Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ten Things Thursday!

1-Remember when I used to be good at blogging?  I was an every day (Mon-Fri) blogger and I never ran out of things to say and now?  Something changed.  I know what the something was but I never thought it’d hurt my writing.  Or my need and want to write.  But it has.  And it bothers the shit out of me.
2-Rambo is home after his 8 day hunting trip.  And let me just say - !Whoa Nelly! – that was a long 8 days.  When he got home my girls ran to him and both of them started crying.  They couldn’t even help it.  It was a really sweet moment.

3-It snowed 5 inches last night.  That brings our total for the year to 8 bazillion inches.  If I hear the words Winter, Weather or Warning in the same sentence ever again - I’m going to shank myself. 
4-I am still obsessed with crafting lately.  This week I am finally going to paint stripes on my dining room table.  I can’t wait!

5-Today is Ash Wednesday and shockingly – I remembered.  I even had fish for lunch.  It’s actually my favorite time of the year.  If a rule says that I can’t eat meat – then it’s sort of like having another rule saying that I must only eat cheese pizza or fried cod.  It’ll be tough – but I shall make these sacrifices.
6-Speaking of Lent – I haven’t figured out what to give up yet.  I’m thinking I should “do” something instead of giving something up.  I thought about being nice to people or not saying the F word but I’m not sure I’d even make it one hour much less 40 damn days. 

7-Last night for supper I ate a row of Saltines.  With butter on each one.  And a Pepsi.  I’m the epitome of health these days.  I mean – I ran on the treadmill afterwards but still.  Kinda pathetic.
8-Basketball season is over for Watermelon.  It started in October so it’s been going on for 6 months so having a break is welcome.  She swished a 3 pointer in her last game, got scratched in the face, bled and got her eye poked.  All very appropriate ways to end the season.

9-My 8 year old came home the other day and said she heard the neighbor Mom say her little girl had “black bowels” and she wanted to know what black bowels were.  Um.  No.  Bowels is a word you don’t have to use or know the meaning of until you are 80.  Also - words like black bowels are the reason that eavesdropping is bad.  The end.
10-Banana fell asleep on me the other night at 6pm and I let her.  Literally and simply so I could stare at her face and watch her while she slept on me.  Knowing full well that when I told her to go to bed later that night that she’d never, ever be tired due to the nap.  I can’t help it.  I’m a sucker for kids that are cuter than shit who are sleeping.  You just can’t find a better definition of perfection and love.  You know?


Beth Ann said...

I literally had to look at the calendar because with this post. Ha! "Black bowles?" I do not even remotely want to know what that is.

Sarah Kopf said...

I am NOT looking up black bowels! NOT! *gag*

I bet the girls were SUPER excited to see their daddy! (And I bet daddy was SUPER excited to see YOU! lol)

A friend of mine wants to give up swearing for Lent. Every time she swears she asks someone to pinch her and says a Hail Mary. Sounds legit. What I don't know is if she slugs them immediately following... Ouch with the pinchies!


Sarah G said...

I'm wracking my rain trying to figure out what "black bowels" could have been mis-heard for....

Sunshine's Heart said...

I'm with you, Draz. I'm SICK of winter. I have the blues so bad they are really black. I am frantic for spring to get here before I off myself from poison snow. I'm glad the kids are great. Take care.

Connie O said...

I do kind of miss your blogging, but if changes mean you can't get here as often, then I'm just glad to see you when you can make it. I'm sorry it bothers you, though. Maybe you should "do" daily blogging for Lent? It doesn't have to be something unpleasant, you know!

FitBy40 said...

Just this morning I was wondering where the heck you've been, and here you are!
My 8 year old still cuddles with me almost every morning and my hubby teases me about it. I don't care because I'm sure in a very short time she will not be doing that anymore, because I'll be embarassing and she'll be too cool for that. I'll soak it up for as long as I can!