Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My middle name is Nerd.

Let me tell you – the only thing good about Mondays is Monday night – when in just a few hours it’s Tuesday.  While I know it’s a completely psychological thing, I also truly believe Mondays blow more than any other day.  My proof is in that after a long day yesterday, Rambo called and said he was going to sleep in the semi.  Cue the “I miss Daddys” and “when will he be home thens”…and me in a corner in the fetal position.  

Yup.  26 years later and one night without Rambo hurts my heart.  I laid in bed thinking, “My God – I feel like my heart actually physically hurts I miss him so much…perhaps vodka is in order to knock yourself out and not continue feeling such thoughts.”  But I survived.  Crisis averted.  The man is home tonight.

Completely off topic but do you know what I’m obsessed with lately?  Bullet journals.  Oh my God in heaven people!!  Google bullet journals and just look at images.  The colors, the drawings, the washi tape – OH MY!  Uh-dick-ted. (that’s addicted in slow motion)  I track habits, moods, savings, prayers, gratitudes, daily challenges, to do lists, etc.  Do any of you have one?  They’re the new rage in paper planning.  Yes.  My middle name is Nerd.  Go with it.

Also – get this?!  I’m trying a new diet to prevent migraines and I haven’t had chocolate in over 30 days.  Now get back up on your chair and keep reading.  Over 30 days.  I’m sure that never, ever in my life has that ever been done before.  It’s quite astounding.

I bought an acupressure doo-hickey-thingy recently too to see if it helps my migraines.  It’s a mat and pillow with tiny little spikes all over it that you lay on.  It’s like acupuncture but it’s acupressure.  Most likely because sending a mat with actual needles all over it would be a bitch to package up – someone invented this mat with tiny spikes in it that FEEL like needles.  It hurts (kind of a lot) at first but within minutes it stops hurting and you feel tingly and I kind of love it.  20 minutes a night and I’ll be healed forever.  Or something like that.

Alright, I’m rambling.  I’ve got Mountain Dew to suck down and Skittles in my future so I must go.  

Until tomorrow,


Rosemary said...

I love your writing. Good job! I see that you have migraines...me too, or at least I used to until my doctor put me on Depakote ER. It has changed my life. It's just a once a day pill I take to quell those nasty pains so that I don't get them hardly any more. I used to get them about three times a week and NOW maybe I will have one ONCE a month...it's been great! Check it out. I also have a blog on here...it's called My Own Two Bits. www.myowntwobits.com where I just mainly journal about nothing.
Enjoy your day!

Cindy said...

I bought the same mat and pillow. Been using the pillow part for my back and calves. Uncomfortable but I've finally been sleeping through the night.

hailey said...

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