Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rag balls vs. donkey balls.

I am still Martha Stewart these days.  Hard to believe, I know.  It’s my personality.  I get ideas and then go batshit crazy about them, stick 150% of my energy and money into them, become an expert on them and then after a few weeks – I’m over it. 

So yah – much to my own surprise – me being this crafty Martha girl still yet - is pretty cool.  Of course – I’ve gone over the top and made a notebook listing the décor I need to make or have for each month of the year.  There are 6 spots in my house that change with every month.  5 inside and 1 outside.
Seriously – stop rolling your eyes.  I never once said I was a sane person.  Anywhoozle…each month has it’s own large pennant saying things like “Gobble” or “Easter” or “Old Glory” that stretches across the fireplace mantel.  Each pennant has tons of long ribbon pieces tied to it's end in lace and vintage material and fabric to match. 

The antique dresser gets its own mini pennant with a smaller saying like “LUCK” or “FALL”.  It has a hurricane glass container on it that needs to have something in it to match the theme…like glass stars for 4th of July or right now I have pink rose petals in there for February.  I have glass clovers for March and glass leaves for September and glass eggs for April.  You get the idea.
On the other cabinet I change out candles only.  Pillars and tapers of all different sizes and shapes to match the month.  Right now I have a mixture of purples, pinks, reds and golds.  Above that is a shelf my dad made and on that hangs a paper chain that matches the candles.  I make a paper chain for each month that hangs on the bottom of the pegs on the shelf. 

Then the cabinet by the TV has a small tree on it.  Obviously, this month the tree has heart ornaments, cupids, pink lights and red heart tinsel.  Another hurricane is there with red and silver balls in it…all on top of Valentine’s fabric as a tree skirt.
The mantel always contains the large pennant with the large holiday saying and the antique dresser is a side note to that.  Like when it’s my kid’s birthday months for example…let’s say April.  The fireplace pennant will say EASTER and be decorated with pastel ribbons and eggs.  The antique dresser however, will then have a mini Happy Birthday pennant and pictures of the birthday person set up and a large number of the age they’ll be and things that person likes all over.  Rambo’s birthday pennant will be camo and I’ll put pics of him on the dresser probably with bullets in the hurricane and blaze orange candles.  Probably set out a toy semi too.  The dresser items will highlight the person…just like the wood burned calendar on the wall does.  I’m all about birthday MONTHS and this just adds to that.

It’s sick and twisted…but seriously – it makes me deliriously happy. 
I made a huge wood burned changeable calendar that takes up an entire wall a few years ago and it all matches that.   It took forever because I had to make a wood piece for every month’s name and there’s a changeable piece on each side of the month and then the calendar is below.  Each day of the month hangs on a tiny gold nail so we can change them.  There are large wood pieces on each side of the calendar that say things like Happy Valentine’s Day or Happy Birthday Banana or whatever to go with the month.  One piece below the calendar changes as well.  The history of our family is wood burned into all the edges and our last name is wood burned in large letters on top.  My kids change it every month and they love it.  On special days, I can make a special wood number piece that says their birthday or whatever. 
Outside I change the wreath on the door and a couple items on the porch.  I make a wreath for every month and when I can, I make one that’ll last a few months.  Like I put out a grapevine wreath with tons of flowers and a bird’s nest on it in May and I use that for June and August too.  July has its own.  I make a fall one for Sept that I use for November too.  You get the idea.

I have this obsession with changing things monthly.  I don’t move furniture much or rearrange major pieces a lot but I do change these little things literally with every event/holiday of the month.
Last night I finished the mini pennant for September that said FALL.  I also finished the mini pennant for March that says LUCK.  I made May’s paper chain in all bright, primary colors too. 

I’m debating on whether or not I want to make rag balls and rag trees for each month too.  I made some St. Patrick’s day rag trees and they’re cute but I’m not in love with them.  I haven’t made a rag ball yet but I bought a cool glass jar to put some in when/if I do. 
Why am I writing about all this ridiculously, boring stuff?  Well – mostly because it’s my life right now.  I’m constantly putting ideas in my notebook for each month and then shopping for the items and seeing what I can make myself.  Then I go home at night and make them if it’s a night that Rambo works…and the girls get to help me.  

And yes…I’m taking pics of stuff as I go along.  My plan is to do a month by month picture collage when I’m all done.  I promise. 
My life is simple.  Nothing fancy.  But fun.  And I’m in love with it.  There’s something about sitting and creating and not thinking about anything else but that.  It quiets my mind.  In between all of this, I’m still clearing out our house a ton.  4 totes are going to a consignment shop this weekend and I sold all my daughter’s furniture in her room to make room for her new stuff.  We start painting this weekend. 

And it’s Valentine’s weekend too.  I got a huge bouquet of baby’s breath and red roses today and I don’t care how cliché it is…it makes my heart swell.  The card from Rambo written by him is just another one I’ll keep forever. 
I like simple.  I like channeling Martha.  I like just about everything these days.

What’s not to like about rag balls, you know?  They are better than donkey balls.  Yes?


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I'm surprised you don't change your blog header every month!

Connie O said...

I don't quite know what a rag ball is, but I'm sure it's better than donkey balls. And if it brings you joy, I say keep channeling your inner Martha! (Except, stay out of jail.)