Monday, April 28, 2014

No rhyme or reason whatsoever.

This is going to be random beyond belief.  Just sayin’.

I’m going to make myself a fairy garden for sure this year.  I can’t not make one.  Fairy gardens are everything I stand for.  Make believe, fairy tales, pretty flowers and greenery, cottages and garden archways and colored mushrooms amuck.  And bird baths.  Seriously.  I’m making one and then I’m going to pretend I’m the fairy that lives there.         
For the next decade, I’m drinking smoothies for breakfast and lunch.  All because I saw myself in pictures this weekend and had that “Aha!” moment that goes something like, “Holy shit on a stick!  Can I look any chubbier? “  Kill.  Me.  Now.

I spent some parts of the weekend uncovering plants from the winter and getting the dead crap out.  Under all the leaves and old stuff from last year – were buds.  Big green and white buds – all dying to grow.  Every single time it was like opening a Cmas present…like I was surprised that each time there was GREEN underneath.  It was like treasure hunting for idiots.  I did lose a few hostas but for the most part – under the crap – I found new buds.  It’s the little things people.  Just go with it.
All of a sudden I give a shit about my interior house decorations.  It’s weird.  For years, I decorated like once and then left it that way for 10 years.  I cared not if my Terry Redlin pictures were from the 80s or if my grapevine wreath above those pictures was just as outdated.  I cared if my house was clean but cared so much less about décor.  And suddenly – I give a shit.  Like a real shit. 

I have single-handedly taken down 3 sets of vertical blinds that have hung in my house since we moved in.  They still look nice but come on – can you say old?  I put up real curtains.  Like with real curtain rods and tie-backs.  I had to use a real screw gun to do it.  That's a big deal and you know it.
Honestly – it’s like a whole new house.  I made pennants and words that go on my mantel that change out every month.  Painted some walls  an actual color that isn’t white.  Bought new décor like vintage birds and rustic apothecaries.  I made wreaths out of anything I could find and actually hung them.

It’s weird as shit.  I don’t understand where the “caring” is coming from but it’s fun.
My next project is new front doors.  Mine are both bright blue right now and I’m thinking the new ones may be bright yellow.  Fun!

Also, let’s discuss trees.  Trees are great.  I love trees.  However, Rambo and I spent an entire Saturday raking and burning leaves.  I don’t mean a few hours – I mean a whole damn day.  Jesus Lord.  Now I hate trees.
We sat on the picnic table after we were done and put up the girl’s trampoline and got out all our deck furniture and we sat.  And looked around and said to each other, “God we love it here.”  Once it’s all done – it’s fabulous and I love every single part of where we live.  The only thing left to do this year is get the slug bug and fill that sucker with flowers….and watch them grow!

We’re still building a garage.  Still waiting for quotes.  We even asked the Amish for a quote.  We’re getting desperate since the first quote was nearly $60k.  Mama wants a new bathroom AND a garage so I’ll ask damn near anyone for a lower quote. 
Rambo has a whole week off from the prison so he can “shoot a turkey in the face.”  There’s nothing better than having him home every single day when it’s supposed to be a rainy week.  The turkey hunting might suck due to the weather but the cuddling goes into overdrive when all it does is rain.

That’s it.  Told you it was going to be random.  I wasn’t kidding.
The end.



BandedIceGirl said...

Oh I love decorating too, I cant wait till we have some $ so that we can do the whole apartment, hoping it can be done next year (we are going to change literally everything). Random posts are fun btw

Dinnerland said...

Hey- be nice to yourself. I agree about smoothies, though! It really is an easy way to get your fruits and veggies in.

Vanessa said...

I love that you are into decorating - I want to re-do my whole house and start over but the work is over whelming!

Kelly said...

I love random, random's my favorite!

Carla Birnberg said...

reason number 8787 I love ye.

Laura Belle said...

Every time I see some fairy garden thing on Pinterest I think of you!!!! Always have. It's a sign.

I've been 'in the yard' for a week now. I want to die. I want all the yard things to die. But not really. It's just mother effing hard work!!!! ugh.

Happy Tuesday Sunflower!

Jewlz280 said...

Glad you didn't lose much! I am afraid we lost quite a bit. :( And Mmmmm... smoothies! You should post pics of your progress... I'm totally curious about what your house looks like now! BTW, love the random. Random can be good! :D

FitBy40 said...

I am in serious need of a decorator for my house!
Glad you get your honey home with you this week. Fun.
Um, I tried on some pants that are a size LARGER than what I've worn for the past 3 years and they were too tight! Talk about a freakin' wake up call. Smoothies for us!