Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Moments...either stolen or given.

Life is a shitstorm of crazy most days.  For nearly every single person I know.  Everyone you talk to these days is all like, “I need a vacation.”  “Work is swamped.”  “I can’t remember what my kids look like.”  There’s never enough time in a day is the understatement of the year.

So what’s a girl to do?
Steal moments.  That’s what.

Rambo has 4 jobs.  He’s the definition of busy with a side order of sleep deprivation.  When he works 15 hour shifts for days in a row at the prison and then hops in the semi for another 15 hour day and then goes and helps a friend after that because he’s too damn nice to say no – we miss him – terribly.
So we steal from him and we don't even feel bad about it.  Like last night – after the girls finally came inside from playing and after we ate supper way too late and after we finally sat down way past the girl’s bedtime…I told them they had to go straight to bed in 5 minutes.  And then I saw both of them piled up in Rambo’s lap. 

Yah.  5 minutes my ass.  20 more minutes won’t kill anyone.  Stay where you are because I’m going to pretend that I can’t tell time.
Later it was my bed time and I knew Rambo had to stay up so he could sleep all day in preparation for the night shift so I stole another 10 minutes from him.  I said I was going to bed.  Kissed him goodnight and said, “Tuck me in?”

I went to bed and waited.  I knew he’d be in.  He crawled in beside me, wrapped me in a blanket and squeezed me tight.  For a good 10 minutes we just laid there and talked and laughed – and held on.  It might be all I have for about 3 or 4 days – but it’s enough.  It’s more than some have after all.
Stolen moments keep the world turning for me but you have to be open to them.  Like when my friend out of the blue texted me a simple, “I love you”…I knew it wasn’t simple or random.  I know that right now her heart is breaking and she needs me and she needs to say I love you to someone because right now – she needs to hear it back.  She needs to say “I love you” to someone in the middle of a Tuesday out of the blue without that someone asking why.  She needs to know she’s not alone…even when she feels like she is.  I can’t be with her physically – but we had a moment – and she’s holding on to that.

I can’t always be the Mom that I want to be but I can give moments to my kids that they aren’t expecting….like this week when I texted my teenager and simply said, “I luh you pookie butt.”   When she responded immediately I knew she’d keep that text forever and that I made her day.  5 words, less than 5 seconds.  A moment that lasts a lifetime.
When I put down the laptop Monday night so my 8 year old could wiggle into my lap and laugh with me about stealing my blanket – I gave her a moment.  When I whispered to her that it was bed time and she said back, “Awww – no Mama!”…I didn’t move.  I didn’t make her get up or insist she go to bed.  We both laid there until we fell asleep and I had to shake her awake.  In the morning when she hugged me and said, “I fell asleep on you last night, didn’t I?”….I knew – I had given her a moment.

Even at work this week – I gave someone a moment.  A guy I work with and respect walked past me and we greeted each other as normal except he was wearing an awesome purple dress shirt and tie and I loved it.  Without thinking I said, “Love your shirt.”  The look on his face was priceless.  He literally lit up.  I could tell I surprised him but he was ecstatic.  He just said, “Yah?  Thanks.”…and moved on with a smile plastered on his face.  I made his day….and it didn’t even take planning or money or time.  It just happened.
Every single one of these moments didn’t have to be what they were.  All of them could have overlooked or stopped or not given or received.  I could easily have not given a compliment or made my little girl get up and go to bed or not texted or gone to bed without asking to be tucked in. 

You have to look for, ask for and give moments – or life will swallow you up.  Moments exist all the time, everywhere for everyone.  And they’re important.  They are what makes sharing 7 jobs and kids and lives and families – worth it.  They remind you why you do what you do.
For me – they are the reason that peace exists in my soul when I close my eyes at night.  Because I have moments that become etched memories and they’re mine.  I’ll take them to my grave…and the rest of my life’s journey will stay behind.  Because the moments and memories are all that really matters.  The other stuff is just window dressing as they say.

How about you?  Have you stolen a moment lately?  Given one?  Received one you weren’t expecting?  Did you miss one that was right in front of you? 
Open your eyes…and your heart - because moments are there for the taking and memories are there for the making.  I promise you won’t regret it. 


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FitBy40 said...

You know we had such a crappy winter here in WI that I've been saying OVER and OVER that we need to appreciate every minute of spring and summer! I stole 5 minutes to enjoy my coffee out on the deck yesterday instead of drinking it while doing a dozen other things. 3 weekends in a row we have gone somewhere as a family to enjoy our surroundings and each other. I hope we can keep this up all summer!
Enjoy every minute, stolen or not!

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