Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I almost died. Sort of.

I certainly had plans to keep blogging like a maniac last week until my woman parts decided to betray me and unleash the wrath of Satan upon my world. 

Oh fine.  Slight exaggeration...but not much.  Wednesday came with almost passing out, almost vomiting, pain, fever and chills.  I was pretty sure my appendix was trying to come out but after shoving about 80 tools IN or ON me and 6 hours later they told I had an ovarian cyst. 

A 1cm ovarian cyst.  That knocked this girl - that has a high pain threshold - on her ass for about 4 days.  I was convinced that I was dying.

Wowser.  Can you imagine being that tiny and having that much power?  Kinda reminds me of my vagina. 

Anyway, all is well with my world again - which means I can walk upright and move without moaning in pain.  The holiday weekend was filled with a big pool party at our house and football games and going, going, going.  It was super fun except I hadn't been eating much since the ol' cyst episode so I've been pretty exhausted. 

I do recall at one point calling Rambo hundreds of miles away in his semi and doing the ugly cry on the phone with him.  I'm pretty sure the only thing he knew was that it was his wife.  Other than that - I made no sense between the sobs.  I'm sure he loved that phone call.  I'd try to feel sorry for him for putting him through that but his insides weren't exploding inside him so my compassion meter wasn't high at that moment.

So there you go - I report that I have nothing to report.  This week is filled with volleyball games and meetings and blah blah blah because school is officially and totally back in.  I'm so excited that I'd usually do cartwheels but after last week I'm not so sure everything is attached inside me so I'll wait on those.  Mkay?

Later gators.


Bunny said...

Oh man! That sounds bad news. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Xx Hugs, Bunny xx

Barbara said...

Love you. Hope you are well