Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ten Things Thursday!

1-Whenever a mother blogs about every single second of motherhood feeling like paradise – I barf.  And then I unfollow her.  Because I’m jealous.  Or mad that I, myself – do not love motherhood every single second of every day.  Sometimes it’s just f*cking hard. 

My kids do not poop rainbows or fart gumdrops every second and taking baths up to my neck in Skittles is seemingly becoming a rare occasion. 

I’ll admit – lately though – I’ve been quietly sitting and thinking that I have pretty damn good kids and I’m so grateful for that BUT there are nights like last night when I want to run screaming. 

It had been a long ass day and my body and mind were long ass tired…and I kid you not.  I stepped inside the door and out runs one of them and says, “What’s for supper?”
Can I get inside the house first?  Can I take off one shoe?  Can I set down my purse?  ….before you own me for the rest of the night?

OMG – run.  Screaming.  Far, far away.  It’s all I could think about.
2-This is my 1000th post.  I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to do some huge giveaway or something like that according to blog protocol but I haven’t written anything of substance in quite some time so I’m not sure anyone would sign up if I had anything to give away so there’s that.  Oopsie.

3-If you’re read my blog for any amount of time, you probably know my political affiliation.  Anyway – you know how on the news there are tons of stories about new insurance coverage horror stories?  Well – I’ve heard them just like everyone has but today? 
Today – out of the blue – a guy I know who is self-employed said to me, “Wanna know how much insurance would cost under the ACA for just me and my wife?”  He said, “$1800.00.”  He can’t afford it.  He won’t get it.  He’ll pay the penalty. 
After he left – I thought to myself – Wow – I just heard a real, personal story to my face that validates some of the other stories.  Harry Reid would probably tell me it’s a lie.  So there’s that.  It just made me sad for him.  Ugh.
4-Rambo emailed me the other night and simply said, “It’s bad here tonight.  A guard died in the prison this morning.”

Jesus Christ on speed – you CANNOT say something like that to the wife of a prison guard.  Of course – I immediately think a prisoner killed him BECAUSE I HAD NO CLARIFICATION or explanation otherwise.
The guard, indeed died of medical issues. 

I wanted to kill Rambo at that moment and say it was “because you’re a stupid human with a penis” issues.
5-I had an “aha” moment this weekend.  It was an “aha – my life is indeed over” moment when I realized that I was cleaning the cleaning supplies.  Who does that? 

No shit – I was cleaning the Swiffer in the sink with a toothbrush.  Like really?  I’m pretty sure there are other things that need to be cleaned more – like perhaps the toilet I avoid – than the Swiffer. 

Yah.  In my world, it matters if your f*cking Swiffer is spotless….but matters not if your toilet is a swamphole.

6-We’ve begun the exhausting process of getting bids for our new shed and bathroom and I just want to say, “Holy shit on a stick!”  I under-estimated costs substantially.  Which in turn means I under-estimated the amount of whining, tantrum throwing, feet stomping, and crying that I would do…substantially. 
I need to find a way to lower costs.  I may need to scale back my list of wants or show some boob to the contractor for a discount. 

7-I consigned a bunch of shit at a local store and I checked my account and it’s all sold!  BOOM!  Now to do the responsible thing and GO BUY MORE SHIT.
8-I’m making another coffee filter wreath and this time I am painting it bright sun yellow.  My front door is bright blue and I’m putting the yellow wreath on it.  Then I plan to take an old pair of Rambo’s tall black rainboots and spray paint them the same yellow and maybe draw a little something on them and then plant flowers in them.

They’ll go on the front porch by the door/wreath.  Then maybe a big straw hat on a bench….not sure.  I just know it’s Spring and the front porch needs a new look.  What’s on your front porch?

9-I’m DUH-EYE-ING to get out in the yard and get my hands dirty in my landscaping.  I have a big ‘ol list already going of what has to be done!  Have you guys seen fairy gardens?  I think I’m going to make one in my wheelbarrow this year.  That and the big slug bug project are the two main things I’m going to work on.  My slug bug is almost ready!
10-Have you guys seen that JELLY shoes are back???  Did you ever wear them when you were younger?  Oh my God – I have to get a pair.  Or 16.  Just because.    Are you going to get a pair?


Cheri said...

Here is what I have learned getting "old". Everything I have been judgmental about has come back to bite me in the ass, so I try now to not be judgmental about ANYTHING!! (I still fail though, lol). For instance, I used to judge people who said, "I love my kids, I just don't like them!" I thought, "What a shame! How sad to not LIKE your kids! Now ME, I ALWAYS like MY kids!!!" and I (smugly) assumed it was all about being a good enough parent, connective, raising them right to be delightful and respectful and enjoyable, blah blah gag gag eat my words. Because of course now, I have a situation where one of my kids....I love....but let me tell you.....................nuff said. I pray for the day it changes, and I look at those friends I used to judge, and many of them are on the other side of the mountain now with great relationships with those kids, so I hope I'll be there too, in a few years. I realize it isn't about being a better or worse parent, sometimes it is just about things outside of your control - the same parent raises kids who make different choices, and some can be really challenging to live with. Which is kind of springing far off of the obnoxocity of "where is my dinner!" annoyance....but I'm just saying...for instance, one of my darlings closed me in a closet this week. True story. I find myself taking Deep Cleansing Breaths Every Day to keep my cool. Love, but don't Like. I'm just trying to keep this one alive and get this one successfully "launched". Without launching her with my own two hands. ;-D

They didn't have this chapter in What to Expect When You're Expecting! I was ready for the Mucous Plug...

Would you consider posting pictures of the wreath and boots, etc? I'm interested to see what you are talking about, it sounds lovely!!

We are pretty love/hate on health insurance. I a little scared to tell you that is where my husband works, so that is the hand that feeds us. HOWEVER, they have screwed us as much as anyone as far as covering medical needs for my daughter this year, and we've had to pay for almost all her care out of our own pocket, based on them declining coverage for various reasons. So I see both sides! Pretty funny, huh? His salary pays for us, but our insurance (with his company) I've given up on fighting with. All they'd pay for is hospitalizations, but not actual treatment.

Laura Belle said...

I busted out at the cleaning the cleaning supplies....that's sooo something I would do. 'Oh, I could drown in all the dog hair that floats on our floor....but let me just make sure this dust pan is spotless before I tackle anything else first.'

I've only heard bad things about the health care too. My mom used to work for our state's medicade/medicare and the horror stories that she'd tell me if it got passed was ridiculous.


Katie J ♥ said...

xoxox Love to you darling

Sandy said...

Cleaning the cleaning supplies made me laugh. I guess they aren't used must if they are accumulating dust!

Connie O said...

I can honestly say I have never cleaned a cleaning supply in my life! Nor am I at all crafty. I am content to admire others' accomplishments in those areas. Which means I too would like to see photos of the porch decorations.

I never had Jelly shoes; I was a little too old for the fad in the '80s, '90s, whenever it was. But I can definitely see the appeal.

FitBy40 said...

I absolutely love the idea of the boots with flowers in them.
I've seen that done before but never seem to get around to doing it myself.
Happy spring!