Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Christmas music, candy, Mt. Dew and wreaths.

What a combination, right?
It is nearly full-blown Spring – however – Satan has decided he’d like it to snow today so just to piss him off and embrace it…I’m playing Christmas music in my office.  Honest to God – there’s something about that music that warms my soul.  Like if I shut my door and just listen to the old classics – then all is right with the world and rainbows shoot out of my ass, unicorns dance in the corner and Mt. Dew comes straight out of the faucet. 
Besides the Christmas music, I’m writing a business plan for a new venture my sister and I plan to undertake.  Even if it never comes to fruition – I care not.  The fun part is the planning, writing, and discussing it with my sister.  Seriously – this kind of stuff is nearly orgasm inducing for me. 
 I said nearly – don’t shoot me.
Why in the name of Kermit’s armpit would I want to add another “job” to my schedule?  Because.
Yup – that’s all I got.  Because.  I mean honestly – is there a valid reason that any sane person could make up for adding a 4th job to my life?  Nope.  However- I never claimed to be sane.  So there.  This job is one my girls can participate in and have fun with so that’s fun.  Yes?
When I’m whining and bitching about being too busy – please remind me that I did this of my own choosing, mkay?
Also - I had M&Ms for breakfast.  Jesus balls – those things rank right up there with Skittles. 
I bought 3 dresses online.  All of them are ugly.  Wait – not ugly dresses – ugly on me.  THIS is why I should only buy purses online.  They always fit.
I have a board meeting tonight.  I’d rather stick dull needles in my eyes and then try to read a book.
A relative of ours died this morning and all his kids are my age and all their kids are the ages of my kids.  Case in point – my worries about people I love dying – just keep coming more true every single damn day.  Christmas music in March and M&Ms for breakfast ease the pain a little. 
If I pretend really hard.
So far I’ve made wreaths out of felt, burlap, muslin, rags, and basically any other kind of fabric I have and now – I’ve decided to make a wreath out of coffee filters.  I’m running out of places to put these stupid wreaths so you can bet your ass some of them are going to turn into gifts. 
Speaking of wreaths – it’s nearly time to start Easter decorating, isn’t it?  Which also means it’s time for Reeses peanut butter eggs to be eaten every 5 seconds.  I could care less about Reeses any other day – however – make those little morsels into an egg shape and I’m addicted. 
 Okay – that’s enough.  I’ve covered about 8 bajillion topics in 5 minutes and it’s time for another Mt. Dew break.  No – you may not ask how many of those I’ve had already today. 
Just carry on.  Mkay?


Sarah Kopf said...

You're making a wreath out of coffee filters?!?!? I can't even explain the awesomeness... Can you dye them pink for Easter? If so- I might have to jump on that wagon train!

I'm very sorry for your loss. :( Just stinks. Period.


FitBy40 said...

Inquiring minds NEED to see pictures of those wreaths. I so wish I was crafty. My mom could make anything out of anything...I did not inherit that gene.

I can't buy clothes on line. It's awful.

Sorry for the loss in your family.