Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The goals of 2014.

Ah 2014…how I love thee.  So far, anyway.  I mean really – we’re 14 days in.  I may be too quick in making my assessment of 2014 but anything is better than last year, yes?  Yes!

I didn’t make New Year’s Resolutions this year and it’s probably the first time ever.  I always do well with them in the beginning but then ultimately forget what they were and where I put the list.  Apparently I’m getting old.  Shitballs.
I just have a general “goal” of decluttering and organizing my mind and my physical life for 2014.  I’m an anal weirdo (wow – that sounded awful, didn’t it?) and I’m at the top of my game when shit is organized and color coded and labeled and so forth.  There’s just too much stuff going on in our lives for me to not to be organized.  It’s really not an option at this point.

Thank God my family has caught on to my anal-ness.  Yes – that’s a word.  Go with it.  They embrace it.  The large white board on the fridge denoting games and practices and appointments and birthdays and days off has become something they ALL rely on.  God bless the person who created the ingenius idea of dry erasing.  Almost as brilliant as the person who invented pop tarts.  Almost.
I still work with a hard copy planner.  I just can’t do the automated Smartphone calendar thingy.  I need to write shit down and highlight it and color code stuff and be able to put big Hello Kitty stickers on people’s birthday days.  I need to be able to draw Easter eggs on April’s page and a fat turkey on November’s page.  It keeps me sane.  It reminds me of kindergarten – when the only problem I had all day was whether to draw a Santa Claus or a Christmas tree to take home to my Mom.

I cannot for the life of me find a planner that I love in every respect so I did what any normal over-planning idiot would do….I made my own.  I can personalize dates and meetings and put clip art in and everything.  Once you get the dimensions right, it’s easy peasy.  I have to have 4 To Do lists between every month or I’ll lose my shit.  One is “Personal to do”.  One is “School to do”.  The other is “PT Job #1 to do” and the last is “PT Job #2 to do”.  My FT job doesn’t require a list.  Thank the Good Lord above. 
The monthly calendar is enough  to carry Rambo’s full time job shifts and his semi shifts and his and my board meeting details.

For my finances and budgets and my diet and exercise….well let’s all pretend that I don’t have enough Excel spreadsheets on these subjects to wallpaper a room with.  Every single one is necessary.  Trust me.
So the organizational part is going well and the decluttering part?  Welllll – let me tell you – it’s moving right along.  I’ve been selling shit like a mo fo online and in the next month or so we have decided to make over both of the girl’s rooms.  Right now they have the mixture of unmatching furniture and too much stuff in their rooms and it’s time for a change.

All the walls will be painted.  Decluttered big time.  New beds with matching dressers and desks.  I cannot freaking wait.  Luckily Rambo only has to help with the pre-makeover part because all the painting and remodeling is being done while he’s away on a week long hog hunt down South.  He sucks.
Health-wise…I’m back to pre-making mine and Rambo’s healthy lunches for the week on Sunday nights.  Pre-making breakfasts as well.  Working out regularly and back to tanning. 

January usually sucks donkey balls in that the “Christmas” feeling goes away and the pretty lights come down but it is good for something.  Starting over.  Refreshing.  Making new goals.
I don’t even think it matters if by March – we forget them all.  It matters that right now in January – I’m trying.  Reaching for more.  Becoming better.  Living fuller.

Again, I say…2013 can suck it.  2014 is well on its way and I for one, am grateful.
How’s your 2014 going?


BandedIceGirl said...

wow I wish I was that organised. And damn that one word on there that is stuck in my head and now I really really want some pop tarts (thankfully they are hard to come by over here).

Beth Ann said...

Imagine my surprise when I googled "anal weirdo" and it brought me too you!! :) Happy 2014!

Angelwithatwist said...

Oh organization and I need to have a long talk. I start out well, I just can't keep it that way. Living with men is the reason. They just don't get it.. at all. I agree 2013 sucked big green donkey balls. 2014 has to be soooo much better..

Kelly said...

2013 was great & it was bad. Wasn't sorry to see it go.

MandaPanda said...

Getting organized is one of my unstated goals for the year. I have specific areas (i.e. my closet, junk drawer, my office) that need special attention.

Have you visited Franklin Covey's website? I built my own planner from there and I LURV it!

BTW...can't remember if I told you. I started a new blog. Feel free to stop by. http://www.pandaspetpeeves.blogspot.com

FitBy40 said...

Girl, I cannot wait until Spring so I can go through the closets and just start chucking stuff! I'm dying to organize the closets and dressers. I'm crazy like that.
I have a new planner too and don't like it nearly as much as the one I had last year, but what the heck, I guess I'll get used to it.
Happy New Year to you!

Connie O said...

My problem is that I can make lists and spreadsheets and charts out the wazoo (whatever the wazoo is), and it won't make me follow them. I admire your efforts!