playing in my yard until well after dark.  I love not packing book bags or lunches.  I just freaking love it.  The only goal I have for my kids this summer is for them to be kids.  Period. 
2-When we got new furniture,  we gave our neighbors our recliner and it was mid-winter so we just took our old couch out and set it on the deck.  It was a lovely hick, trashy, frat-house kind of look.  It was never going to stay there.  Until now – when my kids freaking love laying out on it listening to their ipods or whatever – soaking up the sun.  It’s a revolving redneck joke now and I seriously am contemplating leaving it just where it is.  Sick, isn’t it?

3-Our patio is coming together.  The table my Dad made is in place on the new cement pad.  The turf is laid for the trampoline spot and the pool will go up soon.  The only thing left to do is decorate (around the frat-house couch).  I am doing a beach/tiki theme.  Shocker.  Tiki lights amuck and maybe even one of those light up palm trees.  The colors are the 4 basics – yellow, green, blue and red.  I bought big pots to fill with flowers and I’ll probably hang grass skirting above each window area.  You know – trash it up – to match the couch.  I never really claimed to be classy.
4-This weekend Rambo and I celebrate 17 years of marriage.  We are going shopping and he’s taking me to a live theatre production all weekend.  We have both been counting down the days.  I seriously cannot wait. 

5-Speaking of waiting – last Saturday night I got the brilliant idea that Rambo and I shouldn’t have “dessert” until our weekend away.  Novel idea, huh?  Shitballs.  More like stupid.  We’re both going crazy….probably because it’s like being on a diet so when you can’t have chocolate you want it even more than usual. 
However, I will say it’s been fun teasing the crap out of Rambo.  And he’s giving it right back.  Texting and emailing have been constant and not PG to say the least.  I’ve been wearing short skirts with tiny thongs or nothing at all just to drive Rambo cray-cray.  And it’s working.  I keep telling him he’s going to start shaking from withdrawal soon.  It’s like he’s dying.  God – it’s fun.  It also helps with the packing situation.  Rambo says that except for the theatre – I’ll just need to be naked all weekend.  Other than dessert, my ass is going to be doing crosswords in the whirlpool all weekend.  Aren’t I exciting?  Freaking bliss.
6-I have 3 weddings and therefore 3 showers this summer to go to so my Mom and I had a “let’s try on everything in our closet” session to figure out what to wear.  I found a beautiful Jessica Simpson dress online and had some other stuff already so I think I’m all set….except for jewelry to spice up the outfits.  No worries – I’ll be in malls all weekend so do not fret, grasshoppers. 

7-I sold my Coach purses just in time to buy a cute new one to use at all the weddings and showers.  I’m going to a real Coach store and an outlet this weekend so here’s hoping I find the “one”.
8-Next weekend is one of the showers.  I’ll be in a car with my 2 aunts, my mom and my sister for nearly 10 hours.  And no Rambo.  Gasp!  Oh.  My.  God.  Who the f*ck signed me up for this?  Can you say Xanax mixed with vodka?

9-I usually have acrylic nails but next week I’m thinking of trying Shellac when I get my pedicure before the shower.  Any of you girls do Shellac?  Do you love or hate it?  Does it really last 2 weeks?

10-It’s been batshit crazy around here these days and beyond everything else, Rambo and I are now on a sand volleyball team all summer….so I want to assure you that I have been reading your blogs but I downright suck at commenting lately.  I’m so sorry.  I know that comments mean everything so I am truly sorry….but I’ll get back to it.  I promise.