Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Recap...

How in the hell did I ever blog every Monday?  I mean writing requires thinking and that’s just something I’m not good at on Mondays.  Or ever if I’m being honest.  

Coming off of a great weekend doesn’t help with the Monday blahs in the least.  I had one of those weekends where you catch yourself about 6 times a day taking a physical step back and thinking to yourself, “Damn.  This life I have is amazing.  How blessed am I?”  I mean nothing major happened and it didn’t need to….

Rambo had recently been working something like 40 some days 14 hours at a time without a single day off.  That’s a looonnnnggg time without one day of non-work.  However, this weekend he was off the whole 2 days and it was glorious.  We went for a bike ride.  Swam in the pool.  Ate pizza.  Played Monopoly.  Sat outside in the swing and talked to the neighbors.  Worked outside.  Etc., etc., - you get the picture.  We were a family doing normal family things and it felt everything but normal.  It felt like what I always had dreamed of.  It’s what I wish for everyone in this world.

Today my oldest daughter is having a boy over for the first time.  In my house.  Without us there.  My other daughter will be there so that’s as good as any parent since she feels it is her duty in life to watch her older sister like a hawk so she can tell on anything the older one does wrong to me when I get home.  It’s pretty weird that it doesn’t really bother me.  I kind of thought it would but I’m happy for her.  And also glad the tattle-tale is on standby.  

The real bonus is the house gets cleaned because God forbid any boy ever thought we lived in a house of dust bunnies.  Cripes.

I feel like it’s going to take me a while to get into this blogging thing again.  I remember I used to always think, “Man – my life is boring – how does anyone read this crap?” - and wouldn’t you know??? – 2 years later and I still think that.  Some things never change right?  

Except the size of my ass.  That changes A LOT.  

Until tomorrow….

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Linda said...

I still check my rss feed and was so happy to see your name. I'm glad you're doing well and happy.