Monday, March 10, 2014

This girl is on FIYAH.

No.  I mean for realz.  My whole body is on fire.  The thing is though…I don’t even deserve any sympathy from anyone.  I decided to start tanning again which is to say start giving a damn about how I look again…and my bed just never really got so hot that I wanted to get out early. 

So I laid there the whole damn time.  Thank God at the halfway point I had brains enough to turn over but as I laid there and realized that I wasn’t sweating to death and dying of heat stroke – I also realized I should get my ass out.  At only 3 minutes left on the damn timer. 

Shitballs.  I laid in there for 17 minutes.  JESUS Christmas.  I will NOT be going downstairs to tan tonight.  I will only be running on the treadmill down there - thank you very much. 
Other than that, my weekend was guh-rate!  I got so much done.  I painted gray and cream stripes on our dining room table and put a 4 blue hearts on top – one at each chair setting.  I love how eclectic it turned out.  I try to decorate in the “shabby sheek” style but half the time I end up with just the “shabby” part.  However – this time it worked out.  I’m super happy with the results.

I made another vintage fabric ribbon too to finish off my barn board area so now that’s done.  I finished decorating a spot in the dining room with a chevron letter of our last name in gray and white to match the table, a wrought iron large flower and a cross underneath.  It’s a good mixture of metal, wood and patterns. 
I cleaned out our main closet downstairs which literally still consisted of 2 baby strollers and a carseat.  Um yah.  No.  My kids are 8 and 13.  If I ever use another carseat in my lifetime, it better be for someone else’s kid.  I burned the suckers in the fire pit last night.

Organized my craft paints by color and re-organized my ribbon stash too.  Finally put all our Disney VHS tapes in a tote and in storage because for the life of me I can’t burn them but we’ll probably never use them again ever.
I cleaned the entire workout/tanning room and vacuumed our front steps.  Even did the mother-effing dishes instead of making my kids do it.  Took a couple naps.  Did some book-work and watched Madagascar 3 about 16 times throughout the weekend.

I consumed massive quantities of Mountain Dew and pizza.  Never brushed my hair once or even put on makeup.  In fact, come to think of it….I didn’t even shower.  Ha!  You’d think that would keep Rambo from molesting me every second…but you’d be wrong.  J
Divine.  All of it. 

The only thing that sucked was the time change and losing an hour.  That whole thing makes me want to throw a tantrum that could rival a 3 year old who hasn’t had a nap.  It’s ree-dick. 
Oh and Rambo and I also made plans to ride the Harley this summer to go to see Kid Rock with a bunch of our other Harley friends.  I could pee my pants I’m so excited.  Nothing better than hot weather, good friends, leather, riding the Harley and Kid Rock music.  And pizza.  Don’t forget the pizza.


Beth Ann said...

When I start tanning, I have to start at 3 minutes. No joke.

FitBy40 said...

I think Rambo may need to rub some sort of oil on your bum, to make it all better!
The weekend sounds fantastic. I am off from work tomorrow and my #1 goal for the day is to clean out and organize my closet! Hey, it doesn't take much to make me happy.
Step away from the Mt. Dew my dear, step away!

angel shrout said...

OH I never could handle Mt. dew too sweet for me.. this from the woman who likes her coffee and tea sweet, just not that sweet lol. I want your weekend.. without the sunburn..

Kelly said...

I can handle everything except the tanning. No mas tanning beds! Feel free to bring the pizza, tho. ;-)

Tara Cartledge said...

OMG----You make me laugh out loud!!!