Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ten Things Thursday with a little snark added in!

I think I should warn you that this gets a bit snarky at times. 
I’d say I was sorry if I was…but I’m just not.
1-I’m 85% done re-painting and re-designing my little girl’s room.  All the new furniture fits perfectly and the colors are bright and fun.  Her new theme is Monster High…which I happen to love.  Monster High dolls are like Barbies but with a dark side and an edge and funkier colors.  They speak to the black part of my heart like no Barbie ever could.

2-It’s butt ass cold here again.  Like negative eighty million.  I’d step outside and get the actual temp for you but if you go outside your eyes freeze shut and it’s pointless.  Also – let it be known that pigs hate cold.  Rambo is hauling hogs today and let me just tell you – in case you were wondering – hogs hate cold.  They don’t want to move.  They don’t want to go on the trailer or come off.  It could also be that they know in 30 seconds they are going to die too but who knows.
3-The last two nights I’ve had cheese popcorn for supper.  Rambo knows I love it and it’s hard to find but he finally found some at some random store and he brought home 2 bags.  Only 1 bag remains.  I am a health fanatic.  Clearly.

4-Newsflash….I suck at picking friends.  Correction – the people I be-friend are unable to look past my flaws and love me anyway.  Please sue me because I have multiple jobs, multiple kids, and a husband who works every single day so I’m a single parent half the time – oh and a general life to live.  Forgive me that I had to cancel plans unexpectedly.  Forgive the ever-loving f*ck out of me.  No wait.  Don’t forgive me.  Just call me when you grow up. 
5-If I know you don’t pay your bills and I know you receive government assistance even though you are able-bodied and refuse to work and I see you offer someone $300.00 online for an item they are selling – well then….I want to shank you.  Hard.  In the eye.  At least then you’d have a legitimate disability.  Yup.  There you have it.  I’m a judgemental bitch.  Sue me.  I have a right to my opinion like you have a right to scam the system.

6-It’s pretty human to care what other people think about you.  It’s always been extremely difficult for me to not care and to continue on without doing everything I can to change a person’s negative perception of me. Just recently, I’ve come to accept that there are shitloads of people who aren’t going to love me or even like me – and that’s okay.  However, being in politics is sincerely shaking my newfound acceptance of people not liking me.  It’s really, really, really hard to stay above the fray and know that at the end of the day you are honest and loving and compassionate – no matter what anyone says.  If that’s true in your core – then no one can change that.  It’s just hard to remember that sometimes.
7-I want to be on the Harley right now.  Holding tight to Rambo.  Wind in my hair.  Sun shining down.  Nothing to care about except what color bandana to wear.  And how much cleavage to show.

8-I got a creative hair up my ass and decided I’m going to mod podge my dining room table.  First I’m going to paint crème and blue chevron stripes across it.  Then I’m going to put a heart at each of the 4 spots that we sit at as a family.  I might then put the first letter in our last name in the center.  We’ll see.  I’m going to mod podge an end table too.  I might use decorative paper or fabric or wallpaper samples.   I also decided I’m going to make a burlap wreath with berries and a burlap banner that says something for my fireplace mantel.  Just call me Martha Stewart.  And then pay me her salary.
9-I finally got my Valentine’s tree up in my office.  It has red heart lights that blink, a pink feather boa and cupcake ornaments! 

10-I’ve spent nearly every day this week drawing up how I want our new spa bathroom to look.  Then I take the drawings home and show Rambo and he tells me if I’m insane or if it can be physically done or not…then I go back to drawing.  I think he may be making shit up because he’d rather build his big ass garage first.  Ha!
That’s enough snarky for one day!  I’m done. 
Happy Ten Things Thursday!!



angel shrout said...

Oh girl I hear you loud and clear on real friends and people's perception. I have come to the point that I don't need the negative in my life thank you very much.. so judge away just don't expect me to come begging you to rethink. I no longer care.. Of course he is totally working on the garage first he is a man duhhhhh lol

tz said...

#5 is such a hard one! My SIL has MS (and bad, like wheelchair, moving into her hands so can't type very much any more, eye sight going bad) and social security disability is helping them out but the cost of her care is overwhelming (nurse visits, CNA vistis, PT visits - making a bedroom on the first floor, refitting the first floor bathroom to have a shower and make it wheelchair accessible etc) -- it's not like they can buy 300$ items online -- but people like you describe make people like my SIL have a difficult time getting assistance and that's the hard thing to see -- those people who are taking advantage of the system are really stealing money not just from us, the tax payers, but from the people who really really need it.

FitBy40 said...

My 8 year old just asked me to buy Mod Podge. She watches all the design and remodeling shows. Lord only knows what she's planning to do with this stuff!
This effin' cold is on my last nerve. I can't stand this stupid Polar Surge any longer. I should vacation in Alaska, it's warmer there!