Thursday, January 16, 2014

Weeping in joy and tough, muddy decisions.

Something major happened yesterday.  Actually yesterday was a pretty major day all the way around. 

Let’s discuss.

First and foremost – this girl right here?  Didn’t have a single sweet or piece of chocolate yesterday.  Holy shit on a stick people!  I didn’t even do it on purpose really.  I mean – it’s January – so of course I’m trying to be healthier but that never stops me any other day.  I was too busy at work to think about it and the urge just didn’t hit me like it usually does.
Did I ever tell you that our janitor at work keeps an entire drawer filled with candy? Candy of all shapes and sizes and kinds?  Filled to the brim.  Just for us girls in the office.  Free.  Trying to resist that daily is equally as hard as trying to make myself work out every day.

Speaking of working out …I did that too!  Whoop whoop!  I did the treadmill for an hour while I watched Biggest Loser.  Boom!
Speaking of doing things that make me uncomfortable…Rambo asked me to run a Tough Mudder race with him in August.  I think there are 13 obstacles or so.  Rope climbing, walking across water on ropes, crawling over logs immersed in muddy water, fire jumps, blah blah blah.  They might as well have “rope the moon” as an obstacle.  That’s how do-able it seems to me.  When Rambo asked me, my first response was, “What if I break a nail?”  I may or may not have been serious.

I’m mad at him for asking me because now I can’t stop thinking about stepping out of my comfort zone and saying yes.  I might have to punch him for bringing it up.  Ugh.
Lastly…listen to this heartwarming story.  <<  That might have been a slight exaggeration.  I’ll let you be the judge.

Remember last summer when I wrote about a cat that kept coming around our back deck and then she ended up bringing around her 3 kittens?  I started feeding her scraps and big, tough, I hate cats Rambo went out and bought a bag of cat food for her to have. 
Banana loved those cats.  I mean she’s an animal lover to her core and she begged to bring every damn one of them inside every day.  She named them and everything.  They were hers.

Then one day the Mama cat was gone.  Then only 2 babies remained.  Then one.  Winter had come and Rambo and I knew they probably hadn’t survived.  We took the one baby who was left and gave it to my Mom who has other outside cats and he lives there very happily. 
Still – Banana constantly talks about the Mama cat named Lucky. How she misses her.  And I’ll hear her tell people that “Lucky got lost and we’ve never seen her again.”  She brings Writing Class work home from school and every story is always about finding Lucky and then losing Lucky.

For some reason – Lucky touched a place in her heart.  It’s kind of crazy and inexplicable really.
Soooo….last night our indoor cat was sitting at the back deck windows.  Going nuts pacing through the curtains and looking outside.  I finally got up to see what was outside.  Turned the light on expecting to find a chipmunk or rabbit or something and I looked once – and yup – IT WAS LUCKY!

I looked about 16 more times before I decided it was safe to tell Banana.
I yelled, “Banana – Lucky is alive.  She’s outside right now!  Come see!”

I kid you not.  She got up from the couch and froze.  It was like she couldn’t move.  Then she covered her face with her little hands and she wept.  The kind of sobbing that comes with relief and pure joy and shock – in a good way.  Her body reacted without her even knowing it was coming.  She couldn't have stopped the tears if she tried.
She kind of looked at me like she wasn’t sure if I was serious.  She finally made her way to the door and say Lucky for herself.

And she just kept crying.
When she finally stopped, I gave her some ham to take outside in the dark and cold to her little Lucky and Lucky was so starved that she didn’t even care that Banana was petting her.  Eventually Banana came back inside but I looked out hours later and Lucky was still there.

After she calmed down, Banana had to call my Mom and tell her LUCKY IS ALIVE!  To which my Mom responded, “That’s great.  Who is Lucky?” 
It’s like a damn movie, you guys.  Rambo got home this morning after working a 12 hour shift and Banana screams, “Daddy – guess what?  LUCKY IS ALIVE!!!”

Ha!  Cue the dramatic music and memory montage, right?
I’m a little in shock myself.  We recently went through temps here that were literally 40 below zero.  I don’t know how she survived that.  I really don’t.

I guess in the end – the name little Banana gave her – fits perfectly.  She’s damn Lucky.
And my little girl’s faith in miracles just went up a notch or two.  I guess she’s lucky too.

I was lucky enough to witness the exchange.  I doubt I’ll ever forget it.
Pretty heartwarming, yes?


MandaPanda said...

First, definitely do the tough mudder. I did a similar race and loved it.

Second, aaaaaawwww...teared up a little at this.

Beth Ann said...


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Maybe she was brought inside and got out again? Will you bring her in?

Rhonda said...

Heck, I want to do the Tough Mudder. I say try it! Plus, it's so hard to tell Rambo no. <3

I love that Lucky's still alive! Truly a miracle. :)

Loving Life by Leesa said...

First, cats are freaking amazing. they get under houses, in the crawl spaces and keep warm. They also have their kittens under there. <- been there

Second, my daughter talked me into running a crud crawl race. Words of advice:
1) wear spandex top and bottom because it won't weigh you down when it gets wet or muddy.
2) plan to wear tennis shoes you plan to throw away immediately after, however, the shoes need to have decent tread because you're going to need traction.
3) Also, plan to duct tape the shoes to your ankle. I know you're making a face, but I'm serious. Tape all the way around the arch and up and around the ankle. Mud will suck the shoes right off you if they're not secured to you some how.

Good luck! It'll be fun to run with your man! Take pics before and after!

FitBy40 said...

Such a great story! I have a friend who lives on a farm and she seriously warms up coals in her fireplace then puts them out in the shed for the wild cats to keep warm at night! Not sure if you're wanting to go that far, but I thought of that while reading this story.
I'm imagining your daughter doing the Miss America cry. So cool!

Lynn said...

You can get warming pads meant for the outdoors that plug into an outside outlet, in a carport or box set up for the cat or somewhere like that. It uses very little electricity because it only warms up when the kitty lies on it. It might make the outdoor cat more comfortable.