Monday, March 24, 2014

The Weekend Recap that isn't worth reading.

You know all those amazing bloggers who do a “Weekend Recap” and have laughs and memories and photos to show for themselves every Monday?
Yah.  That ain’t me. 
I just read those blogs in disbelief and envy because if I were to do a weekend recap post it would go something like this.
I got home Friday afternoon, put on my pajamas, and took a nap.  I never changed out of those clothes or left my house again until Monday morning.  Me and my little girl watched Frozen eight bajillion times and had donuts for supper.  No makeup, no hair-combing, no getting dressed.
The end.
Well, wait.  I wasn’t a complete loser.  I made a cool new coffee filter wreath (pics to come) and cleaned the bejesus out of my house and did some book work too.  And I kicked ass at taking another nap on Sunday. 
Rambo and my oldest daughter are gone far, far away attending a funeral so it was just me and the little one all weekend.  And I kinda loved it.  Like a lot.
Tonight is more of the same though I did manage to put on real people clothing and do my hair and makeup today for work.  I might decorate for Easter if I can muster up some ambition. 
My little hands hurt from making so many lists as of late and my brain is fuh-ried.  Lists about what we’ll need for the bathroom remodel and costs and who to call and timelines and blah blah blah.  Lists about bike outings/getaways and the deets surrounding those outings and daycare.  Lists upon lists about the new garage and how the hell that’s going to come about because of course – we can’t just build a normal sized garage.  Nope – we must build a garage the size of Egypt.  Jesus Lord. 
Trees have to be cut and groundwork done and on and on before you can even attempt to build such a thing.  Which requires more lists and more numbers and more discussions and God help me – I hate building and remodeling.  I know this because we have literally remodeled, built on or gutted every single room in our entire house in the 13 years we’ve lived here.  I know what it’s like to live in construction and every time I swear I’ll never do it again. 

Yet – here we are.  And there goes my mind. 
What was left of it anyway. 


Connie O said...

I posted photos today JUST FOR YOU. :)

I would be happy if I (or maybe someone else) could spend a weekend cleaning my house. But that never happens, for some reason.

Also, I would like to remodel all of my house. But instead we are letting it fall down around us. That's just how we roll.

Laura Belle said...

I napped last weekend. With baby girl. We snuggled. All.Day.Saturday. It was glorious.

I would like a repeat this weekend, but alas.....there is yard work calling my name.

Our next remodeling project......outside deck/badass party pad. BOOM!

Laura Belle said...

OH, which I'd like to point out that the deck has to be high enough to look over the fence to our 'deer feeder'. And so that a gun can be shot at said deer eating at deer feeder. Just in case. you know.


Beth Ann said...

Sounds like a good weekend to me! I love it when I don't have to bathe.

FitBy40 said...

I'm pretty sure that weekend sounds like heaven to me! I'd have to throw in some baking of some sort to make it perfect.
I bet your little one loved the one on one time too.

Cheri said...

I so relate.